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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 145: My Lea

Chapter 145: My Lea

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Elvis did not wait for Gu Mengmeng to reply further, only carrying Gu Mengmeng, who had worn all her clothes properly, in one arm while using his other arm to carry her dirty clothes.

These were supposed to be thrown away, but… she said to wash and wear them again, and he had agreed to her request.

Lea had transformed into a snow fox as promised, laying on the ground waiting for them in the distance.

He had heard Gu Mengmeng and Elvis’ conversation. The slight joy in his heart was undeniable.

The only, far away phrase, but Gu Mengmeng said she would… give to him?

Which male can resist such a temptation in the beast world? Yet, Lea clearly knew deep down that he alone was unable to protect Gu Mengmeng. When the day comes that her identity becomes exposed, the beast world would become a mess. Then, how would he fight others while protecting her at the same time?

Lea felt sufficiently satisfied that Gu Mengmeng had said that, even if she could not fulfill her words.

“Just let Lea carry me on his back.” Gu Mengmeng was slightly awkward, not knowing how to face Elvis.

It was obvious that Elvis’s spine froze, yet he did not say much, only placing Gu Mengmeng on Lea’s back. Then he told them: “You guys go over to Sandy’s first. I will dig a hole for Mengmeng to deposit her old clothes. I will fetch the both of you later.”

Lea replied Elvis something in the beast language that Gu Mengmeng could not understand. However, Elvis smiled bitterly while nodding, before turning around to take his leave.

When Lea and Gu Mengmeng returned to Sandy’s hole, Adali woke up miraculously. His wounds had yet to heal, but he evidently looked so much better. Unless it was the momentary recovery of consciousness prior to death, he definitely will not die.

Upon seeing Gu Mengmeng return, Sandy immediately came to greet her, holding her tiny hands: “Gu Mengmeng, you’re too magical. Look, Adali is looking so much better. This way, he would be able to recover in no time!”

Gu Mengmeng smiled, slightly embarrassed: “I merely spoke, it’s all thanks to Lea.”

Sandy did not think so, and went looking for Bode for a piece of beast skin to wrap around Lea’s waist, lowering her voice saying: “Lea has never treated an injury like this, the idea was obviously yours. So, it is all thanks to you that Adali could survive.”

Gu Mengmeng copied Sandy, lowering her own voice, whispering: “Why are we speaking so softly?”

Sandy gave Gu Mengmeng a look like she was stupid: “If Lea hears this, I’m dead.”

Gu Mengmeng retorted innocently: “He can hear you even if you speak like this.”

Sandy paused for a moment and looked at Lea with a full face of fear, biting her lower lip, unable to say anything. She then violently pulled Gu Mengmeng: “Gu Mengmeng, tell Lea to not be angry.”

Gu Mengmeng laughed: “My Lea is definitely not so petty.”

Sandy and Lea both stopped in their tracks.

My Lea…?

These two words were evidently sufficient in dismissing any signs of anger in Lea. After all, Sandy was still Gu Mengmeng’s good friend, and Lea would not have a dispute with her. It was like how no matter how much Gu Mengmeng ordered Bode around, Bode would not flare up at her regardless of how unwilling he was. It was loving someone else on the account of another.

As compared to Lea being mild on the outside and wild on the inside, Sandy’s attitude was more difficult to endure. She suddenly raised her voice, asking with a surprised expression: “Gu Mengmeng, do you mean that you’re going to mate with Lea? This means that you will always stay in Saint Nazaire? Even if Yoo Sijin comes to find you, you wouldn’t leave with him, would you?”

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