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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61.2

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Translated by trungtnguyen123

Tom and Jerry.

Zhen Zhen wanted to walk to the hospital for an obstetrician's appointment. Yue Gu Zai was at work. He asked Yue Dui Yi to take Zhen Zhen to the hospital for him.

Since Yue Cheng Tian and Yue Dui Yi arrived in the modern era, Yue Cheng Tian broke a TV and a fridge. Yue Dui Yi didn't break anything. It wasn't because Yue Dui Yi wasn't curious about his new surroundings, it was because his attention was focused on Yue Gu Zai. So when Yue Dui Yi took Zhen Zhen to the hospital, he touched everything at the hospital, especially the confectionary on the counter at the hospital cafe.

'Imperial sister Zhen Zhen, I want to eat that,' Yue Dui Yi said.

Yue Dui Yi pointed at a jar of cookies. He looked at Zhen Zhen with puppy eyes similar to how Ling Jia would look at Yue Cheng Tian if Ling Jia wanted something.

'Dui Yi, you'll get a stomach ache if you eat cookies before dinner,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Young man, if you want a cookie, you can take one for free,' the cafe owner said.

'Thank you,' Yue Dui Yi said and smiled at the cafe owner.

'Dui Yi, you can't accept the cookie,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Dui Yi, tomorrow I'll buy you cookies.'

'Imperial sister Zhen Zhen is stingier than imperial mother,' Yue Dui Yi said.

In that same moment Ling Jia sneezed while sightseeing on a Hawaiian island with Yue Cheng Tian and Louis.

'Old man, someone must be saying something bad about me,' Ling Jia said.

'Let's go home,' Yue Cheng Tian said.

Tourists and locals were staring at Ling Jia, Yue Cheng Tian didn't want another Louis, Tao Fang or Yu Cheng Tu to steal his Ling Jia away from him.

What Yue Cheng Tian didn't know was the tourists and locals were staring at Ling Jia was because they didn't understand why such a plain woman like Ling Jia were loved by handsome men like Yue Cheng Tian and Louis.

At the hospital, the obstetrician informed Zhen Zhen the baby was healthy. Afterward Zhen Zhen walked with Yue Dui Yi in the direction of the parking lot, but their path was obstructed by Tan Xu Er.

'Big sister Zhen Zhen,' Tan Xu Er greeted.

Tan Xu Er didn't see Yue Gu Zai with Zhen Zhen.

'My little brother-in-law,' Zhen Zhen said politely.

'Hello, I'm Tan Xu Er,' Tan Xu Er said.

Yue Dui Yi didn't shake Tan Xu Er's offered hand. His attention was focused on the biscuits he could see through the cafe window.

'Big sister Zhen Zhen, I want to ask your advice about an experiment I'm working on,' Tan Xu Er said.

'I have a lab at home,' Zhen Zhen said. 'You can show me your experiment in my lab.'

'Thank you big sister Zhen Zhen,' Tan Xu Er said.

Zhen Zhen knew Yue Dui Yi wouldn't leave the hospital unless she bought him cookies.

'Dui Yi, I'll buy cookies for you on one condition,' Zhen Zhen said. 'You can't eat the cookies until tomorrow. If you eat them today, I'll tell Gu Zai.'

Yue Dui Yi smiled and hugged Zhen Zhen. Zhen Zhen bought the cookies for Yue Dui Yi and Tan Xu Er followed them to the parking lot.

At the parking lot, Xu Ha hired men to kidnap Zhen Zhen.

Armed men held guns at Zhen Zhen, Yue Dui Yi and Tan Xu Er.

'Who are you people?' Tan Xu Er asked. 'What do you want?'

'Imperial sister Zhen Zhen, do they want to kidnap us?' Yue Dui Yi asked.

'Yes,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Why do you look happy about being kidnapped?'

Zhen Zhen touched her blue diamond earrings to send an emergency signal to Yue Gu Zai.

'Imperial sister Zhen Zhen, if we're kidnapped, imperial brother Gu Zai will come rescue us and we'll get to see him.'

Zhen Zhen didn't doubt Yue Dui Yi truly loved his big brother Yue Gu Zai.

'Get in the car,' one of the men said.

The men drove Zhen Zhen, Yue Dui Yi and Tan Xu Er to one of Xu Ha's apartments.

Xu Ha was drinking a glass of wine on a sofa in the living room. It was Zhen Zhen's fault Xu Xiao Fei was in a coma. If Xu Xiao Fei couldn't wake up then he wanted Zhen Zhen to feel his and Sun Li Li's pain, he wanted to kill Zhen Zhen's baby.

Tan Xu Er pushed Zhen Zhen in front of her. Luckily Yue Dui Yi had quick reflexes and he supported Zhen Zhen.

Xu Ha threw a vase at Zhen Zhen, but Yue Dui Yi shielded Zhen Zhen. The vase hit Yue Dui Yi's back and broke into pieces onto the floor.

'Imperial sister Zhen Zhen, are you OK?' Yue Dui Yi asked.

Yue Dui Yi loved having fun outside the palace, but he wouldn't allow anyone to hurt Yue Gu Zai's family.

'Dui Yi, watch out,' Zhen Zhen warned.

Yue Dui Yi defeated seven armed men with his bare hands.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, you hurt my son,' Xu Ha said. 'Now I'm returning the favor by killing your baby.'

