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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 894: At Loss

Chapter 894: At Loss

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At Loss

“Oh, I’ll go and get some now!” Chen Yushu was worried about Lin Yi’s injuries and picked up the bottle, ready to go and grab some water.

“Go with General Weiwu, it can find it and it can keep you safe,” Lin Yi suggested.

“Okay!” Chen Yushu ran out of the cave quickly and went to fill the bottle with General Weiwu.

“I… What do I do now?” Chu Mengyao never did anything like this and she didn’t know what to do. After Chen Yushu left, she felt more helpless.

“There’s a knife on the side of my boot. Take it out, slice the cut open, and get the bullet out…” Lin Yi had no energy left, and it was a miracle that he was still talking consciously.

“Okay!” Chu Mengyao didn’t dare to delay a second. She lowered her body, feeling the sides of Lin Yi’s boots. As expected, she found a knife on one side. She looked at the wound on Lin Yi’s thigh and hesitated, “You… Can you take off your pants?”

“Aren’t you going to help me?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. How did he have the energy to do that? If it wasn’t so urgent, he wouldn’t make Chu mengyao do it! She was a newbie and had no idea how to take the bullet out. Lin Yi saw how careful she was and didn’t know if she could accomplish her mission.

But Lin Yi had no other choice! He didn’t have time to wait for reinforcements. He had to expel all the poison out of his body before he fainted!

“Oh…” Chu Mengyao blushed and knew that Lin Yi wasn’t well enough to take off his pants. But taking his pants off for him was too embarrassing!

The miss clenched her teeth and reached out to Lin Yi’s belt with trembling hands. However, she was so nervous that she could not unbutton the belt and sweat filled her forehead! She didn’t want to waste time and the more she panicked, the more problematic she became! She always used her teeth to bite it open!

“There’s a buckle on the side, just open that…” Lin Yi saw Miss’ little red face and wanted to bite it. Hmm, cute.

“Oh…” Chu Mengyao followed Lin Yi’s instructions embarrassingly and unbuckled the belt. But she paused again…

Miss never thought that she would take off a man’s pants for him… But this didn’t happen on her wedding night, but in a cave. And, they weren’t going to do that either…

Chu Mengyao clenched her teeth and pulled Lin Yi’s pants down fiercely. Lin Yi watched and he was amused. Why did she look like a pervert?

Lin Yi only wore underwear under his pants and Miss’ heart jumped again! She didn’t dare to look at it but she had to because every second was precious!

“You… Part your legs…” Miss bit her lips and seemed like an entirely different person. In this moment, she was looking at Lin Yi like a shy wife.

Lin Yi moved his legs with difficulty and Chu Mengyao finally snapped back to reality. Lin Yi was injured, how could he move? She quickly reached out to help.

But Lin Yi was just trying to part his legs and Chu Mengyao helped, they moved at the same time and she touched somewhere she shouldn’t have touched… Lin Yi had a reaction, pervertedly… And then she blushed even more like a cooked prawn.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly. How could he have a reaction in this situation? He was such a pervert…

Chu Mengyao was helpless. She experienced too much shock today!

“You touched me in the hospital, I’m doing it, so that I’m not at loss!” Chu Mengyao stuttered as she tried to argue for herself.

Lin Yi was amused as he watched Miss argue weakly. So she had a cute side too. Underneath her cold appearance, she had a warm and cute heart…

“Ok… But I can’t hang on any longer. You can touch me however you want after you take out the bullet for me…” Lin Yi joked back.

Although Lin Yi’s joke wasn’t so elegant, but it helped lighten up the atmosphere. Chu Mengyao heard his words and glared at him, but giggled and raised the knife in her hands, “If you say that I’m going to cut you!”

Chu Mengyao wouldn’t be able to say something like this if she was in another location or time, but she blurted it out following Lin Yi’s joke. However, she regretted saying that and closed her mouth again.

The jokes made her less shy and began to look at Lin Yi’s wound.

“How do I do it?” Chu Mengyao asked.

“Cut it open and take out the bullet,” Lin Yi said.

“How do I cut it?” Chu Mengyao didn’t know where to start.

“However you like, or what’s more convenient for you,” Lin Yi said.

“Won’t I hurt you” Chu Mengyao couldn’t bear to cut him.

“Yes, but if you don’t, I’m going to die from the poison,” Lin Yi frowned, “I don’t know what poison Zhen Yingjun used. It suppresses the nerve system. There will be a problem if you don’t take it out.”

Lin Yi was scared that he would become unconscious instead of entering the space after the poison deteriorates. Fainting from lack of stamina was different from fainting from poison, and he didn’t dare to take the risk.

“Oh!” Chu Mengyao heard that Lin Yi would die if she didn’t take it out. She had no time to worry about anything else. She clenched her teeth and began to cut Lin Yi’s wound with a trembling hand.

“Miss, you need to use more strength… Are you trying to give me the death of a thousand cuts…” Lin Yi watched as Chu Mengyao cut his wounds, little by little, “Is this one of the ten cruel penalties of Manchurian Qing?”

“Ahh!” Chu Mengyao immediately blushed and nodded. She finally used more strength but she was still making an attempt.

Luckily Lin Yi’s knife was sharp and he had an exceptionally strong mind. If he didn’t, he would’ve had a meltdown already.

Chu Mengyao finally cut open the wounds and she could faintly see the bullet in it. But now, she didn’t know what to do again. She didn’t have any tweezers, she couldn’t possibly use her hands, could she?

“I can see it now. But how do I take it?” Chu Mengyao hesitated.

“Whatever’s convenient for you…” Lin Yi’s eyelids were closing, even the pain on his thigh wasn’t enough to keep him conscious.

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