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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1103: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

Chapter 1103: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

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Chuckling, Snakel asked, “What kind of dog do you want?”

Gu Mengmeng pondered for a moment and replied, “Well… The obedient and beautiful ones like golden retrievers or samoyed, it would look cool to bring them around for a walk.”

Snakel made Gu Mengmeng stand up and face him by supporting her waist, he then smiled and said, “I have a better suggestion.”

“Yes?” Gu Mengmeng was curious.

Snakel pulled out his tie and stuffed it into Gu Mengmeng’s hand, before standing up. He supported himself with both hands on the office table next to Gu Mengmeng as his upper body leaning inwards to draw Gu Mengmeng nearer under his chest. His lips went closed to her ears as he said, “I will be your dog, listen to your order and let you look at me however you want.”

Gu Mengmeng’s face was bright red, she tightened her grip on Snakel’s tie instinctively and pulled. Snakel took the opportunity to fall on Gu Mengmeng and pressed her against the office table. The smile on his lips spread to his eyes as he said jokingly, “Besides, walking me will definitely be cooling than walking a golden retriever or a samoyed. Don’t you agree, my girlfriend?”

“You… Get up from me first…” Their position was so intimate that Gu Mengmeng felt breathless.

But Snakel pursed his lips and seemed to be deep in thoughts. After a moment of pondering, he then said, “You have to give some rewards if you want your pets to obey to you, am I right?”

“What… What rewards?” Gu Mengmeng whispered.

Snakel kissed Gu Mengmeng on the lips lightly and said, “Rub my head and say ‘My Snakel is so obedient’.”

Gu Mengmeng blushed and felt like her nose was bleeding from Snakel’s cuteness.

Raising her hand, Gu Mengmeng rubbed the top of Snakel’s head lightly and said softly, “Well… My… My Snakel is so obedient…”

Snakel pecked on Gu Mengmeng’s lips again in satisfaction, before finally standing up straight.

Snakel was smiling the whole time, he had been jealous of how Lea staying in Gu Mengmeng’s arms while she helped him brushed his fur. Now that he had finally experience it too… Well, it was a really good feeling.

It was no wonder that the fox did not mind others calling him a beast pet at all.

If being a pet could be rewarded with such gentleness from her, there was no difference being a dog or a snake to Snakel.

Knock knock knock, there was someone knocking at the door.

Gu Mengmeng hurriedly stood up properly and helped Snakel adjusted his suit and tie.

However, there was a crease on Snakel’s suit from her pressing on him just now and could not be straightened after a few tries.

But Snakel did not mind it and said directly, “Come in.”

Gu Mengmeng took a step back instinctively, but was stopped by Snakel as he hugged her from the chest. Snakel looked down in her eyes and said, “Continue adjusting, don’t push me away.”

The secretary who had come in to report felt the pain from their public display of affection, but being experienced in adapting new situations, he had quickly regain his composure after being stunned for two seconds. He said, “CEO, you have a meeting in five minutes, the senior executives are already waiting for you in the conference room.”

Snakel did not reply, he put up two fingers signaling for the secretary to get out, meaning that he had understood.

The secretary, being used to Snakel’s simple and straightforward way, bowed respectfully and said, “CEO, madam, I shall leave first, I will be there if you need anything.”

Snakel smiled, seeing how Gu Mengmeng was stunned for a moment because of the ‘madam’ and staring straight at him with her watery eyes pleased him. He decided to give the secretary a pay raise!

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