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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 138: Why Is It Me Again?!

Chapter 138: Why Is It Me Again?!

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When Elvis carried two intestines back, Sandy had already ordered Bode and the rest to build a stove and boil some water.

Elvis was quite amazed by the boiling of water but the smell of the intestines in his hands were too strong so he did not dare to step close to Gu Mengmeng. He stood far away and said, “Xiaomeng, do you still need these things?”

Gu Mengmeng looked back and saw Elvis carrying intestines that were as thick as her arm. The bloody intestines were even dripping yellow water and the horrible stench caused Gu Mengmeng to almost vomit. But for the injured Adali, she clenched her teeth and said, “Yes, these things are very important.”

Elvis’s sense of smell was much more sensitive than Gu Mengmeng. The stench of the internal organs almost made him stop breathing but because they were what Gu Mengmeng wanted, he carried it back the whole way and suppressed the intention to throw them away. However, he was still not willing to pass these stinky things to Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng also did not have the intention to wash it on her own. She was kind but not to the extent of a Virgin Mary. Thus, she turned back and ordered Bode, “Bode, wash those bear intestines. Clean them thoroughly, both inside and outside.”

Bode slammed the table, “Why is it me again?!”

Gu Mengmeng spread her hands and said, “Because I can only remember your name.”

Bode thought to himself, “Damn it, f*** me…

He was, however, helpless. Gu Mengmeng had such a strong backing, he did not dare to offend her at all. Let alone Elvis and Lea who were already emitting a strong pressure, just Sandy that unhappy look was enough to send a chill down Bode’s spine.

He submitted to his fate and pinched his nose, walking to Elvis. He took the bear intestines from Elvis bitterly and then evolved into a leopard, darting away to the end of the stream to wash the damn things.

Elvis stared at his own hands and said, “I’ll go off for a while, be back soon.”

“Alright.” Gu Mengmeng knew that Elvis had a sharp sense of smell so the remnants of the stench on his hands must have made him fall apart. Seems like he was going to wash his hands.

Sandy inched closer to Gu Mengmeng and smiled with a profound meaning, “Gu Mengmeng is truly the First Beauty of Saint Nazaire. Even Elvis had already gotten used to reporting to you now. He has to get your permission to even wash his hands now.”

Gu Mengmeng did not know whether to cry or laugh, “You’re thinking too much, Leader is just more of a gentleman.”

Sandy made no comment and just nodded her head to sweeten Gu Mengmeng. Then, she asked, “What are we going to do now?”

Gu Mengmeng used the soil to put out the fire and waited for the water to cool to a suitable temperature. Next, she called Sandy’s partners over to help move Adali over and used a small leaf, scooped with water, to wash his wound a little by a little. Then, she scooped some more water to help wash Lea’s hands thoroughly. Until Bode came back with an unwell face, she washed the bear intestines once more with warm water and let Lea tear the bear intestines into strips with his nails so that the fish boned needle can pass through them.

When all preparations were done, Gu Mengmeng handed the fish boned needle to Lea and said, “Daddy Lea, everything’s in your hands now.”

Lea received the fish boned needle but continued staring at Gu Mengmeng intently. He did not seem like he had the intention to move on to the next step.

Gu Mengmeng thought that Lea did not know what to do, and she guided him, “Daddy Lea, don’t be nervous. Just sew the two sides of the wound to close it up, that’s all. I believe you, you can definitely do it, all the best~”

Lea’s lips twitched as he whined, “My hands will get dirty like that.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded her head and assured him, “Your hands were definitely be stained with blood, you can just wash it again.”

Lea said, “But these hands were washed by you. How can I dirty them for other males?”

Gu Mengmeng was speechless, “…”

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