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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1169: Infuriated Beast King’s Enhanced Deity’s Punishment Scales

Chapter 1169: Infuriated Beast King’s Enhanced Deity’s Punishment Scales

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Soon after, Lea retrieved the salt crystals left behind by Fei Rui in the cave.

As there was only a piece of sea salt crystal, it was definitely insufficient for marinating meat. Thus, it was rarely used and Lea only used small amount of it when marinating fish, whereas other times, it was just stored in the cave.

Using his fingers, he dug out a bit of salt to show Joshua.

Joshua scrutinised it closely as he compared it to the lake salt that he had brought himself. Besides the colour and size, even the lustre and scent were different.

With his head hung low, Joshua said in a disappointed tone, “I… I will make another trip down to the beach to collect some sea salt from the Mermaid Tribe. Please give me another chance.”

Lea shook his head and said, “the key does not lie in the sea salt but in this.”

Lea picked out a layer of snake scales that was separated by a layer of beast skin and clicked his tongue. He continued, “what I had given you was the Deity’s Punishment Scales enhanced by the fury of the Beast King, yet you only brought a wild beast’s snake scales to fool with me? Hah, no matter how ignorant I am, you can’t possibly use a tree bark to disguise as Lingzhi right?”

Joshua looked at Lea in shock – the infuriated Beast King’s enhanced Deity’s Punishment Scales?

He knew what the Deity’s Punishment Scales were. When a male beast commit an offence, his punishment is to kneel at the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment for three days and three nights. If he cannot survive this punishment, it means that the Beast Deity is unwilling to forgive him and such a beast would be punished by the tribe’s witch doctor. He would be completely skinned and his skin would be used to make a flag to be flown on the highest peak of the tribe in order to show remorse to the Beast Deity.

But the enhancement by the fury of the Beast King…

It was something only heard of in legends.

The Beast King was the Beast Deity’s most doted child and had been bestowed with a demigod’s abilities. He could give commands to all the tribes in the world and any deity that dared to go against his commands would not be spared from punishment.

The present Beast King is Gu Mengmeng but she did not belong to the snake tribe.

Wait a minute…

So the scales that were laying on his shoulders were from the time that the Master of the Snake King valley had personally issued the Deity’s Punishment?

After coming to a realisation, Joshua was instantly demoralised.

Even if he had to dive into the deep sea to look for the salt crystals, he was willing to do so. Despite being unable to swim, he believed that there was still a way.

However, the Master had already died so it was never possible for him to get hold of another Deity’s Punishment Scales that were enhanced by the fury of the Beast King.

Gu Mengmeng tugged at Lea’s beast skirt and asked, “are the scales that you are referring to… Ellie?”

Lea nodded and said, “it is indeed her scales. When you were unconscious, I returned to pick it up.”

Gu Mengmeng was a little disgusted as she asked, “why did you pick it up?”

As if intending to tease Gu Mengmeng, Lea responded. “Didn’t you say that the texture of her snake skin was thin and smooth? I thought of picking them one piece by one piece so that I could piece them together to its original form for you.”

Gu Mengmeng straightened her neck and said, “I don’t want it, it’s so disgusting. Quickly throw it away.”

Lea pinched Gu Mengmeng’s small nose and light shook it as he smiled and said. “You blockhead. Your body already has a layer of Snakel’s snake slough so why would you even take a liking towards her poor quality snake skin? I had snatched it back only because it is a rare medicinal ingredient and can save lives in emergency situations.”

Gu Mengmeng looked at Lea doubtfully, with an expression that said ‘you cannot fool me’.

Lea held Gu Mengmeng’s face in his hands and kissed her. Then, he said, “don’t worry. I will keep it in a safe place so that you won’t see it. Don’t make me throw it, alright? Hmm?”

“Anything.” After thinking about it, Gu Mengmeng thought that as a witch doctor, Lea naturally had his own reasons. So long as it did not make her uncomfortable, she was fine with it.

Seeing the interaction between Gu Mengmeng and Lea, Joshua was filled with envy. He stayed silent for a long time before speaking, “I do not have the Beast King’s fury enhanced Deity’s Punishment Scales but can I use another Holy object for the deal?”

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