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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 141: Got Hit On By Lea

Chapter 141: Got Hit On By Lea

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A numb sensation rose to her neck. This feeling was foreign, but Gu Mengmeng knew it definitely wasn’t that of her throat getting bitten off. She could feel her heart beating oddly in her chest, confused but not resistant, even a little… enjoyment?

After a long while, Lea finally released the grip of his mouth, gazing at the rosy mark on Gu Mengmeng’s neck, as if he was admiring a piece of art.

“That looks really nice,” Lea gently stroked the mark he burned on Gu Mengmeng’s neck.

Gu Mengmeng touched her neck softly. There was no wound. She lowered her head and looked at her neck from the reflection of the water. A wave of heat rose to her cheeks, turning them bright red.

“Daddy Lea!” Gu Mengmeng covered her neck shyly and asked furiously, “How can you casually plant strawberries on my body?”

Dismissing Gu Mengmeng, Lea pinched her face. “You look especially pretty when you are bullied to the verge of tears.”


Blood came spewing out of Gu Mengmeng’s nose. Her small hands covered the neck that held her tiny red-hot face, puffing hard yet unable to retort.

She got hit on. Gu Mengmeng knew deep in her heart that she definitely got hit on by Lea.

“Your delicious looking expression, how about you show only for my eyes to see?” Lea said as he held Gu Mengmeng’s wrist softly, slowly pulling her tiny hands toward his chest. His gaze swept across the sky with melancholy. Every word from those thin lips opened up her heart like a cockle shell that has been softly touched by the warmth of a hand. A strange excitement traveled down that gentle yet sensitive nerve, heating up Gu Mengmeng’s body from the inside and causing her face to become burning hot. She did not care about the hickey on her neck and used her only mobile hand to pat water on her burning face, in attempts to cool it down.

Under the rays of the sun and through the refraction of the water, Lea’s smile seemed so unreal. It was beautiful like poppies in paradise, producing a fatal attraction.

Once again, Lea’s lips slowly inched towards Gu Mengmeng’s. This time… landing steadily right on hers.

Neither being invasive nor moving away, he only positioned his lips on hers, to convey how much he treasured and adored her.

After a long while, Lea slowly moved his lips away. He proceeded to ask, full of ambiguity, “Since I kissed you without permission, should I apologize, or should I confess?”

Gu Mengmeng’s heart stopped for a moment. Why did this sentence sound so familiar?

After going blank for some time, she finally recalled that it was a quote that she had previously read to Sandy from “Descendants of the Sun”, but because Elvis forcibly acted out a Qiongyao Opera, shipping her with Yoo Sijin, so she only told the story until that part.

Gu Mengmeng pouted, slightly displeased that Lea even had to plagiarize others’ confessions, not willing to think of one himself. She mumbled, “What are you doing trying to copying him?”

Lea lightly held the back of Gu Mengmeng’s head and kissed her forehead, then replied, “I am willing to copy anything as long as that is what you like. Even if it is having to annihilate myself to become someone else’s shadow in your eyes… I am willing to do it.”

Her heart was jabbed ruthlessly.

Gu Mengmeng felt immense guilt for her previous displeasure. Her hand that was placed at Lea’s heart was not released throughout. She strategically laid on Lea’s chest, placing the side of her face at his bare chest, listening to the sound of his strong and forceful heartbeat. Beating once… twice…

Getting into a relationship is too much, Gu Mengmeng asked herself and came to a conclusion that she was unable to make such a commitment.

But perhaps, dating sounds… not too bad.

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