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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 140: Daddy Lea Wants To Eat Me?

Chapter 140: Daddy Lea Wants To Eat Me?

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Just when Gu Mengmeng was almost prepared to close her eyes, Lea stuck out his pink tongue and gave Gu Mengmeng’s tiny nose a light lick.

That dark red blood was stained on his lips like cinnabar, seductive till she almost could not recognize it.

Lea used his index finger to swipe Gu Mengmeng’s blood off his tongue and sent it into his mouth. Then, he looked at Gu Mengmeng with mystified eyes, “Just as what I imagined, you’re… very delicious.”


Gu Mengmeng shuddered and regained composure from the crimson red romantic bubbles. She pouted while asking, “Daddy Lea, don’t tell me you want to eat me?”

Lea thought for a moment and said, “That’s a good idea.”

Gu Mengmeng lifted her tiny face and wept, “Daddy Lea, please don’t eat me.”

Lea smiled and gave her nose another lick. This time, the lick was delicate and slow. Gu Mengmeng’s entire attention was focused on the tip of her nose. She clearly felt every slight action of Lea and even clearly saw how he sucked her nose at the end.

He licked his own lips with his blood-tainted tongue while that seductive aura he was emitting stopped close to Gu Mengmeng. Lea’s thumb gently stroked across Gu Mengmeng’s lips and he didn’t even bother hiding the desire in his long eyes, “Be my partner or food… what will you choose?”

“I I I… I choose neither!” Gu Mengmeng said as she began to struggle but her weak strength was not worth to even mention in front of Lea.

Lea used one hand to hug onto Gu Mengmeng’s waist and the other to support the back of Gu Mengmeng’s head, locking her in his arms tightly. That wickedly handsome face slowly inched closer to Gu Mengmeng’s ear, and he whispered in an intimate tone, “How about, I choose it for you.”

Lea’s warm breath blew into Gu Mengmeng’s ear. The good-for-nothing female’s heart thumped. What the heck, she was at the crucial moment of life and death and she was actually being stuck in stirrings of love.

“No… no need…” Gu Mengmeng stuttered while rejecting him.

However, Lea did not have any intention to let go of her. Instead, he bent down slightly, sinking both their bodies half into the stream.

Without anyone knowing when, Lea had already carried Gu Mengmeng to a deep part of the stream. The water did not reach Lea’s chest yet but for Gu Mengmeng, her legs could not even touch the ground at all. To prevent herself from drowning, Gu Mengmeng could only wrap both her arms tightly around Lea’s neck and wept while sobbing.

Lea’s gaze turned to the Gu Mengmeng in his arms and he said in an extremely seductive tone, “It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt… after I finish eating you, we will fuse together and that way, we will never separate from each other.”

“Sobs… Daddy Lea, don’t be like that. I don’t want, don’t want!” Gu Mengmeng struggled with all her might but to no avail.

Seeing Lea baring his sharp teeth and slowly heading towards Gu Mengmeng’s slim and fair neck, Gu Mengmeng was so terrified till her face became pale and she even forgotten how to cry.

Dying in Daddy Lea’s mouth? The whole drama ends here? So, the Beast Deity brought me here from the swimming complex just to add dishes for Daddy Lea?

Sob sob sob, damn it, I must have a fake Daddy.

Gu Mengmeng was imagining all the strangest and weirdest thoughts in her mind when her neck felt a warm sensation.

It was wet and slightly painful but it was not the type of agony being pierced by teeth. This feeling was a little weird…

Gu Mengmeng used the corners of her eyes to look at Lea who was lying on the pit of her neck and tried to sound him out, “Daddy… Lea?”

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