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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1097: Gu Mengmeng Pestering Lea for Children

Chapter 1097: Gu Mengmeng Pestering Lea for Children

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After they were back at Saint Nazaire, Gu Mengmeng distributed the lotuses equally among the females and omnivorous beasts in the tribe.

Gu Mengmeng took two shares for herself and Lea, although it was not a lot, it was a side dish more than the previous years. Gu Mengmeng was really going crazy eating stew meat with potato and sweet potato meat paste everyday.

Elvis was seldom at home these days, he would leave the house early in the morning and return late at night, busy hunting and storing food.

He could not help with the vegetables, so he had to do his best to satisfy Gu Mengmeng in terms of meat. Hence, quantity and quality were not his only requirements, he had an almost psychotic pursue for the species. As though he was collecting stamps, he looked as if he wanted to store all kinds of species as food for Gu Mengmeng.

Meanwhile, Lea was in charge of staying at home, accompanying Gu Mengmeng while preserving the preys Elvis had brought back.

Supposedly, this was what Lea liked doing the most, but now…

Lea was supporting her face with both of her hands as she tilted her head and looked at Lea whom was preserving the meat. Occasionally, she would sticked out her fingers to poke Lea’s chest as she giggled to herself.

“Mengmeng,” Lea called out exasperatingly.

Gu Mengmeng smiled, there were rays of sunlight being reflected in her bright eyes as she looked at Lea and asked, “How long is the pregnancy period for foxes? If we try harder during this winter, would we have a nest of foxes when spring comes next year?”

It was the children topic again…

Gu Mengmeng never pester Elvis for children since he had four sons already, it was like he had managed to escape this trial to some extent.

Lea had originally thought that she would forget about this after a few days, but she would seize the chance to pester him about fox cubs whenever they were alone.

He dared not to go strongly against the idea, as she would looked at him with teary eyes and asked whether the reason was him not liking her.

God knows how much he wanted a nest of their own children, but the memory of the torture she suffered during labor the last time was engraved in his head, although she had forgotten.

That day, his whole body was shaking, it was as though there was a dead knot of thorns around his heart, every breath he took had led to an excruciating pain on his heart.

She was still not his partner that time, but he had felt the pain to that extent.

Now, he was even more unwilling to let her suffer a single bit.

Only if giving birth was something a male could do for her, he would definitely satisfy her desire of wanting a nest of foxes with his life.

But this was the one thing that he could not take the pain for her.

“Hey, Lea, are you really planning on not touching me for your entire life?” Gu Mengmeng bent forward, rested her small hand onto Lea’s shoulders and leaned on Lea’s back. Her mouth opened and closed near to Lea’s ears, “When the snow seals off the mountain during the winter, the entire cave will be sealed tightly. If I want to do it… the Fox Seductive Fragrance will be filled in the entire cave and will not disappear, are you sure… you can take that?”

“I am not.” Lea ground his teeth in frustration. Did he even need the Fox Seductive Fragrance? With her leaning against him now, he felt like his heart was burning in flames and could barely resist the urge to pounce on her and bully her.

Gu Mengmeng bit onto Lea’s earlobes and said, “Then promise me a nest of foxes so that you don’t have to resist your urge, alright?”

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