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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1125: I Have Masochistic Tendencies, And Only For You.

Chapter 1125: I Have Masochistic Tendencies, And Only For You.

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Lea didn’t tell Gu Mengmeng what four medicines he had smeared on Joshua’s shoulder and she didn’t ask.

Gu Mengmeng had no special feelings for Joshua and didn’t wish to give him false hopes.

Don’t ask don’t tell was the most heartless but most appropriate way to handle this.

There were actually many things that needed settling in the tribe. Especially after deciding that they would head to the Motou mountain range during the monsoon season, there were even more things that Lea had to plan for.

Everything he was doing was for Gu Mengmeng. But if he ended up neglecting Mengmeng because of those things, wouldn’t that be putting the cart before the horse?

In his eyes, nothing was more important than Gu Mengmeng.

Therefore, since he was already back, Lea had no intention of heading out again. He sat right at the entrance and started curing meats like the males in the other households.

After all, Gu Mengmeng would have to perform this task if he didn’t. Elvis was such a terrible cook that he had been banned from having anything to do with food. And Lea could not bear to let Gu Mengmeng’s delicate hands turn rough from handling the salt crystals.

Gu Mengmeng automatically stood behind Lea and started massaging his shoulders as she watched him prepare the food. She asked, “With so many things going on this period, aren’t you tired out?”

Lea was enjoying Gu Mengmeng’s massage a lot. He smiled. “The most tiresome thing is that I am unable to see you the entire day. I have to hold back the impulse to just cast everything aside and rush back. It is so tough having to endure that impulse. But winter is quickly approaching. By then, I will have nothing to do and can just watch you all day every day.”

Gu Mengmeng wrapped her arms around Lea’s shoulders from behind. She rested her chin on his collarbone. “In just the blink of an eye, this is our third winter together.”

Lea shook his head. “The first.”

“Mmm?” Gu Mengmeng didn’t understand.

Lea explained. “The first year, you and Elvis were partners while I was an outsider… the second year, you hovered over Chixuan the entire winter, such that Elvis and I became the outsiders… this year, you need to focus all your attentions on us. After all, this the first official winter for our family of three.”

Gu Mengmeng chuckled. “Alright. We will stay inside the cave the whole winter. I will accompany you two properly.”

Lea nodded. “Elvis and I have already expanded the inner section of the cave. We will move the stone table inside. The storage section has also been expanded—it will be more convenient for you to throw potatoes at us then. We have also spread a fresh layer of soft, loose earth over the ground—so that you will not hurt yourself even if you trip over when chasing after us.”

Gu Mengmeng was momentarily stunned. “Why will I throw potatoes at you two?”

Lea glanced askance at her with a trace of disappointment. “You are not throwing things this year?”

Gu Mengmeng blinked. She stared at Lea in confusion.

Lea sighed. “I was so envious that time… I thought I will finally get the chance this year for you to throw things at me.”

That time?

Gu Mengmeng thought for a long while before recalling that during the first year after she and Elvis became partners, Elvis commented she had grown fatter and she was so angry that she had chased after him and thrown potatoes and sweet potatoes at him. She had flung them wildly in all directions, but he had caught them all and not a single one landed on the ground.

Gu Mengmeng smiled as she gave Lea a vigorous rub. “Are you such a fool? Why would you envy someone being beaten?”

Lea let Gu Mengmeng do whatever she wanted to his body. He smiled dotingly. “I have masochistic tendencies, and only for you.”

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