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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 70

Chapter 70

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Translated by trungtnguyen123


'Zhen Wu,' Lam Ting called.

Zhen Wu turned around, and thought Lam Ting and Li Tu looked familiar.

'What is it?' Zhen Wu asked.

'I want you to join the student council,' Lam Ting said.

Li Tu was jealous Lam Ting spoke warmly to Zhen Wu.

'I'm sorry,' Zhen Wu said. 'I'm not interested.'

'There are benefits to being a member of the student council,' Lam Ting said.

Zhen Wu walked outside the college front gate. Huyen Di was giving him a lift to Yue's company.

'What if I said I want you to join the student council?' Lam Ting asked.

Although Zhen Wu was poor, Lam Ting thought he was the most handsome boy on campus. If Zhen Wu was secretly in love with her then she thought he would be on the student council for her.

'I'm sorry,' Zhen Wu said. He smiled politely. 'I really have no interest in joining the student council.'

Zhen Wu's smile made Lam Ting's heart race.

Zhen Wu spotted Huyen Di's car. Huyen Di's girlfriend was waiting outside Huyen Di's car.

'Hello,' Su Xiao Ya greeted.

Su Xiao Ya found out Zhen Wu was her CEO.

'Hello,' Zhen Wu said. 'Where is uncle Huyen?'

'He's taking a phone call somewhere quiet,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Su Xiao Ya thought Zhen Wu looked handsome when he smiled. But she didn't dare stare at her CEO. She kept her head down. She didn't know why when she went to the hospital to have a baby check-up, Huyen Di was at the hospital and Huyen Di said he wanted to give her a lift to Yue's company.

Lam Ting and Li Tu chased after Zhen Wu because they were curious who Zhen Wu was talking too. Li Tu was shocked Zhen Wu was talking to Su Xiao Ya, and he pulled Su Xiao Ya aside to talk privately.

'Big sister, what are you doing here?' Li Tu asked. 'Did you come here to ask me for money because my big brother wouldn't give you money? Don't bother, no one in the Li Household will give you another dollar. Only my big brother was blind to give money to a greedy person like you. I would never give you a single dollar. My big brother is marrying another woman. Don't interfere in his relationship.'

'What's the problem?' Huyen Di asked Su Xiao Ya.

'Nothing,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'Li Tu, what happened between your big brother and I has nothing to do with you. I didn't come here to see you. Your big brother and I are divorced. He is free to marry whoever he wants. I want nothing to do with a cold hearted man like your big brother.'

Li Tu saw Huyen Di standing behind Su Xiao Ya, and he understood why Su Xiao Ya dared to talk down to him.

'Big sister, I see why you're acting cocky,' Li Tu said. 'You found another man to support you. You're shameless. You divorced my big brother not long ago, and you've already seduced another man. Can't you live a day without a man? How can you can sleep with any man for money? How much is he giving you a month? Thirty thousand dollars like my big brother or more?'

Su Xiao Ya slapped Li Tu's cheek.

'If you want people to respect you, first you need to learn how to respect other people,' Su Xiao Ya said. 'But no one in the Li Household understands the concept of respect. Don't worry, I don't want anything to do with the Li Household, you're all strangers to me.'

'You dare hit me?' Li Tu asked. 'Do you have a death wish?'

Li Tu raised his hand to hit Su Xiao Ya, but he put his hand down because Huyen Di was standing behind Su Xiao Ya.

'You should reconsider being with this woman,' Li Tu said. 'You don't want to offend the Li Household by being with this woman.'

'What if I want to be offensive?' Huyen Di asked.

Su Xiao Ya didn't want to involve Huyen Di into her mess. She held Huyen Di's arm and pulled him back to his car.

'Let's go,' Su Xiao Ya said.

Zhen Wu was watching the live drama unfold from the back seat in Huyen Di's car. Zhen Wu was disappointed Huyen Di didn't give Li Tu a beating. Huyen Di walked back to the car with Su Xiao Ya, and Huyen Di drove them to Yue's company.

Lam Ting was too prideful to call Zhen Wu's name and ask him to stay, because he rejected her twice.

When Zhen Wu arrived home from Yue's company, Yue Ni was riffling through CDs and Zhen Zhen was bottle feeding Yue Di Yi. Yue Di Yi was a healthy fourteen-month-old baby. Yue Gu Zai's mood improved since Yue Di Yi joined their family, because looking after Yue Di Yi kept Yue Gu Zai busy while Zhen Zhen was experimenting in the lab.

'Zhen Wu, what is your little sister looking for?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'Something about finding evidence,' Zhen Wu said. 'Let her be.'

Zhen Wu ticked Yue Di Yi's stomach.

'Xiao Di Yi, can you say big brother?' Zhen Wu asked.

