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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 137: Deciding A Title As Soon As Possible

Chapter 137: Deciding A Title As Soon As Possible

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Lea’s reaction was extremely speedy. He scooped Gu Mengmeng up and locked her in his embrace, turning around in a jiffy to block all the sparks with his back.

Gu Mengmeng truly was scared to her wits. She huddled in Lea’s embrace and did not dare to move a single inch. After a long time, she then stretched out her neck to look at the situation but after moving slightly, she heard Lea call, “Mengmeng.”

“Huh?” Gu Mengmeng was quite guilty and she put her head down, resembling a child who had just made a mistake. However, she lifted her gaze up to peek at Lea’s expression.

As expected, Lea could not even maintain his smile.

He supported Gu Mengmeng’s shoulders with his arms and stared into her eyes after accommodating to her height and said, “Did you know how scared I was just now? If you’re hurt even by a little bit, it would be more painful then slitting my heart.”

Gu Mengmeng pursed her lower lip and said, “I didn’t know that the pot was that heavy…”

“Yeah?” Lea did not accept her explanation. He was rarely strict like this and did not even allow any space for discussion.

“I know my mistake.” Gu Mengmeng lowered her head, her attitude becoming pretty good.

“Where does your mistake lie at?” Lea did not intend to let her off. This female would dare to do anything if he did not educate her.

“The tree branch is too thin. I should have let Bode and the rest find a thicker one. Oh, no no, I should not even have hung the pot up. I should have built a stove instead, This way, it won’t fall at all.” The more Gu Mengmeng talked, the more she found herself reasonable. She nodded her head while saying, “Yeah, correct correct correct, I should have built a stove.”

“Gu Mengmeng.” Lea was really extremely furious. What was this female thinking in her head? Couldn’t she throw this kind of thing to a male for him to think of a solution? That pot was so heavy, if it landed on her, the consequences were so grave that he did not even want to imagine. But, she actually was thinking of building a stove now? Did she not know that she almost lost her life just now?

“Ah? Oh oh fire, Daddy Lea, don’t be angry. I really know my mistake. I won’t lift the stone pot again.” Gu Mengmeng tried to fawn him over.

“And what else?” Lea was finally soothed after getting a guarantee.

Gu Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and tilted her head to look at Lea blankly.

Lea was so angry till he clenched his teeth and really wanted to rip open her brain to see what strange things were stored inside.

But what a pity, that hand that he lifted up eventually did not bear to even hurt her a little. He just pushed the middle of her brows slightly and said, “You need to get used to relying on me. In the future, ask me to do everything and don’t involve yourself in dangerous situations or else I will be worried, you heard me?”

“Whoa whoa whoa, Daddy Lea is right, I’ll listen to Daddy Lea.” Gu Mengmeng clutched onto Lea’s arm, shaking it with her might while acting coquettishly, “Daddy Lea, don’t be angry. In the future, I will treat myself as a severely handicapped person, those kind who can’t even take care of their daily life and ask you to do everything.”

“Good girl.” Lea extremely liked the way Gu Mengmeng was acting, coquettishly and shamelessly. He did not know why but he felt that his left chest was filled to the brim. That feeling of replenishment made him feel as if he was sitting above the clouds and floating around like in a dream.

“But will you be irritated by me, if Daddy Lea hates me, what should I do?” Gu Mengmeng pouted and asked.

“If you’re worried that I would change, how about deciding my title as soon as possible? Let’s mate when your estrus ends. This way, I’ll be yours forever. If I change, the Beast Deity will take my life away for you, alright?”

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