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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 146: If Not Now, Then When?

Chapter 146: If Not Now, Then When?

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Gu Mengmeng really did not want to continue with this Yoo Sijin joke anymore.

She sneaked a peek at Adali lying at the side, and he looked a lot better than before. Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help but admire the recovery ability of the crazy male beast. Pulling through a critical condition with as little effort as taking a damn bath?

But after all, if she were to care too much about others’ maleness, it would easily cause misunderstandings. Besides…

Gu Mengmeng’s face turned red, subconsciously glancing at Lea, meeting right with his long, narrow and amorous eyes.

She smiled and looked away, but her heart was still filled with sweetness.

Pulling onto Sandy’s arm, Gu Mengmeng replied: “No, no I’m not leaving, I can’t bear to part with my baby Sandy.”

Sandy hugged Gu Mengmeng’s waist, her tiny face rubbing on her chest and her furry ears tickling Gu Mengmeng’s chin, causing her to giggle uncontrollably.

“Alright alright, I see you probably weren’t full from the meal just now. I brought the pot to make you guys another meal.”

“Really?!” Sandy’s gluttony side once again showed itself once Adali’s condition stabilized.

Gu Mengmeng pointed at the stone pot and said, “Look, the person eating the meal has already brought over the cooking materials, how could I lie to you?”

Sandy nodded hurriedly, her eyes lighting up upon seeing the stone pot.

Forgive Sandy for not having seen much of the world. In her eyes, this pot has already been endowed with the title “Light of Artifacts”.

Gu Mengmeng was efficient and not soft-handed when commanding Bode. Bode was responsible for tasks such as collecting firewood to boiling water, while she squatted at the side handling the fish. Since she wanted to roast them for Sandy, Bode had already gotten rid of its scales and organs. Gu Mengmeng only had to use a sharp piece of stone to carve the fish, roughly cutting it into several large pieces. Then, she smashed the ginger that Lea had handed her, trying her best to chop them up.

Once the water in the pot was boiled, Gu Mengmeng handed the whole big fish bone, fish head and pot to Bode for him to stir continuously while she sat aside to chat with Sandy.

“What about me? What should I do?” Lea came over, seemingly dissatisfied that Gu Mengmeng had thrown him aside once she saw Sandy.

When did Gu Mengmeng ignore him? No one knew how many times her big eyes had peeked at him. She would have been more intimate with him if not for the other people who were around.

But since Lea presented himself to her, wouldn’t it come off too oblivious if she weren’t a little mushy?

At this thought, Gu Mengmeng wiggled herself into Lea’s arms on her own accord, leaning on his chest, “Of course you should accompany me.”

Lea smiled with a gentle gaze, “Alright.”

Lea took the initiative to wrap Gu Mengmeng up with his huge tail. He did not seem to mind that his tail had become her mobile sofa. He only knew that his Mengmeng was in estrus, and he definitely would not let her sit on the cold floor.

Gu Mengmeng had always been fond of Lea’s tail. Now, it is even more justifiable to stroke it. If not now, then when?

Sandy, who was watching from the side, could sense the slight change in atmosphere between Gu Mengmeng and Lea, as slow as she was. She could finally heave a sigh of relief. If this is so… Gu Mengmeng will always stay in Saint Nazaire, right? They can then always remain good friends, right?

At this thought, Sandy backed off to make some space for Lea and Gu Mengmeng while she went off to watch Bode cook the fish soup.

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