'Zhen Wu, Xiao Di Yi is too young to talk,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Mum, our Xiao Di Yi is a smart baby,' Zhen Wu said.

Zhen Wu ticked Yue Di Yi's stomach and Yue Di Yi laughed.

Yue Di Yi didn't understand Zhen Wu wanted him to speak. But he was happy to see Zhen Wu.

Zhen Zhen was jealous Yue Di Yi laughed with Zhen Wu. She fed and played with Yue Di Yi every day, but Yue Di Yi didn't laugh with her.

'Big brother, I found it!' Yue Ni said.

Zhen Zhen was used to Yue Ni's antics. She continued to play with Yue Di Yi and let Zhen Wu deal with Yue Ni.

'Big brother, look what the Bai fox filmed,' Yue Ni said. 'It's dad's cheek and another woman's back. I can't believe dad's living a double life. Dad married another woman behind mum's back.'

'Yue Ni, you're blind,' Zhen Wu said. He recognised the woman's back was Zhen Zhen's back when she was younger. 'Dad is only married mum.'

'Big brother, look,' Yue Ni said. 'Dad's turning around and looking lovingly at the other woman. How can dad do this to mum? I'm going to show mum this CD.'

'What other woman?' Zhen Zhen asked.

Zhen Zhen carried Yue Di Yi to where Yue Ni and Zhen Wu were looking at a laptop.

'Mum, look,' Yue Ni said. 'Dad is married to another woman.'

When Zhen Zhen was looking at the footage, she saw her younger self turn around and smile at the younger Yue Gu Zai, it was their first wedding day.

Zhen Zhen smiled at her younger self when she lost her memories. The younger Yue Gu Zai asked if her younger self wanted to sign the marriage certificate, and her younger self nodded like a fool. After her younger self signed the marriage certificate, Yue Gu Zai asked if she regretted marrying him and her younger self shook her head.

'Yue Gu Zai!' Zhen Zhen called.

Zhen Zhen had evidence Yue Gu Zai did trick her into marrying him the first time when she lost her memories.

'Big brother, I remembered small dad wants to see me,' Yue Ni said. 'I'm going to small dad's home. Bye.'

Zhen Wu shook his head. It was typical of Yue Ni to cause trouble and run away. He carried Yue Di Yi in his arms and kissed Yue Di Yi's cheek.

'Xiao Di Yi, big brother will feed you dinner,' Zhen Wu said. 'Mum will be busy for a long time.'

Yue Di Yi laughed with Zhen Wu.

Zhen Zhen was upset with Yue Gu Zai so she went back to the lab.

Zhen Wu carried Yue Di Yi to the dining room.

'Where's your little sister?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'She went to her small dad's home,' Zhen Wu said.

'Zhen Wu, you and Xiao Di Yi should eat dinner,' Yue Gu Zai said and frowned.

Zhen Wu sat at the dining table, and he bounced Yue Di Yi on his lap.

'Zhen Wu, your uncle Wo wants to hold a press conference next month,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'He wants to publicly announce you're Yue's company's CEO.'

'Why?' Zhen Wu asked.

'Your uncle Wo is married and he wants to focus on his wife and child,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Although Wo Ta Tian was an outsider, Yue Gu Zai knew Wo Ta Tian was always loyal to Louis. Yue Gu Zai trusted Wo Ta Tian to help Zhen Wu manager Yue's company. Yue Gu Zai was sad to see Wo Ta Tian officially leave Yue's company, because it was rare to find a loyal and hard-working employee.

'I'll support uncle Wo's decision,' Zhen Wu said.

On Tuesday, a man threatened Zhen Wu with a knife when Zhen Wu locked his bicycle at the college.

'Who sent you here?' Zhen Wu asked.

The man waved the knife in front of Zhen Wu's face.

'Do you know why I like playing with knives?' Zhen Wu asked. 'If you don't put the knife away, I'll show why. I'll cut your face into two hundred pieces, and I'll use them to make a masterpiece artwork.'

'Mei Jia and Li Tu asked me to teach you a lesson,' the man said.

'Why?' Zhen Wu asked.

'They said they don't care what method I use to stop you from being a member of the student council,' the man said.

Zhen Wu's two secret guards came out of the shadows.

'Deal with this man,' Zhen Wu said.

'Yes young master,' the guards said.

Zhen Wu didn't know what were Mei Jia and Li Tu's motives to send someone to kill him. But it wouldn't be hard for Zhen Wu to find out if he joined the student council.

When Zhen Wu walked into the tutorial room, Lucy was happy Zhen Wu finally agreed to join the student council.

Lucy hugged Zhen Wu and smiled at him.

'Zhen Wu, I knew you would agree,' Lucy said. 'I'm happy you're joining the student council.'

Zhen Wu didn't like other people hugging him. But he was happy to see Lucy happy, and he let her hug him for however long she wanted.

