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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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Translated by trungtnguyen123

Next in line.

In the last week, Yue Ni picked up Zhen Wu from college in a different sports car each day. Zhen Wu's classmates speculated Yue Ni was Zhen Wu's sugar mummy.

Zhen Wu sat in Yue Ni's car and sighed.

'Yue Ni, must you show off your flashy cars?' Zhen Wu asked.

'Big brother if I don't show off my cars then I wouldn't be your little sister,' Yue Ni said.

'You'll still be my little sister if you choose one car to drive,' Zhen Wu said.

'Big brother, the cars were given to me as gifts,' Yue Ni said. 'It'll be a waste if I don't drive my cars.'

Yue Ni drove Zhen Wu to Yue's company. Then she followed him to his office through the back door.

'Big brother, when are you going to announce you're the CEO of Yue's company and use the front entrance?' Yue Ni asked.

'For now only uncle Wo and my secretary knows I'm the CEO,' Zhen Wu said.

In the marketing department of Yue's company, some female employees were gossiping.

'Did you hear Li Cheng the CEO of Tu's company divorced his first wife?' the first woman asked.

'I heard Li Cheng's first love came back from the U.S. and he's marrying his first love,' the second woman said.

'Li Cheng was married for five years but no one has met his first wife,' the first woman said.

'Li Cheng's first wife must be ugly,' the second woman said.

'If everyone is done gossiping, get back to work,' Mr Chu said. 'Su Xiao Ya, when you're done with the marketing plans and budgets, bring them to my office.'

'Yes Mr Chu,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya sat at her desk and remembered the day Li Cheng brought a woman home and he asked her to sign the divorce papers. Li Cheng's father forced him to marry her. For five years, Li Cheng resented her. She cried when she signed the divorce papers. Li Cheng looked happy with his new woman.

Li Cheng generously gave Shu Xiao Ya the house they lived in and three hundred thousand dollars after she signed the divorce papers. She sold the house because she didn't want to live somewhere she was unloved for five years. Qua Qua was right, she shouldn't have loved someone who didn't love her.

Su Xiao Ya kept herself busy with work. After work, she rushed to her second job in another building. When she ran to the elevators she bumped into a man.

'I'm sorry,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya was shocked the man she bumped into was Li Cheng.

'Li Cheng, do you know this woman?' Hang Jia Mei asked.

'No,' Li Cheng said.

Li Cheng escorted Hang Jia Mei outside. Then he ran back into the building and he dragged Su Xiao Ya to a corner.

'Why are you here?' Li Cheng asked. 'Are you following me?'

'No,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'I don't believe you,' Li Cheng said. 'What do you want? More money? Is three hundred thousand dollars not enough for you?'

'I don't want your money,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Li Cheng took out a cheque, signed it and gave it to Su Xiao Ya.

'Here's a cheque for one hundred thousand dollars if you promise to stay away from me,' Li Cheng said.

Su Xiao Ya looked at the man she lived together for five years. She knew all his habits. He preferred seafood over meat, he liked to read before bed and open windows instead of turning on the air-conditioner during summers. They lived together for five years yet he knew nothing about her.

Su Xiao Ya gripped the cheque in her hand, and told herself to endure the pain. It was pointless to explain anything to someone who didn't understand her and who didn't care about her.

For the first time, Su Xiao Ya lost her control in front of Li Cheng. She threw the cheque at his face and she ran upstairs.

'Miss Su, why are you late today?' a manager asked.

'I'm sorry,' Su Xiao Ya said. She wiped her tears. 'Today I'm feeling unwell. Can I take sick leave?'

'Alright,' the manager said. 'Take care of your health.'

'Thank you,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Li Cheng overheard Su Xiao Ya's conversation with the manager. Li Cheng had misunderstood her. Wasn't three hundred thousand dollars enough? She had a job, why did she have to work a second job?

Su Xiao Ya ran out of building. She didn't watch where she was going, and a car braked before it ran her over.

Huyen Di got out of the car.

'Miss, are you injured?' Huyen Di asked.

