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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 709: Haven’t Played Enough

Chapter 709: Haven’t Played Enough

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Haven’t Played Enough

Since Li Dilei was Li Cihua’s cousin, Lin Yi decided to use him to test the “doctor” who worked with Li Cihua, who was also the person who poisoned them.

“Lin Yi, be careful!” Tang Yun quickly urged Lin Yi as he walked towards the men in black.

“Tang Yun, you don’t know shield bro well. Those bad people should be careful of him!”

Lin Yun’s lips twitched and thought, how could she not know him? She knew him well! How were those his elements? She just wanted to be caring.

“I mean he should be careful not to beat them up too badly!” Tang Yun said.

“Oh, that’s fine. We are just defending ourselves. That fox Song Lingshan is scared of shield bro anyway!” Chen Yushu replied carelessly.

Li Dilei’s expressions changed. He didn’t think that these people would still be fearless in this situation and there were only two possibilities. First, they didn’t understand the circumstances, and they were idiots! The second possibility was that they were certain that they could leave this place!

Previously, Li Dilei thought the first possibility applied to them, and he thought it was funny! But now, he thought they leaned towards his second assumption! Lin Yi wasn’t scared when he heard Li Cihua’s name, but he even walked forward and declared that he was leaving!

Of course, it wasn’t the main reason. The main point was that the little girl mentioned Song Lingshan’s name, and she called her a fox. Li Dilei was familiar with Song Lingshan’s name. She was the leader of the criminal investigation team! How could they not know her name when they all joined the gang?

Perhaps these people had connections with Song Lingshan? Li Dilei became nervous. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to learn their backgrounds first, “Since you dare to come here, I assume that you have someone behind your back? Let’s talk about it. Let’s not fight against our own people!”

Lin Yi knew that Li Dilei wanted to make a compromise when he heard Song Lingshan’s name. Whether someone like Li Dilei had a strong background or not, Song Lingshan could take care of him either way! Of course, it was difficult for him in jail, but it wasn’t hard for her to come every few days and give him some trouble.

It wasn’t possible Li Dilei to be completely crime free. Impossible!

However, Lin Yi didn’t reply. From the moment he knew the relationship between Li Dilei and Li Cihua, his fate was decided! He was destined to become the experiment object for testing the poisoner under Li Cihua or Master Bing!

“Since you are unwilling to tell me, then there’s nothing I can do. I don’t care if you have any background or not, but you need to give me an explanation in my restaurant!” Li Dilei spoke indifferently. He wasn’t afraid. So what if they knew Song Lingshan? He won’t touch the girls, but he would beat the man up to let out his anger and to gain some reputation back. Even if Song Lingshan was informed, he would settle it by compensating them!

The men in black looked at Lin Yi, alerted, but they weren’t too afraid! They had an advantage in numbers and only Lin Yi could fight out of the four!

As for Chen Yushu, they didn’t think she could actually fight. She was only able to attack one of them because their guard was down.

They shifted all their attention onto Lin Yi, and they moved the instant Lin Yi walked closer! These men pushed forward as a group and wanted to hold Lin Yi down at once. They’ve lost all their dignity previously and they wanted it back!

However, they were too naïve. As they made their move, Lin Yi did too. However, Lin Yi was far quicker than them. Before they could see what happened, they felt pain in their necks and fell unconscious.

“Shield bro, you are awesome! But you didn’t leave one for me. I haven’t played enough!” Chen Yushu yelled in excitement.

“Too late…” Lin Yi just knocked the last man unconscious, and the man was falling onto the floor… However, Lin Yi pulled him back up, pushed his body randomly then sent him towards Yushu, “But it’s fine, I woke him up again.”

“Yes!!” Chen Yushu looked at Lin Yi in admiration. He could make a man wake up the man after knocking him unconscious? Chen Yushu swayed back and forth eagerly as she watched the man swaggered towards her, ready to kick.

The man’s eyes were filled with horror, but he had no strength to fight back. When Lin Yi pushed him, he swaggered towards Chen Yushu, unable to control his body. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Why couldn’t he control his body?

In fact, Lin Yi did some preparation. He wouldn’t allow a dangerous man to approach Chen Yushu and the others. The man in black was like a puppet without the ability to fight back right now.

It wasn’t only the man in black who was scared, but even Li Dilei’s eyes were also filled with terror and shock.

He was afraid of Lin Yi who knocked all of his men down in an instant, and that he could make those unconscious men wake up!

The following scene was even more horrifying. Li Dilei watched as his last standing man was kicked in the crotch by Chen Yushu. The man in black rolled his eyes and fainted with foam gushing out of his mouth…

All the customers at the restaurant heard sounds outside, but no one dared to come out at a time like this. They were worried that they could get involved. They all locked their doors. Those couples who walked past the restaurant all turned away after judging the situation in the hall.

Li Dilei was terrified as he watched Lin Yi walk towards him. Lin Yi knew that he wouldn’t lose! He miscalculated!

“Shield bro, can I kick this one too?” Chen Yushu was addicted to kicking people. She felt extremely satisfied.

Li Dilei’s face twitched. Let you kick me? Do you want me to die without children?

“Brother, let’s talk it out. Friendliness is conducive to business success!” Li Dilei was worried that Lin Yi will push him to Chen Yushu too. He would die ! He knew that he wasn’t Lin Yi’s match since all his men were defeated, and he wasn’t much stronger than them.

Lin Yi ignored him and took out his silver needles. He shook his hand casually and more than ten needles flew out, piercing Li DIlei’s body.

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