Later at the student council meeting room, everyone on the student council elected Zhen Wu to be the secretary except for Mei Jia and Li Tu.

At night, Zhen Wu wanted to sneak into the college.

'Do you want to go inside?' Lucy asked.

Zhen Wu turned around. He frowned when he saw Lucy.

'Why are you here?' Zhen Wu asked.

'I was passing by and I saw you come here and followed you,' Lucy said. 'Why do you want to go inside at this late hour?'

'Go home,' Zhen Wu said.

'I don't want to go home,' Lucy said. 'I want to follow you.'

Zhen Wu thought Lucy's beautiful face didn't look intimidated by him. He opened his laptop and disabled the college's security system. He and Lucy snuck into the college before the guards detected them. He held Lucy's hand and they walked together in the shadows to the student council building. He saw Mei Jai and Li Tu using opium pipes to smoke though the lit windows. After Mei Jia and Li Tu through the back door, Lucy held onto his arm and they quietly entered the student council meeting room.

'What do you think they're doing inside the student council building?' Lucy asked.

Zhen Wu lifted the student council uniforms, and underneath were concealed bags of opium.

'What is that?' Lucy asked.

Zhen Wu cut open a bag, and he confirmed it was opium.

'Opium,' Zhen Wu said.

Zhen Wu understood why Mei Jia and Li Tu didn't want him to join the student council. They were paranoid he would find out about the opium and Mei Jia and Li Tu would lose hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Outside the student council building, Mei Jia and Li Tu were anxiously waiting for the dealers.

'What's taking them so long?' Mei Jia said.

'They're here,' Li Tu said.

Mei Jia and Li Tu led the dealers into the student council building.

'Hurry up and check the goods,' Li Tu said to the dealers.

When the two dealers picked up the opium bags, Zhen Wu shot the two dealers' heads with two bullets and the dealers fell onto the floor.

'Who's there?' Li Tu asked. 'If you have guts, come out and show yourself.'

Li Tu was scared of dying but he hid it better than Mei Jia.

Zhen Wu made sure Lucy hid behind him. They came out of their hiding spot and he pointed the gun at Li Tu and Mei Jia.

Li Tu took out his gun too and pointed it at Zhen Wu.

'Why are you here?' Li Tu asked.

'The man you two hired to kill me failed,' Zhen Wu said coldly. 'I didn't want to join the student council, but you two acting suspiciously persuaded met to join.'

'If you found out we're smuggling opium then why didn't you call the police?' Li Tu asked. 'Do you want to steal our opium?'

'To me money from selling opium is an eyesore,' Zhen Wu said.

Zhen Wu and Yue Gu Zai hated people who trafficked drugs the most.

'Compared to selling weapons, selling opium is nothing,' Li Tu said. 'Ni Sheng and Tan Lang monopolised the weapon market. We're not going to give up our share of the opium market.'

'I hate people who deal drugs in my district,' Zhen Wu said. 'You two should surrender yourself to the police.'

'Surrender?' Mei Jia asked. He took out his gun too and pointed it at Zhen Wu. 'What a naive boy.'

Zhen Wu laughed at Mei Jia and Li Tu's naivety.

Zhen Wu covered Lucy's eyes with one hand. She heard two gun shots then Li Tu and Mei Jia's screams.

'I knew asking you two to surrender yourselves would be too troublesome,' Zhen Wu said. 'I've called the police for you two. Your wounds weren't kill you before the police get here.'

Zhen Wu wrapped an arm around Lucy's waist and he led them outside.

After the police arrived, they didn't accept the bribes from Li Tu and Mei Jia.

'Do you two know who Zhen Wu is?' a cop asked. 'Zhen Wu's dad was the leader of Ni Sheng and the head of the national security department. Since his dad retired, of course Zhen Wu would be his successor. This small opium bribe isn't enough to save you two. You two should be grateful Zhen Wu let us arrest you. If you two fell into the hands of Ni Sheng, death would be a light punishment for you two. Your fathers are powerless to save you two from being imprisoned for life. This is what happens when someone offends the leader of Ni Sheng.'

'You don't need to waste your breath talking to these two fools,' another cop said.

The cops threw the bleeding Li Tu and Mei Jia into the back of the police van.

Zhen Wu walked with Lucy to her home. She suddenly turned around and kissed his cheek. He thought she looked beautiful under the full moon, and he liked being kissed by her.

'This is a lucky kiss,' Lucy said.

Zhen Wu remembered a little girl once kissed his cheek before a competition and she said her lucky kiss would help him win.

'You promised to join the student council,' Lucy said. 'You can't break your promise. Only small dogs break promises. Why are you smiling?'

Zhen Wu smiled and silently walked with Lucy.


End of Chapter Seventy

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