Su Xiao Ya shook her head. She had to stay alive. If she died, there was no one to take care of her little sister, Su Xiao Min.

Huyen Di nodded his head. He got back into his car and left.

Su Xiao Ya ran home, and she heard Su Xiao Min crying in the living room

'Big sister...' Su Xiao Min called.

'Xiao Min, it's OK,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Big sister is here.'

'Bitch, you're home,' Su Wu Chun said. 'Where's the money? Isn't today your pay day?'

'I've given you one hundred thousand dollars,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya needed to save the rest of the divorce money to support Su Xiao Min through school and for their daily staples. If Su Wu Chun didn't have custody of Su Xiao Min, she would have given him nothing.

'One hundred thousand dollars isn't enough,' Su Wu Chun said. 'I still owe money. Give me another one hundred thousand dollars.'

'I don't have money,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Where's your rich husband?' Su Wu Chun asked. 'Doesn't he give you a monthly allowance?'

'No,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'What do you mean no?' Su Wu Chun asked and raised his hand to hit Su Xiao Ya and Su Xiao Min.

Su Xiao Ya hugged Su Xiao Min and protected Su Xiao Min from Su Wu Chun.

'There's no money because we're divorced,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Are you satisfied?'

Su Wu Chun didn't know where Su Xiao Ya found the courage to talk back to him. He punched Su Xiao Ya's face.

'Bitch, what do you mean divorce?' Su Wu Chun asked. 'With your ugly face, where are you going to find another rich husband? Go back and do whatever it takes to beg him to take you back. Get back my money. I don't care if you threaten to commit suicide in front of him, I want my money now.'

'Don't hit my big sister!' Su Xiao Min said.

Su Xiao Min let go of Su Xiao Ya. Su Xiao Min pushed Su Wu Chun back. He lost his balance, fell down and hit his head on the glass coffee table. Su Xiao Min was scared to see his head bleed and she hid her face on Su Xiao Ya's chest.

'Big sister... I didn't mean to...' Su Xiao Min said.

'Xiao Min, don't be scared,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'You didn't do anything.'

'You little bitch!' Su Wu Chun said. He got off the floor. 'You dare push me? Look at what you did? You made my head bleed. Today I'm going to give you a beating you won't forget.'

'Stop!' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Didn't you say you want money? I'll give you all my money.'

Su Xiao Ya didn't know what else to do to protect Su Xiao Min. Su Xiao Ya handed over all her money in her bag to Su Wu Chun.

'Bitch, at least you know how to be reasonable,' Su Wu Chun said.

Su Wu Chun left to go gambling. Su Xiao Ya and Su Xiao Min held onto their trembling bodies.

Su Xiao Ya was scared Su Wu Chun would be back after he gambled all the money. She quickly packed hers and Su Xiao Min's clothes and she took Su Xiao Min to Qua Qua's house.

'Xiao Ya, did he hit you and Xiao Min again?' Qua Qua asked.

'Qua Qua...' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Why didn't you come here sooner?' Qua Qua asked. 'Xiao Ya, your thighs, your face.'

'I was clumsy,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Xiao Ya...' Qua Qua said.

'Qua Qua, you don't have to say anything,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Alright,' Qua Qua said. 'I'll go tidy up the guest room for you and Xiao Min.'

Su Xiao Ya wasn't ugly. She had beautiful eyes. If she spent money on herself to dress well, she would have looked decent.

Later Qua Qua came out of the guest room, Su Xiao Min was sleeping on the sofa next to Su Xiao Ya.

'Let me carry Xiao Min to the guest room,' Qua Qua said.

'I'll carry her,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'You should sleep,' Qua Qua said. 'You need to work tomorrow.'

Su Xiao Ya nodded her head. She wanted to ask Qua Qua to loan her money, but she knew Qua Qua was poor too.

In the morning, Su Xiao Ya wore a simple black work dress and she hid the bruise on her face with makeup. She ignored her leg pain and went to work at Yue's company.

At eleven in the morning, Su Xiao Ya knocked on Mr Chu's office door.

'Come in,' Mr Chu said.

