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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 896: Discontented!

Chapter 896: Discontented!

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Although the energy was quickly absorbed by Lin Yi’s body, it was unable to remain within the body itself. It entered through the pores on one side and went straight out the other, simply circling around Lin Yi’s body then returned back to the jade pendant.

“What’s going on?!” Lin Yi cried out shocked, immediately stopping the operation of the Art of Dragon Mastery. As he checked his body, he realised something was not right. Although this time the injury was extremely severe, that other time when he was wounded by Zhubo wasn’t really lighter than this either.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jiao Yazi quickly, also noticing something was off.

“Old Jiao, the energy…I don’t think my body can absorb it. I can’t transform the energy from the pendant into my own!” Lin Yi’s eyes widened, “My body, it’s like a sieve, the energy enters through here and goes straight out from there…”

“Oh?” Jiao Yazi was alarmed and frowned, “try operating the Art of Dragon Mastery, I’ll see what’s going on.”

Although Lin Yi was panicking internally, he nodded quickly and proceeded to operate the Art of Dragon Mastery once more. The energy within the pendant was activated instantly and surged violently into Lin Yi’s body…

However, strange things occurred once again. After the energy entered Lin Yi’s body, it circled around and slipped out again! It was just like how Lin Yi described it, his body was just like a sieve. The energy simply passed right through it!

“Strange! Strange indeed!” Jiao Yazi also widened his eyes at this and stared at Lin Yi in disbelief, “the energy can’t remain within you… this is so strange!”

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi suddenly stopped practicing the Art of Dragon Mastery and the colour drained from his face, “Old Jiao, I still can’t transform the energy into my own… I can actually feel the energy draining out from me…”

“Oh…” Jiao Yazi fell into deep thought, “let me think… let me think about it…”

As he spoke, Jiao Yazi walked over to check on Lin Yi’s situation.

“How is it?” Lin Yi asked anxiously after Jiao Yazi remained silent for quite some time.

After a while, Jiao Yazi shook his head in dismay, “Lin Yi, I discovered some problems, and according to my judgement, it’s probably the reason why you can’t absorb and convert the energy…”

“What reason?” Lin Yi asked urgently.

“The reason… I’ll say it, but don’t be upset. I hope you can bear with me on this…” said Old Jiao with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” Lin Yi paused for a bit before quickly realising what Jiao Yazi meant. What he meant was although he knew the reason Lin Yi couldn’t absorb the energy, he hadn’t found the solution to it.

Lin Yi’s heart sank but he smiled bitterly. At least there was a reason. As long as they have a reason, they could slowly figure out a solution to it. Thus, he said “Just say it Old Jiao, I’m not that vulnerable. I’ve even thought about perishing together, but right now it’s just not being able to absorb the energy…”

“I’ll say it then,” Jiao Yazi’s expression became serious, “your meridians have already been destroyed by the explosion of your own energy which backfired. You’re completely useless now. If a master’s meridians are broken, they’re no different from ordinary people. It’s impossible for them to use pure energy…”

Lin Yi was immediately shocked at this and quickly checked his internal injuries. Earlier on when he rushed into the jade’s void to practice, he didn’t really pay attention to his injuries. That was because at that time he was set on the thought that no matter how serious his injuries were, they could be healed within the jade’s void.

It was just like General Weiwu, his internal organs were almost completely destroyed by Yukun. Lin Yi could still rely on the energy within himself to be revived. Therefore Lin Yi’s thoughts were as long as he can live he’s fine, but he didn’t get the chance to check the abnormalities of his body.

Now after listening to Old Jiao, Lin Yi only just realised his meridians were actually destroyed by the explosion of his own energy.

“Wait that’s not right!” said Lin Yi as he looked up suddenly in confusion, “before i fought Zhubo I was already severely injured and already broke several meridians. Even though not all of them were damaged, I could still heal them using my energy.”

“See, you said it as well. Not all of them were damaged. But your situation now is that all of them are broken!” Jiao Yazi shook his head, “how can partially and completely broken be the same? As long as there are unbroken ones, you can still use the Art of Dragon Mastery to rely on the energy of the unbroken ones and heal the damaged meridians. But now all of your meridians are broken, how are you going to heal them?”

“I…” Lin Yi found himself unable to continue. Jiao Yazi was right in what he said. His current situation was like a set of dominoes, knocking down one piece would lead to a chain of reactions. However if no pieces were knocked down, then all pieces will remain upstanding. In other words, if one of his meridians healed, then he could slowly use the Art of Dragon Mastery to heal the rest. But then, he couldn’t even heal a single one, then it was impossible to treat the other meridians.

“The part you went wrong was when you used up all of your energy for the energy bomb technique. If you had some left, even saving a third within your body, you could have healed one meridian…” said Jiao Yazi shaking his head, “but you didn’t save a single ounce of energy, even I can’t help you anymore…”

“What?” Lin Yi didn’t know what to do anymore. Even Jiao Yazi ran out of ideas, saying he wouldn’t be able to help anymore, which meant he actually couldn’t help him anymore! He was able to retain his life but lost his power, he didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse?

Lin Yi couldn’t accept this. From his peak in power in the early stages of Mystic class to suddenly dropping down to no power at all. This gap made Lin Yi extremely depressed.

Lin Yi gritted his teeth and once again silently began to operate the Art of Dragon Mastery. However this time, once it began, he didn’t stop for a few hours. Lin Yi simply allowed the energy to surge through his body, yet still continued to practice regardless of it.

Jiao Yazi watched the determined Lin Yi. He shook his head but made no move to dissuade him. He knew deep down no matter who it was, they wouldn’t simply just give up so he simply allowed Lin Yi to experiment. Under this type of circumstances, unless Lin Yi gave up himself, there was no way he would just leave it at that.

One hour, two hours, three hours… time slowly ticked by. Lin Yi was still training tirelessly. He couldn’t accept nor believe his power would just disappear like this!

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