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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 69.2

Chapter 69.2

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Translated by trungtnguyen123


'Uncle Huyen, what are you doing here?' Zhen Wu asked.

'Young master, I brought a friend here for a medical examination,' Huyen Di said.

'Uncle Huyen, a male friend or your girlfriend?' Zhen Wu asked.

'Young master, she isn't my girlfriend,' Huyen Di said.

'Uncle Huyen, is uncle Bai here?' Zhen Wu asked.

'No,' Huyen Di said. 'He and Chu Gian are getting married today.'

'Getting married?' Zhen Wu asked. 'Is uncle Bai marrying into aunty Chu's family?'

It was no secret that Bai Tu Tian wanted to marry Chu Gian for many years, but Chu Gian refused.

'Young master, don't repeat your joke to him,' Huyen Di said.

'Uncle Huyen, if I dare repeat my joke in front of uncle Bai then I'm not a genius,' Zhen Wu said.

The doctor who examined Su Xiao Ya followed her outside.

'Out of you two men, who is the baby's father?' the doctor asked.

'Doctor, what's wrong?' Huyen Di asked before Su Xiao Ya could explain.

'Sir, what sort of a husband and father are you?' the doctor asked. 'Do you know how poor your wife's body condition is? By the way you're dressed, you look like you can afford proper health care for your wife and baby. Will it kill you to buy nutritious meals for your wife to eat? Your wife doesn't want to keep the baby. If you're forcing her to abort the baby then you're not human. If you didn't want to have a baby then you shouldn't have impregnated your wife. Think about it, if your father forced your mother to abort you then you wouldn't be standing here. Take your wife home, take good care of your wife and think carefully before you and your wife make a decision about the baby.'

The doctor walked back into the room, and closed the door.

'I'm sorry the doctor misunderstood,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'It doesn't matter,' Huyen Di said. 'Let's go.'

'Uncle Huyen, can you give me a lift too?' Zhen Wu asked.

Zhen Wu was curious about Huyen Di's girlfriend.

Huyen Di dropped off Su Xiao Ya home first.

'Xiao Ya, who was the man who drove you home in the fancy car?' Qua Qua asked.

'I'll go downstairs to buy you dinner,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Xiao Ya, you didn't answer my question,' Qua Qua said. 'Don't tell me you got back together with your bad ex-husband.'

'Are you saying Li Cheng called you?' Su Xiao Ya asked.

'Yes,' Qua Qua said. 'Li Cheng asked me where you're staying. I didn't tell him. He thinks you're here because I'm your closest friend. He doesn't know where your father lives. If Li Cheng wants you to get back together with him, say no.'

'Qua Qua, Li Cheng has a beautiful girlfriend,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Even if he doesn't have a girlfriend, he wanted to escape from me a long time ago. It doesn't matter what he wants, you can ignore him.'

'What's good about his girlfriend?' Qua Qua asked. 'If you change the way you dress, you'll look more beautiful than her. Xiao Ya, you look like you're hiding something from me.'

'Qua Qua, I'm pregnant,' Su Xiao Ya said.

'Li Cheng's baby?' Qua Qua asked.

'That night he was drunk,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'He doesn't remember what happened.'

Su Xiao Ya remembered Li Cheng mistook her for Zi Lan that night he was drunk. It was the first time he slept with her.

'So he doesn't know,' Qua Qua said. 'Xiao Ya, what do you want to do?'

'When I went to the hospital to abort the baby I couldn't go through with it,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'I can't kill an innocent baby.'

'Then give birth to the baby and we'll raise the baby together,' Qua Qua said.

Su Xiao Min arrived home, and she saw Su Xiao Ya crying.

'Big sister, what happened?' Su Xiao Min asked.

'Xiao Min, I'm OK,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Did you like your new school?'

'Yes,' Su Xiao Min said. 'My teachers recommended I buy some advance textbooks. But I said it's not necessary.'

'Xiao Min, how much do the textbooks cost?' Su Xiao Ya asked. 'I'll buy them for you.'

Su Xiao Min was a top student, and Su Xiao Ya wanted to give Su Xiao Min a good education.

'Thank you big sister,' Su Xiao Min said.

'Alright,' Qua Qua said. 'It's time to eat dinner. I'll go buy a nutritious dinner. Your big sister is pregnant.'

'Big sister, am I going to be an aunt?' Su Xiao Min asked.

'Yes,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Outside the marriage registration building, Bai Yu Tian was upset he didn't get to have a wedding reception and a honeymoon with Chu Gian. He carefully put their marriage certificate in his bag.

'Chu Gian, shouldn't we have a health check?' Bai Yu Tian asked.

'We don't need to,' Chu Gian said. She got into her sports car. 'I trust you're healthy.'

'What if you have an STD?' Bai Yu Tian asked.

Bai Yu Tian was frustrated Chu Gian was less feminine than him.