Su Xiao Ya walked in and she sat opposite Mr Chu. Mr Chu thought Su Xiao Ya was the most diligent employee in the marketing department. He poured her a cup of tea and smiled warmly at her.

'Miss Su, if you need any help, you can ask me,' Mr Chu said.

'Mr Chu, I want to ask if I can receive my monthly salary in advance,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Mr Chu knew Su Xiao Ya must be in trouble, because Su Xiao Ya was a frugal employee.

'Miss Su, can you tell me why you need money in advance?' Mr Chu asked.

'Mr Chu, I'm sorry for troubling you,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya stood to leave.

'Wait,' Mr Chu said. He signed a cheque for Su Xiao Ya's one month salary. 'Miss Su, you know about Yue's company pay policy that employees aren't allowed to receive their monthly salary in advance. Take this as a loan from me. After you receive your monthly salary, you can pay me back.'

'Thank you Mr Chu,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'I promise I'll pay you back when I receive my monthly salary.'

'Miss Su, let me treat you lunch,' Mr Chu said.

'Thank you Mr Chu,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'But I brought lunch today.'

Su Xiao Ya ate two buns and she worked throughout the afternoon.

While Su Xiao Ya worked, the other female employees spent the afternoon grooming themselves because Ni Sheng representatives were scheduled to come for an audit that afternoon. They all dreamt of marrying one of Ni Sheng's handsome directors.

That afternoon, Huyen Di and his secretary Miss Tong came to audit the marketing department of Yue's company.

'Mr Huyen, Miss Tong,' Mr Chu greeted.

'Mr Chu,' Huyen Di greeted.

Huyen Di had discussed with Zhen Wu that frequent audits by Ni Sheng weren't necessary after Zhen Wu settled into his CEO position.

'Miss Su, make Mr Huyen and Miss Tong cups of coffee,' Mr Chu said. 'Then bring the marketing plans and budgets you finalised yesterday into my office.'

'Yes Mr Chu,' Su Xiao Ya said.

The other female employees resented the ugly Su Xiao Ya got to make coffee for Huyen Di. But they weren't threatened by Su Xiao Ya because Huyen Di wouldn't be attracted to the ugly Su Xiao Ya.

Su Xiao Ya brought coffee, the marketing plans and budgets to Mr Chu's office. She kept her head down so she didn't see Huyen Di was looking at the bruises on her thighs.

Half an hour later, Huyen Di and Miss Tong were satisfied with the marketing plans and budgets. They walked outside Mr Chu's office, Miss Tong ignored the flirtatious looks the female employees gave Huyen Di, because she was used to seeing women wanting to attract Huyen Di's attention.

Su Xiao Ya was relieved the audit went smoothly. She was startled when Huyen Di walked up to her desk.

'Mr Huyen,' Su Xiao Ya said and stood.

'Sit down,' Huyen Di said.

Su Xiao Ya sat down on her chair.

'Your legs are injured,' Huyen Di said. 'Come with me to the hospital.'

'I don't need to go to the hospital,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya couldn't afford to pay for hospital treatments.

Huyen Di remembered his car hit Su Xiao Ya yesterday. If he knew she was injured, he would have driven her to the hospital yesterday.

'You have two options,' Huyen Di said. 'You can volunteer to go to the hospital or I'll take you to the hospital.'

Su Xiao Ya couldn't remember the driver who accidently hit her yesterday, because she was shaken by Li Cheng.

'I'll go to the hospital myself,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Huyen Di nodded his head and left. He wasn't going to fuss over an ordinary person.

Su Xiao Ya didn't go to the hospital after work. She would only take Su Xiao Min to the hospital if Su Xiao Min was sick. She tidied her work desk then she rushed to her second job.

Su Xiao Ya liked working at Yue's company. Mr Chu was a good manager, and her workload was reasonable. It wasn't laborious like cleaning toilets.

'Isn't the money I gave you enough?' Li Cheng asked. 'Why do you need to come here to clean toilets after work?'

Li Cheng didn't know why he was angry when he heard Su Xiao Ya sold the house they lived in. He used to give her a thirty thousand dollar monthly allowance. He didn't know why Su Xiao Ya needed to work if she had saved all the money he gave her.

