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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1171: You Are My Master

Chapter 1171: You Are My Master

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Lea and Elvis did not have any disagreements. After all, Lea’s place was where most discussions were carried out in the past, except that after Gu Mengmeng’s arrival, they were used to being around her and hardly returned anymore.

However, Lea’s place was special. Even though Lea no longer stayed there anymore, the people from their tribe did not dare to plot against it so it had always been empty.

Gu Mengmeng sat at the cave’s entrance to Lea’s place, without any intention to enter as she did not like anyone related to Cole entering even if Lea no longer stayed there.

Elvis and Lea sat on either side of Gu Mengmeng and did not speak, giving her the freedom to make the decision.

Gu Mengmeng leaned back into Elvis’s arms and said to Joshua. “Alright, there is no one else here. You may speak now.”

With his head still hung low, Joshua said, “the news about the Heart of the Desert was from Cole.”

Gu Mengmeng raised hre brows. She did not expect that Joshua would be so truthful to her, after all Fei Rui had come only because of Cole’s scheme. Up till now, Fei Rui still not know that the information about the Kiss of the Ocean was Cole’s manipulative trick. Cole also did not turn up when the Soul of the Forest was found and only instructed a Dora to control Leonard to carry out the task.

Yet this time, he had personally appeared to tell Joshua about the Heart of the Desert?

It seemed like Lea had guessed correctly – it was too rushed for Cole to use a winter season to plot a scheme so he had been this perfunctory?

Or was it because…

Cole had predicted that it would be him, so there was no longer a need to hide?

Then why did he still have to send the message through Joshua? Why not directly tell her?

Joshua clenched his fist before continuing, “I want to join the Saint Nazaire because I like the Great Messenger. I want to pursue the Great Messenger, so… I cannot lie to you, or even hide anything from you. Even if I am standing before you, I feel as though there is a galaxy separating us, so I do not wish to distance us further with lies and secrets. So I will honestly tell you everything that I know, so that I can prove my loyalty to you.”

After hearing Joshua’s words, Gu Mengmeng instinctively looked at Lea. Then she smiled and asked Joshua, “these words… don’t tell me Cole taught you to say them?”

Joshua shook his head and replied. “I told him that I will tell you the truth and he did not say anything.”

Lea sighed. As though he was begging for mercy from Gu Mengmeng, he pretended to be pitiful and said, “I know that I was wrong for hiding the truth from you but two years have passed and you are still raking up old scores? Hmm?”

Gu Mengmeng raised her head and asked, “Why? Can’t I do that?”

Lea helplessly gave in to Gu Mengmeng and lightly tapped her little nose as he said, “sure sure sure, you are my master, how could I stop you from doing anything you want?”

Gu Mengmeng laughed softly and ignored Lea’s flirty attempts. She looked at Joshua and said. “Fine, I understand. Continue and tell me how much you know about the Heart of the Desert? Or… how much did Cole tell you?”

Joshua nodded his head and responded. “The Heart of the Desert is in the Mecca Desert and is protected by fifth-level scorpion beast. That place is dry most of the time in a year, no plants could survive, and it is a vast land of sand. Without a guide who is familiar with it, anyone who enters most likely won’t be able to leave, so…”

“Be more direct. Who is the person who is familiar with the place and can guide? Is it you?” Gu Mengmeng asked in a straightforward manner.

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