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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 895: Yaoyao Sis Is Amazing

Chapter 895: Yaoyao Sis Is Amazing

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Yaoyao Sis Is Amazing

“Hmm…” Chu Mengyao hesitated and suddenly lowered her head, using her mouth to suck Lin Yi’s wounds. Other than this, she couldn’t think of anything else.

Chu Mengyao didn’t dare to cut open too much and thought that she could only take it out by sucking it. She could also suck out the poisonous blood around it.

In this moment, she didn’t care whether it was inappropriate or not. She could feel Lin Yi’s breath becoming weaker and weaker, she panicked.

She quickly suck out the bullet and sighed in relief. After spitting out the bullet, she continued to suck out the poisonous blood from the wound…

Chen Yushu and General Weiwu filled the bottle with water at the creek and ran back. As soon as she entered the cave, she saw a shocking scene!

“Holy moly, Yaoyao Sis, you are amazing! You are helping Shield bro…” Chen Yushu yelled in surprise, “Are you giving yourself to him now? But Shield bro is injured and he’s weak. Stop, wait for him to get better first!”

Chen Yushu’s vivid imagination wasn’t to blame. Chu Mengyao had her back against the cave and her head between Lin Yi’s legs, and Lin Yi wasn’t wearing his pants, it was difficult for others not to mistake this scene!

Chu Mengyao didn’t understand Chen Yushu at first, but immediately realised what she was saying… She almost choked on Lin Yi’s poisonous blood and died. She quickly stood up and spat out the blood and glared at Chen Yushu, “Shu, what are you on about? I’m sucking out the poisonous blood for Lin Yi!”

“Huh?” Chen Yushu was blank. She saw that Shield bro was still wearing underwear and immediately knew that she misread the situation, “Oh… Haha… Yaoyao sis, here’s water, I got it…”

Chu Mengyao glared at Chen Yushu but thought that the position was too close. She smiled bitterly and shook her head. Luckily only Shu saw it. If someone else saw it, they would’ve left in silence…

Chu Mengyao helped Lin Yi wash his wounds and stood up. She wasn’t in the mood to fight about what Shu said but asked, “Do we have gauze to wrap up his wounds?”

“Nope… Does pad work?” CHen Yushu dug through her bag and asked weakly.

“…” Chu Mengyao didn’t know what to say, “Isn’t that for absorbing blood? I don’t think so?”

“Then I have nothing. But look, isn’t Shield bro’s wound barely bleeding now?” Chen Yushu exclaimed.

Chu Mengyao turned around and saw that Lin Yi’s wounds weren’t bleeding anymore. She sighed in relief, “We’ll use a pad for now. Let’s carry him down the mountain!”

Lin Yi soaked his body in all kinds of medicine before and his repairing ability was rather strong. Stop the bleeding was easy to him.

When Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu talked, Lin Yi finally fainted. He was too tired as he ran out of stamina!

In the next moment, he entered the space in the jade pendant and he was glad. Lin Yi was worried that he was too poisoned to enter the space!

“Ha…” Lin Yi secretly yelled lucky and saw Old Jiao in it. He couldn’t help but grin, “I didn’t think that I could see you again!”

“Unexpected, indeed. I thought you were going to die for sure!” Old Jiao nodded, “But I also didn’t expect you make such a crazy attack! Too crazy! Do you know that if you backed off one second later, your entire body will be shattered into pieces? You think you are more durable than Ma Zhu’s Golden Shield?”

“Well…” Lin Yi laughed bitterly and replied awkwardly, “I didn’t have time to care about that. I wasn’t even thinking of the consequences. It would have been good enough if I dragged him down with me! Oh right, why didn’t warn me?”

“Would it have helped? You had nothing in mind, would you listen to my warning?” Old Jiao shook his head, “But you invented a new way to use energy. Energy bomb. That instant was as power as the bomb you used to blow up Qibing Skyscrapers!”

“Hehe… My physics teacher said that I should always think about energy if I didn’t know what to write, so I did…” Lin Yi meant the way to solve the questions in his workbook.

Lin Yi listened in class recently and when they were doing physics. His physics teachers always told them to use energy if he didn’t know what to do. Lin Yi wrote it down but didn’t expect it to become the significant method that saved his life!

“…” JIao Yazi was speechless, “You are just lucky. But I can’t deny that you’ve created your ace card. You can defeat an opponent with a higher level, but it’s not effective.”

“Oh?” Lin Yi questioned, but immediately nodded and understood what he meant. Although the energy bomb was exceptionally powerful, but it was also harmful to himself. If he killed the opponent in the explosion, it was fine, but he would be dead if the opponent didn’t die and had the power to fight back.

The energy bomb would drain all his energy and he would be betting everything he had on a single attack. It was an extremely dangeroustechnique! Hence, he should only use it when he had no other way out.

Just like today, although Ma Zhu was injured severely, but he could still fight. If he wasn’t shocked by his power, Lin Yi would be dead if Ma Zhu decided to keep fighting!

Luckily Lin Yi could still stand up. Although he looked ragged, but he showed no signs of heavy injury. It scared Ma Zhu that Lin Yi may still have something up his sleeve, he would be gone like smoke!

“That’s true, I can’t use this often. It’s too dangerous!” Lin Yi nodded.

“Alright, go and check your injuries,” Jiao Yazi said.

Lin Yi sat down with his feet crossed and silently chanted the Art of Dragon master. His body was in a great need for energy!

The energy inside the space all rushed inside Lin Yi’s body. It felt great to be filled up by energy! Lin Yi couldn’t help but to moan at the pleasure of energy pouring into his body!

But in the next moment, his face was filled with shock and terror!

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