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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 81

Chapter 81

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Translated by trungtnguyen123

History repeats itself.

'Mum, I'm home,' Yang Han An said.

Yang Han An ran into the kitchen. Tan Xu Er was cooking dinner.

'Xiao An, what do you think of the college?' Tan Xu Er asked.

'Good,' Yang Han An said. 'I met the most handsome man today.'

'Oh, who is this man who impressed my picky daughter?' Tan Xu Er asked.

'His name is Zhen Wu,' Yang Han An said.

Tan Yu Er dropped a plate.

'Mum, are you OK?' Yang Han An asked.

'I'm OK,' Tan Xu Er said. She gripped Yang Han An's hand. 'What did you say?'

'I said his name is Zhen Wu,' Yang Han An said. 'He's the CEO of Yue's company.'

'Xiao An, I don't care who you love,' Tan Xu Er said. 'But you can't love Zhen Wu.'

'Why?' Yang Han An asked.

'Listen to me,' Tan Xu Er said. 'Someone rich like him wouldn't be interested in someone from an ordinary family like us.'

'What happened?' Yang Hua asked. 'I heard something break.'

'It's nothing,' Tan Xu Er said. 'I accidently broke a plate.'

Yang Han An thought Tan Xu Er was acting strange during dinner, because Tan Xu Er couldn't hear Yang Hua until he called Tan Xu Er's name several times.

Yang Han An dreamt of Zhen Wu that night.

The next day was the concert performance show casing the college band.

Hang Mac ran to the student council building, and Hang Mac woke up Zhen Wu.

'What's the problem?' Zhen Wu asked.

'A band member is injured,' Hang Mac said. 'There's only you who can substitute for them last minute.

A while later at the assembly hall, Lucy saw Hang Mac dragged Zhen Wu on stage. Lucy heard from Sun Ling Hui most of the new female students were infatuated with Zhen Wu. Lucy knew Zhen Wu loved her, but she was still jealous.

The students were in awe when Yang Han An performed a duet with Zhen Wu. Yang Han An played the violin and Zhen Wu played the piano. Their duet was a moving performance.

Yang Han An didn't register the students' applause. She was disappointed the duet ended too soon, and Zhen Wu immediately walked off stage.

'Zhen Wu that was incredible,' Hang Mac said. 'I heard you could play the piano. But I didn't know you're a musical genius. Do you want to join the band?'

Zhen Wu gave Hang Mac a warning look, and Hang Mac coughed.

'Forget I asked,' Hang Mac said.

Zhen Wu walked to Lucy, he held her hand and they walked to his bicycle. On the ride to her domintory, gentle breezes blew past their bodies.

'Zhen Wu, today you played the piano beautifully,' Lucy said.

Zhen Wu braked in front of Lucy's dormintory.

'Lucy, you look upset,' Zhen Wu said.

'Seeing you perform a duet with another girl made me jealous,' Lucy said.

Lucy wasn't unreasonable like Yue Ni and Nan Ma. Nan Ma made Shu Tang Jue sleep on the floor if Shu Tang Jue made her upset. Zhen Wu thought Lucy was like Zhen Zhen, it was rare for them to be upset.

Zhen Wu stroked Lucy's hair.

'I promise there won't be a next time,' Zhen Wu said.

'I love listening to you play the piano,' Lucy said. She hugged Zhen Wu. 'But in the future I want to be the only one who gets to listen to you play the piano.'

'I promise,' Zhen Wu said.

Zhen Wu wanted to do everything to make Lucy happy.

Lucy kissed Zhen Wu's cheek and waved bye to him.

'Go home safely,' Lucy said.

'OK,' Zhen Wu said.

The other female students were envious Lucy got to sit on the back seat of Zhen Wu's bicycle.

'President Lucy,' Yang Han An greeted.

'You played the violin well today,' Lucy said.

'Thank you,' Yang Han An said.

'Can I talk to you in private?' Lucy asked.

'Yes,' Yang Han An said. 'Xiao Mei, wait for me in our dorm room.'

Wu Min Mei walked into the dormitory building, and Yang Han An followed Lucy to a bench under a tree.

'I want you to stay away from Zhen Wu,' Lucy said.

'Don't you believe you're overthinking the situation?' Yang Han An asked.

'I'm a woman too,' Lucy said. 'I can see clearly how you look at Zhen Wu.'

'I admit I'm secretly in love with Zhen Wu,' Yang Han An said. 'You and Zhen Wu aren't married. I'm free to pursue Zhen Wu if I want to.'

'It's your choice,' Lucy said. 'I just don't want you to waste your time. Bye.'

Yang Han An watched Lucy leave. Yang Han An was confident she could make Zhen Wu love her and break up with Lucy.

At the Yue Mansion, Yue Ni was looking over Yang Han An's family background. Yue Ni thought Yue Gu Zai would be interested in dealing with Yang Han An. Then Yue Ni would have more time to find a cure for Hua Xi Tong's illness.


End of Chapter Eighty-One

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