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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 144: I Have Always Been Here

Chapter 144: I Have Always Been Here

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As Lea was speaking, Elvis walked out from the shade of the trees.

Gu Mengmeng lowered her head like a child that had done something wrong, not daring to look into Elvis’ eyes.

She already knew that it was a misunderstanding with regard to whether Elvis was going to be her godmother. Yet, why was she still afraid to face him?

Gu Mengmeng did not wish to think into it, neither did she dare to, and could only look down while wringing her fingers.

“Change your clothes, wearing wet ones can make you sick easily.” Elvis stretched out his hands and took Gu Mengmeng out of Lea’s arms, then said to him, “Come out once you’ve transformed back to your original form, she does not want others to see you like this.”

Lea nodded without question, transforming into a fox and shook off the water on his body. His fur instantly fluffed up, without a trace of being in a sorry plight like a drowned rat. It was as if it took him a second to be blown into place by a blow-dryer.

Sure enough, God treats different people differently after all. Gu Mengmeng recalled how long she would usually have to blow her hair dry, deeply feeling the biasness of God..

But, her boyfriend is truly good-looking. As a human or a beast, he has an attraction that makes you not want to take your eyes off him.

Elvis carried Gu Mengmeng to find a place to shelter from the wind, then started to remove her clothes.

Gu Mengmeng covered her chest, “It’s fine it’s fine, I can change by myself.”

Elvis stared at Gu Mengmeng with a distant gaze for a long while, his hands in mid-air. He finally slowly put down his hands, turning around desolately, “I will look out for you over there. Call me when you need help.”

“Oh, alright.” Gu Mengmeng felt a little guilty as she was the one who had flirted with Elvis, not knowing what was going on. From the moment they first met by the lake, everything she had done was sufficient for him to misunderstand. Although she did not mean it, now that she knew the concept of love in the beast world was different from that of her own, she had no reason to continue misleading him.

Moreover, since she had already decided to date Lea, she could no longer give Elvis any meaningless hope.

Then, Gu Mengmeng yelled while changing into her dress, “Elvis, are you still there?”

“I have always been here.” Elvis replied.

Gu Mengmeng: “Lea confessed to me, and I agreed to date him.”

Elvis gave a long pause, before slowly acknowledging with a “Hmm”.

Gu Mengmeng: “Back at where we lived, a female can only be together with a male. Since I have agreed to date Lea, I will not have any other lover…”

Elvis’ voice remained soft, as if he did not care. He then carefully asked: “Then… what about Yoo Sijin?”

Gu Mengmeng smiled while shaking her head helplessly: “Is that joke still not over? I thought I have already told you guys, that is only a story, there is no such person. Even if there is, his female is Kang Moyeon, not Gu Mengmeng.”

Silence, another long silence.

It was only until Gu Mengmeng almost thought that Elvis was gone when he asked, “Then… what about me?”

This time round, it was Gu Mengmeng’s turn to not know what to do. Her hand that was tying her shoulder strap suddenly halted, not knowing how to answer to that.

It was as if time stopped at that moment, as Elvis’”What about me?” replayed endlessly in her head. It was merely a simple sentence formed by 3 words, yet… she did not know how to reply.

Elvis turned around and walked over from behind the rock, taking the straps from Gu Mengmeng’s hands and tying them up for her while saying “Since you are now at Saint Nazaire, you only have to follow the rules here.”

Gu Mengmeng still did not say anything, only looking up at Elvis’ back lit face.

Elvis’ facial features were shrouded in the sun, unable to be deciphered, and Gu Mengmeng could not guess what kind of expression he had. She could only hear him say: “But you will set the rules here.”

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