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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 142: Just Confess

Chapter 142: Just Confess

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“Just confess,” Gu Mengmeng whispered, her cheeks flushed.

The corners of Lea’s lips curved upward as if he had settled something in his heart, that later spread throughout his body.

Changing his position, he used his forearm to support Gu Mengmeng’s backside, carrying her like one would carry a child. He used his other hand to lift her chin up, with a gaze that could drown her, “I swear to the Beast Deity under my name that I will dedicate my loyalty to you in this lifetime. From today onwards, only you are my God, my life, my everything.”

Gu Mengmeng felt all the blood in her body rush to her head, making her face extremely hot.

She puckered her lips that were dry from the heat, replying hesitantly, “I mean, I am willing to date you… but I am not ready to mate.”

Gu Mengmeng had already explained her concept of love to Lea a long time ago, and Lea had kept in mind what she mentioned about the process of love. He was already very satisfied to be able to transition from “friends” to “lovers” in such a short period of time.

No matter how much he wanted to mate with Gu Mengmeng, being the one rightfully hers, he had to first respect her feelings. He did not wish to force her.

How could he aggrieve his woman?

“Tell me, what kind of relationship… is dating?” Lea inched toward Gu Mengmeng’s lips slowly, stopping a finger’s length away. Using a husky tone, he asked, “Is it a relationship where when I want to kiss you, I can kiss you?”

Gu Mengmeng knew deep in her heart the consequence if she had nodded at that moment. Her heart beating fast, she replied with a shy and expectant “Hmm”.

Lea lifted her little chin, softly directing her lips into his mouth.

This time, Lea’s tongue skillfully entered Gu Mengmeng’s mouth, wantonly and greedily tasting its sweetness.

Lea only released his grip on her reluctantly when she was almost about to suffocate.

Both their gazes were dreamy, and Lea clearly felt the strong beating in the left side of his chest. He knew exactly what that familiar yet unfamiliar feeling meant. Though he could not express it clearly, but once again, he was absolutely sure that he was unable to let go of a female like Gu Mengmeng in this lifetime.

After all, a cooler season was coming, and the stream was still somewhat cold. Lea was afraid that Gu Mengmeng would catch a cold, hence they did not soak in the water for too long. He did not know where he had lost the beast skin dress when he transformed, nor did he want to look for it. He simply carried her ashore, because he knew clearly that Elvis had caught up with him, and he had clean clothes for Gu Mengmeng to change into.

In other words, Elvis definitely saw everything that just happened.

Lea and Elvis had both hoped that they could successfully minimize Gu Mengmeng’s interest in Yoo Sijin before he arrived, or even to replace him. This was a common opinion and need not be discussed with words as they had such a tacit understanding. That was also why Elvis did not appear, despite having arrived nearby.

However, this did not represent that Elvis could tolerate Lea threatening his position as the first partner, and Lea did not actually mean to do so. So, Lea decided to bring Gu Mengmeng to Elvis, firstly to take clean clothes for her to change into, preventing her from catching a cold, and secondly to use that opportunity to give Elvis an explanation.

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