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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: Just Call Me Daddy

Chapter 143: Just Call Me Daddy

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But Lea’s idea caused Gu Mengmeng to struggle, damn he was naked!

She didn’t think much when they were in the water, but now that they are out…

The image was too vivid, and Gu Mengmeng’s nosebleed was about to be uncontrollable.

“Daddy Lea!” Gu Mengmeng grabbed onto Lea’s neck, stopping him from continuing to go ashore like stepping on an emergency brake.

Lea stopped in his steps, smiling lovingly, “You’re still going to call me ‘Daddy Lea’?”

Gu Mengmeng was tongue-tied, damn, feeling more embarrassed than before that she called her boyfriend Daddy.

“What kind of nicknames should there be between lovers?” While Lea asked that question sincerely, it sounded as if he was asking the obvious to Gu Mengmeng.

The redness in Gu Mengmeng’s face did not fade throughout. Resisting the surge of emotions, she asked shyly, “Then… then what do I call you? Lele? Or Yaya?”

Lea clearly did not like any of the nicknames he heard, so he shook his head and replied, “Just call me Daddy, it sounds much nicer.”


Gu Mengmeng could feel deeply that Lea was just trying to tease her.

However, Gu Mengmeng just could not get angry to Lea’s face, and could only lightly punched his chest bashfully to express her anger. She might as well just call Lea by his name, instead of using any other title.

“Lea, do you really decide to just go back like this?” Gu Mengmeng’s tiny eyes peeked downwards. Since Lea is now her boyfriend, she thought that sneaking a peek… should not be too much.

Lea followed her line of sight, looking down at his lower body that has been half-hidden in the water, asking sincerely, “What about it?”

“Your… your body will be bare for everyone to see.” Gu Mengmeng thought she still overestimated her psychological endurance. Usually, she dared to say anything when she was joking around, but when the real thing is right in front of her eyes, for the first time, she only peeked once before quickly looking away. Even if it meant that she didn’t see anything carefully, Gu Mengmeng still felt her heart rising to her throat.

Trying to understand what Gu Mengmeng was saying, Lea thought for a moment. However, he really could think of what was the issue. Didn’t everyone… walk around like this?

Gu Mengmeng instantly felt embarrassed when she saw the 3 words “Do Not Understand” evidently plastered across Lea’s face. She thought to herself, did this Beast Deity not care about anything else besides whether couples are getting a divorce? Did he not grasp even the basic morals?

A thought remains a thought, Gu Mengmeng did not care to diss the beast’s Community Aunt style, only thinking of how she did not want to let random person see a fully naked image of her boyfriend. So she thought for a moment and begun to feign wanting to remove her clothes. She slowly unfastened her clothes while saying, “There are fish scales all over my clothes, making them smell fishy. Now that they are too wet and uncomfortable to wear, I will just remove them and we can run back to Sandy’s both wearing nothing together, free for the tribe to see us bare and naked.”

Lea smiled and pinched Gu Mengmeng’s nose, “Elvis is already waiting for us with clean clothes. With me and him spreading our powers together, even the nearest mosquitoes dare not come near us. After you get changed, we will go to Sandy’s together, then nobody will see us naked.”

Gu Mengmeng held her forehead, could anyone feel her damn desperation? Although it is not puppy love, but sharing your first damn kiss with your boyfriend and having your mom carrying clothes a distance away, waiting for you to change into…

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