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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1168: Nothing Can Be Done

Chapter 1168: Nothing Can Be Done

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The Eagle-owl sneaked a peek at Gu Mengmeng and seeing how she had no objection, he flapped his wings and flew away.

Not long later, the Eagle-owl returned together with Joshua. Gu Mengmeng recalled that he was Frankston’s witch doctor, a first-level orc from the ape tribe who requested to join their tribe before winter.

Gu Mengmeng remembered that Lea patted something on his shoulder and said that if he could gather them together, he would be allowed to enter Saint Nazaire with his identity as witch doctor.

Gu Mengmeng asked Lea what exactly did he pat on his shoulder but Lea answered her mysteriously that he would not allow a person, who always casted his greedy eyes on Gu Mengmeng, to run around in Saint Nazaire. However, he did not tell Gu Mengmeng what exactly he patted on his shoulders.

After that, upon knowing what happened to Maya, Gu Mengmeng focused all her time and energy on her and together with Lea’s drunk act during the entire winter, she forgot about Joshua’s matter.

Now that Joshua’s standing in front of her again, Gu Mengmeng started becoming curious.

Joshua opened a piece of beast skin. There was four smaller pieces of beast skin in it and he opened them one by one in front of Lea before saying, “Yellow root, chili, snake scale and salt crystals. I gathered all of what you patted on my shoulder.”

Lea held his cheek and pinched the things Joshua presented to him with his index finger. Smiling an indifferent and casual smile, he said, “You only……got half of them correct.”

‘It’s impossible!” Joshua insisted firmly, “Mighty Lea, you’re the Paladin of the deities, you can’t deny your words.”

Lea laughed, dangerously and impudently, asking, “If I deny my words, what can you do to me?”

“I……” Joshua clenched his fists tight, unable to say a word.

He was just a first-level orc, what can he do to Lea?

Back then, Frankston could not even stop Elvis and him when they went around snatching territories all by themselves. In the end, they tore a huge piece of Frankston’s territory right before their eyes. Now, Lea had not only level-up into a fourth-level orc, he was the male of the Messenger of the Beast Deity. On the other hand, he was just an orc stagnant at first-level, what can he do to Lea?

Nothing can be done…

Nothing can be done…

Lea swayed his tail and continued, “However, my Mengmeng cares about my face so I’ve to save up and throw lesser of these.”

Joshua lifted his head, staring at Lea with his eyes filled with anticipation.

Lea picked up the ginger and chili, saying, “Although the color is not as good as my harvest, the type is the same so I’ll let you pass for these two items.”

After he finished speaking, he pointed at the salt crystals and laughed, saying, “These salt crystals……you stole them from the salt lake in Saint Nazaire right?”

Joshua lowered his head, appearing embarrassed.

In the Beast World, the correct principle was to seize things by force and the one with the highest abilities could be the ruler. If he snatched it, he could confess to it bold and straight but stealing…….was not a glorious thing to do.

But in fact, he indeed stole these salt crystals from the Saint Nazaire tribesmen when they were busy preparing storage food for winter.

So, Joshua nodded with much difficulty and admitted, “Yes.”

Lea smiled, placing the salt crystals down before saying, “I did pat salt on your shoulders but that was not lake salt but sea salt ground from sea salt crystals. When you collected water on behalf of Frankston, you should have been aware that there’s only one mermaid in Saint Nazaire, right?”

Because that fish almost wrecked the well so the news spread quite far out and as a witch doctor, Joshua would naturally know about it.

“The sea salt crystals were given to us by the mermaid. If I just say it through words, you won’t be able to differentiate either so to allow you to be sincerely convinced, I’ll take a little out for you and you can compare them then.”

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