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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65.1

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Translated by trungtnguyen123


Ling Jia was happy Yue Gu Zai and Zhen Zhen were living a good life together. Ling Jia felt it was the right time to go back.

'Mum...' Yue Gu Zai called.

'Gu Zai, Zhen Zhen's a good woman,' Ling Jia said. 'Take good care of her.'

'Yes mum,' Yue Gu Zai said.

'Imperial brother Gu Zai...' Yue Dui Yi called.

Yue Dui Yi was sad to separate from Yue Gu Zai again.

Yue Gu Zai saw the Tom and Jerry box set in Yue Dui Yi's arms and he smiled.

'Dui Yi, what are you going to do with the box set at home?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'Gu Zai, Dui Yi said the box set is the first gift you bought him,' Zhen Zhen said. 'He wants to bring it home as a momentum. Let him take it home.'

Yue Gu Zai nodded his head.

Yue Cheng Tian was relieved Louis didn't come to farewell Ling Jia.

'Let's go home,' Yue Cheng Tian said.

Yue Cheng Tian held Ling Jia and Yue Dui Yi's hands. The moment they were about the leave, Louis jumped out of the shadows and held onto Ling Jia's hand. An explosion was heard and the four of them disappeared.

Yue Gu Zai smiled at the empty spot. He knew it was going to be a lively place in the palace with Louis living with Ling Jia, Yue Cheng Tian and Yue Dui Yi.

Months past, Zhen Zhen was close to her delivery date. Zhen Zhen and Yue Gu Zai missed the lively days when their family members were together. If Zhen Zhen had an appointment on a day Yue Gu Zai was on a business trip, Yue Gu Zai assigned a guard to drive Zhen Zhen to the hospital.

After a hospital visit, Zhen Zhen walked outside and waited for the guard to pick her up. Her complexion paled when she saw Shu Tang Jue stepped out of a car.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, I want you to come with me to visit small rice grain,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'She misses you.'

'Do I have a choice?' Zhen Zhen asked.

Shu Tang Jue opened the front passenger seat for Zhen Zhen. She sat in his car, and he opened an empty blue box.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, I want you to put all your jewellery in here,' Shu Tang Jue said.

Zhen Zhen took off her blue diamond earrings, bracelet and diamond ring. Shu Tang Jue put the bracelet and diamond ring in the blue box, but he crushed the blue diamond earrings into powder.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, Tan Lang prepared a more beautiful pair of diamond earrings for you,' Shu Tang Jue said.

Zhen Zhen knew Shu Tang Jue found out about the blue diamond earrings Yue Gu Zai bought for her that had a tracking device installed.

Shu Tang Jue drove Zhen Zhen to a beautiful mansion, but she was in no mood to appreciate the architecture.

Shu Tang Jue led Zhen Zhen to his and Nan Ma's bedroom door.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, Nan Ma is pregnant,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'For several days she refused to eat. I hope you can persuade her to eat.'

Zhen Zhen was surprised Nan Ma was pregnant.

A chef brought a platter of food to Shu Tang Jue, and he passed it to Zhen Zhen.

'I'm not coming in,' Shu Tang Jue said.

Zhen Zhen opened the door. Nan Ma sat in front of the window.

'I said I don't want to eat anything,' Nan Ma said.

Zhen Zhen was sad to see Nan Ma looked like a skeleton.

'Nan Ma, you should at least eat for the baby,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Zhen Zhen...' Nan Ma called.

Zhen Zhen put the platter of food on a table. Nan Ma ran to hug Zhen Zhen and she cried.

Zhen Zhen was angry Shu Tang Jue made the usually strong Nan Ma cry.

'Why are you here?' Nan Ma asked.

'Shu Tang Jue invited me here to visit you,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Who does he think he is?' Nan Ma asked. 'I'll go tell him to release you.'

'Ah... Nan Ma... my stomach hurts...' Zhen Zhen said.

Nan Ma helped Zhen Zhen to the bed. Then Nan Ma ran outside to ask Shu Tan Jue to find someone to help deliver Zhen Zhen's baby. When Nan Ma left the bedroom, Zhen Zhen was unconscious.

That day Yue Gu Zai returned from England and his gang members reported to him.

'Boss, the guard waited for your wife outside the hospital,' Cheng Yi said. 'The guard didn't see her come out. I went to the hospital to review security footage, Shu Tang Jue forced your wife into his car.'

Yue Gu Zai snapped the pen in his hand in half.

'Boss, Tan Lang's members have been snooping around your home and the hospital for the last couple of days,' Bai Yu Tian said. 'What if Shu Tang Jue wants to use your wife to take revenge on you?'

'Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'Your wife wouldn't let us tell you because she didn't want you to worry,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'I want everyone to leave,' Yue Gu Zai said.

At Shu Tang Jue's mansion, he ordered the head doctor of Tan Lang to help deliver Zhen Zhen's baby.

'Small rice grain, don't worry,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'Nothing will happen to Zhen Zhen and the baby.'

Nan Ma pushed Shu Tang Jue's arms away from her.

'If anything happens to Zhen Zhen and her baby, I'll never forgive you,' Nan Ma said.

Nan Ma stared at the door and she prayed for Zhen Zhen and the baby.

Shu Tang Jue didn't know how his and Nan Ma's relationship became strained.

A baby's cry was heard. Nan Ma turned around and she smiled at Shu Tang Jue.

'Zhen Zhen gave birth,' Nan Ma said. 'The baby is here.'

Shu Tang Jue was grateful Zhen Zhen's baby was born safely because it meant he could see Nan Ma smile.

'Boss, it's a baby girl,' Mo Yi said. 'The mother and baby girl are healthy. The baby girl needs a ventilator for the first two days.'

Mo Yi had to perform a C-section to take out the baby girl because Zhen Zhen was unconscious.

Nan Ma walked into the room, and she carried her adorable goddaughter. For the first time she wondered if her baby would be adorable like her goddaughter.

The next several days, Shu Tang Jue agreed to let Nan Ma take care of Zhen Zhen and the baby girl because Nan Ma agreed to eat.

Zhen Zhen was unhappy she gave birth to a baby girl. She decided when she got home, she would tell Yue Gu Zai if she was pregnant again, she wouldn't give birth unless they were having a baby boy.

'Zhen Zhen, do you think your daughter looks more like your husband?' Nan Ma asked.

'The baby is too young to see who she looks like,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Nan Ma, do you know why Shu Tang Jue is holding me and the baby captive?'

'Didn't he ask you to come here to cheer me up?' Nan Ma asked.

'I don't think it's that simple,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Zhen Zhen, I won't let him hurt you or your daughter,' Nan Ma said. 'If he dares, I'll make him suffer more than if he was dead.'

'Nan Ma do you have a phone?' Zhen Zhen asked. 'I want to call Gu Zai.'

Zhen Zhen was disappointed Nan Ma shook her head.

'I'll go find him and tell him to release you and your daughter,' Nan Ma said.

Nan Ma left the room with the baby girl, and Zhen Zhen laid on the bed to rest.

Someone came out of an underground tunnel.

'Who's there?' Zhen Zhen asked. 'Gu Zai...'

Yue Gu Zai walked to the bed, he hugged Zhen Zhen and she cried on his shoulder.

'Zhen Zhen, I'm sorry I came late,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'We need to leave.'

Zhen Zhen knew if Yue Gu Zai fell into Shu Tang Jue's hands then even Nan Ma couldn't save Yue Gu Zai's life.

'Follow me,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Yue Gu Zai led Zhen Zhen through the tunnel.

'Gu Zai, our daughter,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Zhen Zhen, go outside first,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'Cheng Yi, Chu Gian and Bai Yu Tian are waiting in the car for us. I'll go find our daughter.'

Zhen Zhen hesitated to let go of Yue Gu Zai's hand. He kissed her cheek and he ran to look for their daughter.

Zhen Zhen walked through the tunnel exit. Cheng Yi, Chu Gian and Bai Yu Tian were happy to see Zhen Zhen was alive and safe.

'Where's boss?' Bai Yu Tian asked.

'Gu Zai went back inside to look for Yue Ni,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, come sit in the car,' Chu Gian said.

Chu Gian was worried to see Zhen Zhen's pale face.

'No,' Zhen Zhen said. 'I want to wait for Gu Zai.'

Zhen Zhen noticed someone on the roof.

'Who is on the roof?' Zhen Zhen asked. 'It's Gu Zai.'

Zhen Zhen saw Shu Tang Jue behind Yue Gu Zai.

'Gu Zai, behind you!' Zhen Zhen warned.

Chu Gian pulled Zhen Zhen onto the ground and she shielded Zhen Zhen's body from bullets.

The gun shots stopped. Zhen Zhen could only see Shu Tang Jue on the roof.

'No... no...' Zhen Zhen said.

Chu Gian and Bai Yu Tian held Zhen Zhen back from running into the mansion.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, running back inside is pointless,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Let me go...' Zhen Zhen said and fell unconscious.

Chu Gian and Bai Yu Tian carried Zhen Zhen to the car and Cheng Yi drove them home.


End of Chapter Sixty-Five (Part 1)

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