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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1166: Psychotic Eccentric Auntie!

Chapter 1166: Psychotic Eccentric Auntie!

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The Offering Ceremony was long and mundane, not long later, Gu Mengmeng lost interest so she asked Elvis to bring her back for an afternoon nap in her cave and when it was evening, they would then attend the night campfire party.

Because of the changeS in the First Beauty of the tribe and the First Beauty of the Beast World, the two spots beside Gu Mengmeng during the campfire party naturally belonged to Leanna and Paige. Mandy, on the other hand, sat beside Paige, a spot considered to be quite close to Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng was still worried that Mandy would feel uncomfortable from losing her position as the First Beauty of the Beast World but……..yeah……

Mandy adopted an Eagle-owl from Paige’s family, she said that as long as the little rascal evolved successfully, even if he was just a half-orc, she would mate with him. If he failed in his evolution, she would keep him as a beast pet.

Thus, Gu Mengmeng felt her thoughts in a mess as she just felt herself losing it.

She had no idea how to see Mandy properly again, a child husband and whatsoever……psychotic eccentric auntie!

“You don’t have to feel so weirded out.” Lea swayed his tail and tore a piece of meat that was roasted well, sending it into Gu Mengmeng’s mouth. He said, “If you didn’t protect Hede and his brothers well back then, I’m afraid they would be snatched away and raised by someone else once they show their faces.”

Gu Mengmeng widened her beautiful eyes in disbelief at Lea and then at Elvis.

Elvis shrugged his shoulders and said, “The stray females can’t receive this kind of treatment, Hede and his brothers is Saint Nazaire’s first batch of cubs.”

To put it simply, he did not know of this business.

Lea chuckled and said, “I won’t talk about others but Sandy wanted to make a move on the four little ones before. In the end, she did not have the chance to speak up when you used a ‘mother-in-law’ to shut her up so she did not dare to mention this again.”

“What?!” Gu Mengmeng was more startled than before.

Upon seeing how she was so surprised, Lea found it funny, how could someone be so adorable?! Ah, she really wanted to bite her and taste what exactly was she made up of.

Pinching Gu Mengmeng’s little face, Lea said, “Bode told me before that Sandy wanted to raise Hede but it was just at the start, she didn’t have the idea after that.”

Gu Mengmeng was at a loss, luckily, Sandy still had right principles or else…..

Ah, recalling how many times she left the four little ones under Sandy’s care, she was just pushing her children into the fire! Fortunately, the fire had a conscience or else her children……..damn, the thought of it gave her goosebumps.

“Not just like that~” Lea laughed evilly, resembling a snake that was convincing Eve to eat the apple. He said, “Sandy wanted to give one or two of Joseph and his brothers to you.”

“What?!” Gu Mengmeng felt she used finished all the exclamation marks in her life. “Hurry, bring my instant cardio-reliever pills over!”

Gu Mengmeng pressed her hands against her heart, looking as if she could not stand it anymore.

Lea smiled radiantly, pinching Gu Mengmeng’s face and swaying it from side to side. He said, “Elvis and I had rejected it for you so you can save your instant cardio-reliever pills for next time.”

“That’s good that’s good…..” Gu Mengmeng heaved a sigh of relief.

Lea asked, “Are you not going to ask me how I rejected it?”

Gu Mengmeng lifted her face and asked, “How?”

Lea smiled ambiguously and answered, “I told her that if she dared to stuff another love rival into my family, I’ll castrate all her males, including Joseph and his brothers.”

Gu Mengmeng hugged her shoulders and sneered at him, criticizing, “You jealous mindset is too strong.”

Lea did not take it to heart as he said with his head raised, “My jealousy has grown stronger because of you, it’s too late to blame me now.”

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