'So what if I do?' Chu Gian asked. 'We've slept with other without protection. If I have an STD then we can go to hell together. Get in the car, I want to take you somewhere.'

Bai Yu Tian sat in Chu Gian's car. He was happy after years of scheming, he finally got Chu Gian to marry him. Chu Gian was like a kite, she didn't want to be tied down. Although they loved each other, she loved her freedom too. If he didn't used tricks then they would have lived together unwed for another eighty years.

Chu Gian took Bai Yu Tian to her family home.

'Mistress, you're back,' a servant said.

'Um,' Chu Gian said.

Many servants greeted Chu Gian.

'Xiao Gian,' Wen Jian Fei called.

'Why are you here?' Chu Gian asked.

Bai Yu Tian had investigated everything about Chu Gian's past. He was unhappy she had a childhood sweetheart, Wen Jian Fei. If Wen Jian Fei dared to even dream about stealing Chu Gian from him, he was going to castrate Wen Jian Fei.

Fortunately for Wen Jian Fei's intact manhood, Chu Gian pushed Wen Jian Fei before he could hug her.

'Xiao Gian, you're cold toward me as usual,' Wen Jian Fei said. 'I heard your grandma say you'll be here today. Did you missed me?'

Bai Yu Tian wanted to sharpen a scalpel. Didn't Wen Jian Fei see he was standing next to Chu Gian?

'I didn't miss you,' Chu Gian said. 'I'm going to see grandma first. You two behave. No fighting.'

Bai Yu Tian wanted his love rival to make the first move so he could tell Chu Gian he castrated Wen Jian Fei because Wen Jian Fei attacked him first.

A minute later, Chu Gian walked back to the living room. She saw Bai Yu Tian drinking tea. Wen Jian Fei's pants was stuck to a wall, because a scalpel was lodged through Wen Jian Fei's pants, one centimetre below his balls.

'Xiao Gian, save me,' Wen Jian Fei said.

'Why should I save you?' Chu Gian asked. 'You didn't listen to me. I told you not to fight with the Bai fox. Bai fox, my grandma wants to see you.'

'Yes,' Bai Yu Tian said.

Bai Yu Tian was in a good mood. His wife took his side over Wen Jian Fei.

'Bai fox, be gentle with my grandma,' Chu Gian warned.

Bai Yu Tian kissed Chu Gian's forehead.

'I'll treat your grandma like a goddess,' Bai Yu Tian said.

Bai Yu Tian didn't expect his words would come true. Chu Gian's grandma's bedroom looked like a shrine. Chu Gian pulled Bai Yu Tian's shirt sleeve and they knelt in front of the vintage sofa behind beaded curtains, her grandma was sitting on the vintage sofa.

Bai Yu Tian's knees became numb after kneeling for half an hour. He was about to wiggle his feet, but Chu Gian pinched his leg and he didn't dare move.

Two servants parted the beaded curtains, and Chu Gian's grandma opened her eyes.

'Are you the little boy Bai?' grandma asked.

'Yes,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Xiao Gian, go outside,' grandma said.

'Yes grandma,' Chu Gian said.

Chu Gian gave Bai Yu Tian a warning look, she bowed to her grandma and left.

'It was the Bai Household who cursed the Chu Household,' grandma said. 'I didn't want Xiao Gian to marry you. But she said she loves you.'

'Yes grandma,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Xiao Gian loves her freedom,' grandma said. 'Even the little boy Wen couldn't enter Xiao Gian's heart. I thought she would be single for the rest of her life. As long as she's happy, I'm happy. Yesterday she called me, and said she's getting married today. I thought she was joking. I only believed her when she showed me the marriage certificate before you came in here. I don't care how you schemed to make her love you and want to marry you. I don't care if you married her because of the curse. If you married Xiao Gian then you need to be good to her for the rest of your life. Can you do that?'

'Grandma, I promise I'll love Xiao Gian and treat her well for rest of my life,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Promises can be broken,' grandma said. 'If you break your promise and mistreat Xiao Gian, I don't care even if the Chu Household falls apart, I'll do everything to make you and the Bai Household suffer.'

'Grandma, I won't ever give you a reason to distrust me,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'Little boy Bai, you're not too bad,' grandma said. 'You can go.'

'Yes grandma,' Bai Yu Tian said.

Bai Yu Tian stood slowly, and walked outside. Chu Gian was relieved to see he was in one piece.

'Did grandma bully you?' Chu Gian asked.

'No,' Bai Yu Tian said. 'Grandma said I'm a good man.'

Bai Yu Tian draped arm around Chu Gian's shoulder and they walked to the front door.

'I don't believe you,' Chu Gian said.

In the living room, two servants helped released Wen Jian Fei from the wall.

'Bai fox, you're not going to live under the same sky as me!' Wen Jian Fei said.


End of Chapter Sixty-Nine (Part 2 of 2)

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