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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1116: Good Girl, Let Me Stick Close To You For A Bit.

Chapter 1116: Good Girl, Let Me Stick Close To You For A Bit.

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Mandy dashed off before Gu Mengmeng could stop her.

Shaking her head in exasperation, Gu Mengmeng had no choice but to let her leave.

After Mandy’s little scene, Gu Mengmeng’s slight unease at being alone faded away.

After clearing the bowls and chopsticks, Gu Mengmeng returned to the cave to retrieve two pieces of snake skin, which Wabei had brought for her to make her clothes with.

But the snake skin she was wearing belonged to Snakel and she didn’t want to take them off. Hence, those two pieces of snake skin had been left idle.

They would come to good use now.

The wooden barrels which Fei Rui had helped Gu Mengmeng to wash were already completely dry. Gu Mengmeng covered the snake skin loosely over the wooden barrel to act as a sieve. She then pried open the seal of the stone basins, and used a large stone bowl to scoop the fermented mashed grapes onto the snake skin. After letting the juice drain off into the barrel, she set the leftover pulp to the side.

Gu Mengmeng slowly emptied the nine large stone basins. By the time she progressed to the third basin, Elvis and Lea had already returned.

The two of them appeared shocked the moment they stepped into the cave.

Elvis went forward to carry Gu Mengmeng while Lea immediately took over the stone bowl from her hands.

“Why didn’t you wait until we were back to let us do this?” Lea asked as he copied Gu Mengmeng’s way of scooping the mashed grapes onto the snake skin to filter into the wooden barrel.

Elvis placed Gu Mengmeng’s little hand into his mouth to lick the sticky juices off.

Gu Mengmeng giggled from the ticklish feeling. “I was bored alone at home anyway, and so found some things to do to pass the time. Ai… I will go wash my hands.”

But Elvis refused to let go. His arm around Gu Mengmeng’s waist tightened. “I can lick your hands cleaner than any washing.”

Gu Mengmeng stared at Elvis. “Stop fooling around…”

Elvis gently nibbled Gu Mengmeng’s fingertips. “I have not seen you an entire afternoon. Good girl, let me stick close to you for a bit.”

“Dirty.” Gu Mengmeng blushed.

Elvis just laughed and kissed Gu Mengmeng on the cheek. “My Xiao Meng is so tasty, how can she be dirty?”

With that, he once again placed Gu Mengmeng’s grape juice-stained fingers into his mouth. He breathed and sucked, all the while gazing intensely at Gu Mengmeng’s face, until she blushed a deep red.

Elvis seemed to be addicted to this feeling of teasing her until she was bashful and helpless. He sucked in an even more exaggerated manner, the end result of which looked like some R-rated film.

Gu Mengmeng pulled back her hand urgently, as she continued to blush uncontrollably.

She didn’t dare to look at Elvis again but turned her attention to Lea. “Mandy came over to have breakfast with me, and said that you went to find Ian to discuss about the Love of the Sky?”

Lea nodded. “Mmm, I was trying my luck and got lucky… he definitely knows something.”

Gu Mengmeng asked, “But he doesn’t want to talk about it?”

Lea nodded. “Mmm.” He then saw that the wooden barrel was now filled to the brim with grape juice and so removed the snake skin before using the sealing cap that Gu Mengmeng had prepared earlier to cover the barrel. He moved the finished barrel to the side along with the other two sealed barrels. “Let’s have lunch first. I will finish up with this after.”

“Actually I can do it…”

Lea kissed Gu Mengmeng’s hand. “As long as your males are still alive, how can we bear to let your two lovely hands perform such rough work? Be a good girl and don’t make our hearts ache, mmm?”

Exasperated, Gu Mengmeng could only mutter, “Because of you two, I will become a useless bum soon.”

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