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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 148: Lea, What Are You Going to Do?

Chapter 148: Lea, What Are You Going to Do?

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Gu Mengmeng had almost dashed to Nina when she was lifted by the waist.

Gu Mengmeng instinctively thought it was Elvis, she turned back and was ready to complain when she met eyes with Lea’s smiling face.

Gu Mengmeng said, “Lea, why did you start lifting me up too?”

But Lea just tapped on her little nose sulkily. Looking at Gu Mengmeng swaying back and forth in his hands like a cub, unconvincingly held his hand and tried to bite into it, but was reluctant to use force, he asked, “What did you promise me?”

Gu Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and shook her head honestly, completely forgotten what she had said moments before.

Pointing at the stone pot that was boiling water, Lea raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Mengmeng with narrowed eyes, as though considering the ways to punish this little bastard that would immediately forget whatever she said afterwards.

Gu Mengmeng followed Lea’s finger and stared at the stone pot. It was after a while before she remembered that she had casually made promises to Lea when the stone pot was dropping just now, things like ‘In the future, I will treat myself as a severely handicapped person, those kind who can’t even take care of their daily life and ask you to do everything’.

Blushing, Gu Mengmeng cleared her throat and swung into Lea’s arms, giving him a full embrace.

Lea caught her steadily and waited for Gu Mengmeng to command him on female-related matters with smiling eyes.

Gu Mengmeng held her head high under Lea’s encouraging and anticipated look, she pointed to Nina and said, “Lea, help me punish her, will you?”

“As you wish.”

Lea’s smile bloomed across his face visibly like a blossoming poppy, his voice was as rich as the fluent melody played by a cello and the four simple words had made Gu Mengmeng’s maiden heart explode compared to any other time. Feeling like a cub waiting to be fed, Gu Mengmeng wished she could hold the fanboards and shout, “Lea is so handsome, boyfriend vibe to the max!”

Lea put Gu Mengmeng beside Sandy, he felt that Sandy’s side was her favorite place other than his arms.

After settling down the fan-girl Gu Mengmeng, Lea turned to faced Nina. Although he was smiling, Nina sensed a shiver down her spine, even more chilly than the time Elvis had held her neck. She moved two steps back and stuttered, “Le… Lea, what are you going to do? I am Saint Nazaire’s precious female.”

“Indeed, you are Saint Nazaire’s precious female,” Lea said slowly, like a narrator stating facts in an organized manner. “But, Mengmeng is my female. To me, she is a million times more precious than you.”

After that, Lea’s nails grew out one by one, Gu Mengmeng could sensed the murderous intentions just by looking at him from behind, not to mention Nina whom was directly facing him. Nina’s legs were like jelly and she fell to the ground like a worthless piece of garbage, she did not even have the strength to run away.

This time, Gu Mengmeng did not stop Lea. One reason was that she believed Lea know when to stop and he would never really take Nina’s life no matter how scary he looked, the second was that Adali had almost lost his life with serious injuries, if Nina was not given a harsh lesson, Gu Mengmeng felt like she might not be able to face Sandy in the future. After all, she was involved in this.

As for the third reason…

Gu Mengmeng glanced at the males whom were getting restless at the boundaries of Sandy’s home. The moment Lea had started to launch the attack, the males could not resist their prehistoric strength and dashed in, blocking in front of Nina.

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