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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 710: Let Him Perish on His Own

Chapter 710: Let Him Perish on His Own

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Let Him Perish on His Own

“Ah!” Li Dilei cried. He thought he was going to die. However, he didn’t feel anything! He was surprised, “Oh? It didn’t get me?”

But when Li Dilei looked down, he suddenly realized that his body was filled with needles! They seemed eerie and terrifying under the reflections of the lights in the hall!

These needles were pierced into his body? Li Dilei’s face turned pale in fright. Why would Lin Yi go easy on him compared to his men? Obviously, he wouldn’t! However, he didn’t know what Lin Yi wanted to do to him!”

“You… What did you do to me? Whare these silver needles for?” Li Dilei lifted his hand in dismay as he asked because a row of needles was pierced in his hand.

“You’ll know if you pull it out,” Lin Yi replied indifferently, “But I suggest you don’t. Hurry up and call your cousin.”

“But…” Li Dilei was going to pull them out if Lin Yi didn’t speak, but he was too scared now! Lin Yi made it sound horrifying. Who knew what would happen if he pulled them out?

Lin Yi didn’t care whether Li Dilei pulled them out or not and turned around to speak to the girls, “Let’s go somewhere else. I don’t want to eat here anymore.”

Li Dilei could only smile bitterly. He never thought that this could have ended up in this way. He could only watch as the four of them left his restaurant. However, Chen Yushu seemed like she didn’t want to leave. She turned around, looked at the needles on Li Dilei’s body, and said, “Shield bro, what that does that do? Can I try pulling out one?”

“Don’t, if you do, he’s going to die soon,” Lin Yi replied.

“Oh, is that so? Nevermind then, I don’t want to kill anymore,” Chen Yushu shook her head, “Let him perish on his own then.”

Li Dilei sweated furiously as he heard their conversation. Was he really going to die if he pulled them out? He didn’t know, but he was about to die angrily from Chen Yushu’s words!

The four of them left the Dazzling Couple restaurant. When Chu Mengyao saw that Chen Yushu was about to say something with exaggerated and excited gestures, she quickly pushed her to the side, “Shu, get in first!”

“Oh…” She nodded and got in the car first.

Chu Mengyao then turned to Tang Yun, “I’m sorry, Tang Yun. I wanted to treat you dinner but I didn’t know that it would turn out like this… That’s how Shu is, she always makes trouble. Please don’t mind her.”

Tang Yun didn’t think that Chu Mengyao would explain to her, and she was surprised. Was this Chu Mengyao’s arrogant and spoiled personality? No? Perhaps she was an easy going person?

Tang Yun shook her head, “It’s fine. No one wants it to turn out like this. After all, they went overboard.”

Chu Mengyao sighed in relief as Tang Yun didn’t seem unhappy about it. She truly wanted to thank Tang Yun today. No matter how competitive they were or how many conflicts they’ve had, at least Chu Mengyao was sincere today! She was worried that Tang Yun would think Chen Yushu brought them here and messed it up intentionally.

“It’s a good thing that we bumped into this Li Dilei. I wanted to probe Li Cihua anyway,” Lin Yi waved his hands, “Let’s get in the car.”

Chu Mengyao and Tang Yun didn’t exactly understand Lin Yi’s words. Why was it a good thing to meet Li Dilei? But they didn’t ask as Lin Yi didn’t explain. Chu Mengyao didn’t want Tang Yun to look down on her as if she was using her identity as Lin Yi’s employer to pry into his privacy!

Tang Yun had a similar thought. She didn’t want Chu Mengyao to think that she wanted to control everything without giving Lin Yi any privacy.

As they got into the car, Chu Mengyao asked Cheng Yushu, “Shu, let’s go somewhere else. No more places like this! Where did you hear about this place from?”

“I saw it on the internet saying that it’s romantic here, and… Uh, nothing, I just wanted to come and check it out…” Chen Yushu almost exposed herself being curious about the sex toys. She quickly covered her mouth.

“There’s nothing to see here. Don’t believe in the ads in the future,” Chu Mengyao’s impression towards this restaurant was horrible and decided to never come again.

“Oh, I know another one…” Chen Yushu was about to suggest, but Chu Mengyao stopped her.

“Alright, let’s go to my family’s hotel…” Chu Mengyao didn’t want any more incidents, and it was safer to go to her own business.

Tang Yun’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Chu Mengyao’s words… The gap between them was enormous! Her family operated hotels yet she didn’t even have a home… It was the only reason why she felt inferior in front of Lin Yi. In terms of looks, she didn’t lose to Chu Mengyao or Chen Yushu, but if she was to pick the best partner for Lin Yi, it would be one of those two… And that Chen Yushu was determined to “buy one get one for free”, which gave Tang Yun headache.

Lin Yi didn’t know that Tang Yun would overthink and drove to Pengzhan Hotel. Previously when Chu Pengzhan held a family banquet here, Lin Yi participated in it. Chu Pengzhan originally planned to hold a gathering like this every week, but the plan was delayed after the falling chandelier last time.

It was the second time Lin Yi came to Pengzhan Towers. It was quite busy and the cars stopping at the front weren’t any less than the Starlight Hotel! However, the cars here were more towards business. Sports cars were rare here although it was just as luxurious. This hotel was focused on business discussions and meetings, and Starlight Hotel was more for entertainment, with the majority of visitors being wealthy children.

Lin Yi drove the car into the car park and the guard commanded Lin Yi to park in an appropriate place.

Chu Mengyao and Chu Yushu rarely came here, and even when she came with Chu Pengzhan, she came with Uncle Fu’s car. They usually went straight into the internal car parking and used the staff only entries. As a result, the guards who parked the cars at the front didn’t recognize Chu Mengyao.

She didn’t act like a Miss either since she kept a low profile. The four of them entered the hall, successfully opened a private room, and went upstairs.

Tang Yun thought it was strange; why didn’t the employees here recognize Chu Mengyao? They didn’t look like they knew her at all.

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