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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1164: After Not Seeing You For A While, I Missed You Like Crazy

Chapter 1164: After Not Seeing You For A While, I Missed You Like Crazy

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The first hunt of every year was an important ceremony. The males would fight and tussle with the most ferocious wild beasts and bring the juiciest prey back for the witch doctor of the tribe to offer them to the Beast Deity.

But it was sightly different in Saint Nazaire, because Gu Mengmeng was present, the juiciest prey were offered to her.

Gu Mengmeng was pleased to see that happen, after all, Saint Nazaire was originally a tribe under her protection. Her Father was busy watching television dramas everyday and even if the tribe really wanted to offer him some food, he would not be able to eat them so it should be fine for his daughter to reap benefits off this.

When dashing steps shook the ground, Gu Mengmeng knew that the warriors of the tribe had returned.

The heroic aura that greeted the tribesmen made them feel exhilarated. Gu Mengmeng stood up to welcome them and from faraway, she saw Elvis walking towards her in a thriving dashing manner while carrying a ferocious beast.

As Elvis walked closer and closer to Gu Mengmeng, the smile on her face grew bigger and bigger.

Elvis handed the ferocious beast to Lea on the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment. Just after he put down the ferocious beast, Gu Mengmeng crashed into his arms and pounced her entire being into him.

Elvis lowered his head and kissed her hair, hugging her in his arms tightly. He said with a laughter evident in his voice, “Did you miss me?”

“Yeah.” Gu Mengmeng admitted without hiding anything.

Elvis felt a sweet sensation creeping in his heart. Pinching Gu Mengmeng’s little face, he kissed her lips deeply and after a long time, he then released her and said, “I miss you too, after not seeing you for a while, I missed you like crazy. Why don’t we just let another person be the tribe leader next year so that I need not lead the tribesmen into hunting and I can keep accompanying you by your side.”

Gu Mengmeng chuckled and bit Elvis’s chin, saying, “Incapable ruler.”

“I’m whatever you say I am.” Elvis’s connivance had no base line. As long as she was happy, he was fine with anything.

Gu Mengmeng punched Elvis’s chest lightly and said, “Let’s settle the official matters first and announce the First Warrior for this year.”

Elvis nodded and carried Gu Mengmeng in his arms.

Although winter had ended, the weather was still cold. He did not want Gu Mengmeng to stand on the ground because he was scared that she would get a cold.

And moreover, after not seeing her for half a day, he missed her until he went crazy.

Breathing in deeply, Elvis took two steps forward and announced, “According to the results from our first hunt, I announce that the First Warrior for this year is Nelson.”

“Howl—!” The masses cheered together, clearly Nelson deserved that title.

The howling had not ended when it stopped abruptly. As if their acupuncture points were pressed, everyone stared at Leanna who climbed down from the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment and could not react in time.

As Leanna climbed down from the Platform in her half-orc form, her two hands had become sharp claws when she placed them on Nelson’s shoulders. Her two legs were tangled around Nelson’s waist and her gaze was so fierce, she looked like she wanted to challenge Nelson to a battle.

Nelson was also taken aback. He stared at Leanna’s sudden appearance with widened eyes, not knowing what she wanted to do.

“Don’t move!” Leanna growled.

Gu Mengmeng face-palmed and thought to herself, “Oh my god, is this still the female who posed in charming and glamorous poses back in the Beauty Pageant? Are you sure this is not a true man from Liangshan who blocked the way to rob someone? Why does she look like she will say ‘Prince, you look really pretty-looking, why don’t you be my husband, a husband of the head of bandits in a mountain?’?”

“I……I……..I didn’t move.” The First Warrior who was still courageous a second ago became as helpless as a child now…

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