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Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1179: Testing Chixuan’s Attitude

Chapter 1179: Testing Chixuan’s Attitude

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Gu Mengmeng glanced sideways at Lea. “How? Just throw Maya into the well and drown her?”

Lea pinched Gu Mengmeng’s little nose. “Destroying a well for just one Maya—Mengmeng, aren’t you being too wasteful of our precious resources?”

“What should we do then?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Lea smiled as his eyes shone with cunning. He looked very much like a breezy fox, appearing carefree and relaxed—but underneath it all, he already had you analyzed from top to bottom.

“Mengmeng, do you know when are stray beasts the most savage in general?” Lea asked softly.

Gu Mengmeng replied, “The rainy season, I think. They would be viciously snatching food from others as winter approaches.”

Lea nodded. “And?”

“There are other periods?” Gu Mengmeng shook her head in puzzlement.

“There’s also right after the end of winter. ” Lea chuckled. “The females they kidnapped last year will typically not survive winter. They are usually either frozen or starved to death, or became food for the stray beasts. So right after the end of winter, the stray beasts will go all out to attack the tribes to kidnap new females. In the past, this usually happens during the beauty pageants, as the tribes’ strongest males would be escorting their First Beauties to the pageant. It was the best time for the stray beasts to attack a tribe. But since you made changes to the beauty pageant two years ago. this opportunity no longer existed. That was why the moment winter ended last year, the stray beasts attacked several tribes, who were all not prepared and lost many of their females.”

Gu Mengmeng took a long while before finally understanding what Lea was driving towards.

“You want to find some men to pretend to be stray beasts to attack the tribe and kidnap Maya?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Lea shook his head. “There’s no need to pretend. We can get real stray beasts to kidnap her.”

Gu Mengmeng didn’t understand. “Cole is the leader of the stray beasts—why would they go against his wishes to kidnap someone he had planted here?”

Lea cleared his throat gently to cover his amusement. “Did you forget that we still have a young master of the stray beasts in our family.”

Gu Mengmeng was momentarily taken aback. She then widened her eyes and said, “Are you referring to Chixuan? No way! I object. I will never let Chixuan get involved with Cole again.”

“Chixuan is now in Zacharias and close to the stray beast camp. If Cole wishes to contact Chixuan, it is now easier for him than before.” Lea patiently explained to Gu Mengmeng. “So in this way, we can test Chixuan’s attitude. If he is willing to help, it shows that he is no longer under Cole’s control. It is just that his bewitching spell is still in effect for the moment, so we cannot kill Cole. But if he is still on Cole’s side… then we don’t need to go searching for the Heart of the Desert anymore. We must immediately go to Zacharias and bring your son back at all costs. We cannot let Cole influence him any longer.”

“But…” Gu Mengmeng was still very hesitant. People were always holding contradictory feelings. She wished to know the results but was also afraid of it. She could still remember clear the despondency in Chixuan’s eyes when she cast a bewitching spell on him to make him forget Cole. She really did not wish to see Chixuan look at her with such eyes again.

“I agree with Lea’s arrangements.” Elvis piped up his support.

Gu Mengmeng bit her lower lip. Two against one. They had won.

“Alright, but we cannot let Chixuan come to any harm over this matter.” Gu Mengmeng stressed.

Lea stroked Gu Mengmeng’s little head. “Cole will not be able to do anything with Peter holding fort at Zacharias. Moreover, if he really harmed Chixuan in any way, what else can he use to threaten you in future?”

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