'Cleaning toilets is my business,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'What do you think will happen if people found out my ex-wife is cleaning toilets?' Li Cheng asked.

It was strange why Li Cheng was angry to see Su Xiao Ya clean toilets.

'When we were married you didn't acknowledge I was your wife,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Now we're divorced, no one will care that I'm cleaning toilets.'

Li Cheng remembered he married a timid Su Xiao Ya. He didn't expect her to disagree with him.

'Come home with me,' Li Cheng said.

'I'm not going anywhere,' Su Xiao Ya said. She pushed Li Cheng's arm away. 'I have toilets to clean.'

'Why do you need to degrade yourself?' Li Cheng asked.

'I'm not degrading myself,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'I'm not stealing or doing anything wrong. I'm working to support myself. I need money.'

'Why are you this desperate for money?' Li Cheng asked.

'Yes, I'm desperate for money,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'I don't care what work I do to earn money, even cleaning toilets.'

'OK,' Li Cheng said. 'Come with me and I'll give you money.'

Li Cheng didn't want Su Xiao Ya to embarrass him by cleaning toilets.

'Let go of my arm,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'I need to work.'

Outside the bathroom, Huyen Di helped free Su Xiao Ya from Li Cheng.

'Why aren't you at the hospital?' Huyen Di asked.

'I...' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Who are you?' Li Cheng asked.

Li Cheng was displeased to see another man take Su Xiao Ya away.

Huyen Di dismissed the Li Cheng. Huyen Di thought Su Xiao Ya looked like she was going to faint. Huyen Di supported her to his car.

'Where are you taking me?' Su Xiao Ya asked.

'To the hospital,' Huyen Di said.

'I don't want to go to the hospital,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Why?' Huyen Di asked.

'I don't have money,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'I'll pay for your hospital treatments,' Huyen Di said.

'The point is, it's my decision whether I want to go to the hospital or not,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'I caused your injury,' Huyen Di said. 'After you recover, I won't care if you go to the hospital or not.'

Su Xiao Ya didn't argue with Huyen Di if he was the driver that hit her yesterday.

Huyen Di took Su Xiao Ya to be examined by Bai Yu Tian.

Chu Gian was in a nightgown when she opened the door for Huyen Di and Su Xiao Ya.

'Where's the Bai fox?' Huyen Di asked.

Chu Gian turned to yell in the direction of the bedroom door.

'Bai fox, old man Huyen Di is looking for you,' Chu Gian said.

Chu Gian went into the bathroom and changed clothes. Afterward she walked to the front door to put on her shoes.

'Chu Gian, why aren't you taking responsibility after you ate me?' Bai Yu Tian asked.

Chu Gian took off the vintage bracelet Ling Jia gave her and she passed it to Bai Yu Tian.

'Next Tuesday is an auspicious day to get married,' Chu Gian said. 'Prepare your family birth register. I'll come pick you up next Tuesday.'

'I don't think it's an auspicious day,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'It doesn't matter,' Chu Gian said. 'Whether you're alive or dead, you'll always be my man. It's your fault for being born with a phoenix tattoo. If you have guts, take your heart out now. Registering a marriage is only paperwork. If you don't want to marry me then I'm free.'

'Next Tuesday, pick me up on time,' Bai Yu Tian said.

Chu Gian put on her jacket and waved bye to Bai Yu Tian.

'Old man Huyen Di, I'm heading off,' Chu Gian said.

Huyen Di laughed to see Bai Yu Tian look disgruntled.

Bai Yu Tian gave Su Xiao Ya a thorough examination.

'Bai fox, can you be gentler?' Huyen Di asked.

'Do you want to examine her yourself?' Bai Yu Tian asked.

Huyen Di silently let Bai Yu Tian continue to examine Su Xiao Ya.

'Huyen Di, I didn't think you'll be the next in line after boss,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Bai fox, what do you mean?' Huyen Di asked.

'She's pregnant,' Bai Yu Tian said.


End of Chapter Sixty-Eight

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