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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1144: I Could Taste Him

Chapter 1144: I Could Taste Him

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“I’m up, I’m up.” It was long since the last time Gu Mengmeng had been pulled up like this by Elvis. Her feet were dangling in the air and Elvis did not seem like he going to release her after she tried kicking twice in the air. She gave up and treated herself like laundry being hanged up to dry.

Elvis’s sapphire blue eyes were bottomless, he had such a cold and hideous expression that he did not resembled a drunkard, but an extremely calm assassin carrying out his mission.

This was actually Elvis’s typical expression before meeting Gu Mengmeng, just that she had never seen him like this before.

Pinching Gu Mengmeng’s jaw with his hand, Elvis locked his eyes onto her red and swollen lips. He frowned and his blue pupils became deeper. He asked with voice as cold and chilly as the winter winds, “He did that?”

“Urgh…” Gu Mengmeng was just thinking how Elvis was not someone to be trifled with after his dark side showed up with alcohol and whether she should lie and cover up for Elvis. But before she could start, Elvis had kissed her hard on the lips, his tongue conquered territories in her mouth with great agility, taking whatever he wanted and turned everything upside down. He did not let her go until she almost suffocated. There was not a hint of feelings on his face, he was still cold as an assassin, as he calmly opened his mouth and said,

“I could taste him…”

With that, Gu Mengmeng felt weightless as she dropped down in a free fall.

Elvis had released his grip without warning and Gu Mengmeng fell onto the ground on her butt. Before she could get up, Elvis and Lea had gotten into a fight.

It was not the kind where they had always fooled around, but they were actually fighting with their lives.

Did the two of them really just drink a cup of low alcohol content wine, and not concentrated alcohol?

“Stop fighting!” Gu Mengmeng roared.

Lea could not compete with Elvis under the difference in levels and was being beaten by him almost the whole time.

Elvis stopped hearing Gu Mengmeng’s roar, he turned back to look at her and said hideously, “Don’t interrupt in males’ matters.”

With that, he punched Lea again.

Gu Mengmeng facepalmed, she did not expect Elvis to be a total chauvinistic male after being drunk. She was speechless.

Lea seized the chance of Elvis being distracted by talking to Gu Mengmeng and escaped his grip all of a sudden. He shouted, “How dare you raised your voice on my Mengmeng!” He pounced back on Elvis, hanged onto his back and bit into his shoulder with all his strength, unwilling to let go.

Elvis tensed his muscle, but it was impossible for him to fling Lea away like how Wabei did it to the four little ones with just a level of difference. He had to bend forward, roll on the ground and turn around to press Lea under his back.

Lea let go of him from the pain of the throw.

Elvis took the chance and rode on Lea again, his hand had turned into a sharp claw and went straught for Lea’s forehead.

Seeing that it would be a life and death situation if she did not stop them, Gu Mengmeng clenched her fists and immediately released a large amount of beast pressure, which pressed both L and Elvis onto the ground in a split second.

Elvis felt a loss of strength and laid on Lea. The tip of Lea’s fingers had pierced into the back of Elvis’s waist and half of the nails had sunken into Elvis’s flesh. Meanwhile, one of Elvis’s hands was gripping hard on Lea’s silver hair, while the other that was about to attack him fell powerlessly beside Lea’s ear.

Gu Mengmeng wanted to go up and split them apart, but neither of them was willing to let go. If she did it forcefully, Lea would tore off a chunk of flesh from Elvis’s waist, while Elvis would pulled out Lea’s scalp…

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