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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1130: An Overly-Dramatic Actress Beside Me

Chapter 1130: An Overly-Dramatic Actress Beside Me

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Gu Mengmeng chuckled. Ha, the fish had taken the bait.

If she was truly such a good friend, shouldn’t she have first shown some concern for Sandy and her babies first? Such lousy acting skills—how did Gu Mengmeng fail to see this before?

Perhaps it was not that she couldn’t see but that she had never even cared about Maya before?

So Gu Mengmeng didn’t really feel any anger even though she now knew that Maya was a double agent.

Mmm, Gu Mengmeng imagined that if the spy was not Maya but was Sandy instead—she would be mad with anger.

Gu Mengmeng felt much better at that thought. As a result, the sincerity of her smile went up a notch. “Yeah, we plan to head over to the Motou mountains during the monsoon season, to look for the Love of the Sky.”

“But the Motou mountains are so high up. Land beasts are completely unable to climb them.” Maya gazed innocently at Gu Mengmeng. She had no idea just how many dead giveaways she had let loose from that one question.

Gu Mengmeng and Lea had put in so much effort to finally squeeze some information on the Motou mountain range out from Ian. This was not information that a normal half-beast female in Saint Nazaire would know.

Gu Mengmeng’s heart was full of cunning but didn’t show any outward sign of it. She just continued obliviously. “That’s right, so I plan to accept a male vulture as my partner. Then I can have him fly me up.”

“Vulture? Wa…” Longing filled Maya’s face, as her eyes shone with envy. “I heard that vultures are the proudest race in the Beast World. Every single one of them holds exceptional good looks and powerful abilities. I think that in the entire world, only you will be able to conquer such a male.”

Such clumsy boot-licking. Gu Mengmeng forced an obliging smile. “Yes, they are my father’s most loyal subjects. They should have the honor of being my partner.”

Maya’s smile froze a little. If it was before, Gu Mengmeng would not have paid heed to Maya’s reaction, and would never have noticed the flash of jealous hatred across her eyes. But she saw everything clearly now.

Maya quickly readjusted her expression and smiled accommodatingly. “Yes, to be your partner is a gift from the Beast Deity. After all, you are not just the Messenger of the Beast Deity, but also his daughter.”

Gu Mengmeng smiled wordlessly. She raised her brows in an arrogant manner.

Maya was worried that she might give herself away if she hung around Gu Mengmeng’s side for too long. Hence, on seeing that Gu Mengmeng was longer paying much attention to her, she took the initiative to excuse herself and return to her own bonfire.

After Maya left, Gu Mengmeng called Mandy over. Two of Mandy’s males tagged along—her first partner Ralph and her new partner Ian.

Ralph was very tactful and didn’t head over to Gu Mengmeng’s side. Instead, he went over to Lea to learn some cooking skills.

Ian was more familiar with Gu Mengmeng. Even before Ian had a partner, Elvis and Lea had never objected to him hovering around Gu Mengmeng. Now that Ian had a partner, Elvis and Lea would mind even less. Hence when Mandy sat down beside Gu Mengmeng, he was allowed to sit on the other side of Mandy.

Although Mandy had grown closer to Gu Mengmeng, it was still only up to a first-name basis. She did not dare to touch her, and so hugged her own knees as she gazed at Gu Mengmeng with head tilted to the side. “This rainy season has gone by so comfortably. My cave is stocked full of food supplies and no outside enemies have come so we don’t need to worry about sudden attacks. And we can even hold a bonfire party… Gu Mengmeng, can you stay in Saint Nazaire every rainy season from now on?”

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