'Xu Ha, I'm a parent too,' Zhen Zhen said. 'I understand your pain. What happened to Xiao Fei is my fault. Let me help save Xiao Fei.'

'If Doctor Bai can't save my son, who else can save my son?' Xu Ha asked.

'My husband's mum, Doctor Ling,' Zhen Zhen said.

Yue Gu Zai confided in Zhen Zhen that Ling Jia's medical knowledge and surgical skills surpassed Bai Yu Tian's knowledge and skills. The problem was Zhen Zhen didn't know how to convince Ling Jia to save someone who wanted to hurt Zhen Wu.

'Doctor Ling the renowned reclusive neurosurgeon?' Xu Ha asked.

'Yes,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Why would she save my son when she is the person who put my son in hospital?' Xu Ha asked.

'Your son wouldn't have been injured if your son didn't want to hurt my son,' Zhen Zhen said. 'As a parent, I want to help save your son. I'll find a way to get mum to save your son.'

Xu Ha didn't think Zhen Zhen looked like she was lying.

'Why should I believe you?' Xu Ha asked.

Yue Gu Zai broke down the front door.

'You don't have to believe my wife,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Yue Gu Zai wanted to kill Xu Ha for kidnapping Zhen Zhen and Yue Dui Yi and threatening to kill his and Zhen Zhen's baby.

'Imperial brother...' Yue Dui Yi said.

Yue Dui Yi closed his mouth after Yue Gu Zai gave him a warning look.

'Mr Xu, Yue Gu Zai is my husband,' Zhen Zhen said. 'He's the leader of Ni Sheng. You've heard about Ni Sheng's golden rule, any member of Ni Sheng who go back on their word will be shark bait. If I don't do everything I can to save your son then you can throw me and my husband into the ocean.'

'Alright,' Xu Ha said. 'I'll believe you.'

Xu Ha knew his only choice was to believe Zhen Zhen. Since he dared to kidnap Yue Gu Zai's wife, he knew he wouldn't live unless he cooperated with Zhen Zhen. As long as there was a chance to save his son, he would agree to anything.

'Zhen Zhen, let's go home,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Yue Gu Zai ignored Xu Ha and Tan Xu Er, he took Zhen Zhen and Yue Dui Yi home.

In the morning, Ling Jia, Yue Cheng Tian and Louis flew home from Hawaii on a private plane.

'Gu Zai, what are your mum's interests?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'Zhen Zhen, why do you want to help someone who has no relation to us?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'Gu Zai, think about it,' Zhen Zhen said. 'If the situation was reversed and it was our son who is lying on the hospital bed, wouldn't you want someone to save our son? Think of asking your mum to save Xiao Fei's life as doing a good deed for our baby.'

'Zhen Zhen if this is what you want, I'll help you,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'Mum isn't interested in reason. If you suck up to her, she'll consider saving the boy.'

Ling Jia was in a bad mood when she got home. She didn't have a good time on the island, because the tourists and locals on the Hawaiian island looked at her like she was an evil witch who cast a spell on Yue Cheng Tian and Louis.

'Mum, today you look beautiful,' Zhen Zhen praised.

Yue Gu Zai coughed.

'I meant, mum looks beautiful every day but you look exceptionally beautiful today,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Mum, I admire your sense of justice that is deeper than the ocean.'

'My good daughter-in-law,' Ling Jia said. 'My husband tells me I'm a beautiful heroine every day. Tell me something I don't know.'

'Mum, you have too many good traits for me to list in my lifetime,' Zhen Zhen said. 'You're the bright sunlight over the horizon, you're the family's strongest pillar and my admiration for you won't falter.'

Yue Gu Zai coughed, and Zhen Zhen understood she sucked up to Ling Jia too much.

'Continue,' Ling Jia said.

Ling Jia didn't want Yue Cheng Tian to get big headed because some strangers looked his way. She wanted him to know how blessed he was to marry her.

'Mum, you're my light I want to follow for the rest of my life,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Are you done?' Ling Jia asked.

'Yes,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Alright,' Ling Jia said. 'Tell me what you want.'

'Mum, I want you perform a surgery for Xu Ha's son,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Who?' Ling Jia asked.

'Xiao Fei, the little boy you accidently kicked to the floor at Zhen Wu's school,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Zhen Zhen, are you sure you want me to save the boy?' Ling Jia asked coldly.

'Yes,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Alright,' Ling Jia said. 'I'll save the boy.'

Zhen Zhen looked at Yue Gu Zai for confirmation, and he nodded his head.

The following day, Ling Jia performed a brain surgery on Xu Xiao Fei in the hospital operating room. The surgery was a success, Xu Xiao Fei regained consciousness and all his body functions.

Ling Jia was unhappy about saving Xu Xiao Fei's life because Xu Xiao Fei wanted to hurt Zhen Wu. But Yue Gu Zai agreed to let Ling Jia join him and Zhen Zhen on a trip to Italy to improve Ling Jia' mood.

Yue Dui Yi wanted to follow Yue Gu Zai everywhere. Yue Gu Zai used Yue Dui Yi's weakness to stop Yue Dui Yi from following Yue Gu Zai everywhere, Yue Gu Zai bought him a Tom and Jerry DVD boxset.


End of Chapter Sixty-One (Part 2 of 2)

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