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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1124: Lea’s Test

Chapter 1124: Lea’s Test

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“By the way, excluding myself, our tribe has 17 females. Apart from Maya, who is a half-beast, the rest are all complete females.” Gu Mengmeng smilingly held up Mandy’s arm as she said this. “Here, this is Mandy, a female leopard. I personally crowned her the First Beauty of the Beast World last year. If you wish to take on a partner, why don’t you consider pursuing Mandy?”

Gu Mengmeng felt slightly abashed at her own words. Why did she sound like some pimp…

Mandy shot Gu Mengmeng a shy look before speaking up. “I promised Ian that this year, I will accept only him. If you wish to woo me… you must wait till at least next year.”

Joshua smiled at Mandy. “Very pleased to meet you, Mandy.”

Having greeted her, Joshua turned his attention back to Gu Mengmeng. “I will go through the test to join the tribe. No matter what the test is, I am willing to take it. I must join Saint Nazaire.”

“Joining Saint Nazaire as a witch doctor? Alright, I welcome you.” Lea had hurried over the moment he heard that Joshua had come to see Gu Mengmeng. He had arrived just as that idiot confessed his feelings to Gu Mengmeng, but had kept hidden as he wished to hear her reject him personally. In the end, that idiot still clung on so stubbornly even though Mengmeng had already made clear her stand.

Lea patted Joshua gently on the shoulder. “Witch doctors will be assessed in our own way. I have just smeared four different medicines on your shoulder. Before this time tomorrow, gather all four of them and I will consider you as having passed the test. I will welcome you on behalf of Saint Nazaire then. But if you fail… ha, you must go back to where you came from and never again appear before me.”

Joshua tilted his head to sniff at the smells on his shoulder.

The four scents… mmm, the number was correct.

But these four smells were particularly mild and not easy to discern.

Nevertheless, Joshua was still determined to accept this challenge in order to join Saint Nazaire.

Assessing him in his capacity as a witch doctor—Lea’s test was not particularly stringent.

“Alright.” Joshua agreed before turning around to start searching for the medicines which held those scents.

After Joshua left, Gu Mengmeng leaned against Lea’s shoulder. She asked, “What did you smear on his shoulder? Are you sure he will never find them?”

Lea chuckled. “Don’t worry. I will never allow a fly to buzz around you.”

Gu Mengmeng laughed before asking, “Didn’t you say you have a lot of things to settle? Why have you returned so soon?”

Lea hugged Gu Mengmeng. “I came back to swat flies.”

Gu Mengmeng said, “It’s just Joshua. I can handle him on my own.”

Lea replied, “If you handle everything on your own, what do you still need Elvis and I for?”

Gu Mengmeng was speechless. She could only wrap her arms around Lea’s neck and gently lean into his chest, allowing him to carry her back to their cave.

Mandy followed for a couple of steps before suddenly turning and scurrying off after Lea shot her a warning glare.

Lea sighed. His Mengmeng was too wonderful. Even females loved her, what could he do?

He had finally chased off one Sandy, and now a Mandy was sticking so close to her. Was it that anyone with a “dy” in their names would hold special feelings for his Mengmeng?

Tsk, it was apparent that he and Elvis could not leave Gu Mengmeng on her own. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Lea gnashed his teeth as he pinched Gu Mengmeng’s little face. “I really wish I could put you in my pocket and bring you everywhere with me. Only then can I rest easy.”

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