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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 897: Life is full of adventures

Chapter 897: Life is full of adventures

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“It’s what I think will be the easiest way for you to restore your powers,” nodded Jiao Yazi.

Lin remaining didn’t respond. He remained silent for a while before finally nodding his head and said, “Maybe you’re right, this is the only way…”

“It’s good that you’ve thought it through. There’s always a solution to everything, maybe there’ll be unexpected surprises when you activate the stone door on the second level of the cave. You never know!”

“You’re right… why didn’t I think of this?” Lin Yi’s eyes lit up. His cultivation was different to a physical master’s, but was still not the same as spiritual masters. What he was practicing was the Art of the Dragon Mystery, an extremely rare art. There’s a chance that he might find a solution in restoring his meridians behind that stone door on the second level.

“Life is always full of adventures. You’ll always find a solution to everything,” said Jiao Yazi, “when you’re feeling desperate, maybe there’s a way out just waiting for you to discover it?”

Lin Yi nodded, “In other words, I’ll still need to heal my body first before I worry about other things…”


If you’re gonna continue carrying him like this, your human shield’s gonna die from all that swaying,” said Chu MengYao as she and Chen Yushu carried Lin Yi down the mountain.

The two girls treated Lin Yi’s wounds but didn’t dare to remain on the mountain for too long as they feared that Zhen Yingjun would return with his men. In that case, not only Lin Yi, but they themselves will be in danger as well .

Their mobile phone was taken by Zhen Yingjun’s men and when Chu Mengyao dug out Lin Yi’s phone from his pocket, she found that it was already blown to bits. It was completely unusable, even half of the flip screen was nowhere to be found.

They couldn’t call for help and was worried about Lin Yi’s injuries so they ended up deciding to carry him down the mountain. At first, Chu Mengyao had wanted to carry him on her back. However, after realising that the path was too steep and almost sending him flying, she gave up on that idea and let Xiao Shu help her carry him down.

Thus, Chu Meng Yao walked in front while carrying his legs and Chen Yushu walked behind, and supported his armpits by carrying his arms.

One behind the other, the two girls cautiously made their way down the mountain. The mountain range was extremely steep, and extremely dangerous. Even someone who wasn’t holding onto anything could easily fall, let alone two girls carrying an injured person.

“Okay!” This was also the first time Chen Yushu had carried someone so she could only guess the method, there was no way she was an expert at it on the first go. As she spoke, her hands tightened and lowered Lin Yi’s head to her stomach to prevent further swaying.

“You want to kill him or what? Your chest is so big, it’s suffocating him!” Chu Mengyao chided and frowned at Chen Yushu.

“Ah… what can I do? They’re already this big, I can’t cut them off either, it would hurt so much!” Chen Yushu said helplessly as she moved Lin Yi’s head from under her chest, afraid to drop him as Well, “Yaoyao, how about you go behind? Your chest is small so it wouldn’t suffocate him!”

“!!!” Chu Mengyao almost exploded in anger, “What do you mean my chest is small? My chest is just the right size alright? Unlike yours, they’re like cow udders,” humphed Chu Mengyao in retaliation, “You continue to carry him like that, you’re too short to walk in front.”

Chen Yushu wasn’t even mad, she knew that she wasn’t as tall as Chu Mengyao and giggled in response, “Okay.”

“Ah…” Chu Mengyao took a few steps forward and her foot slipped. Staggering, her whole body shifted forward. Despite this, because she was afraid to drop Lin Yi so she didn’t dare let go of him to grab onto the branches beside her. Instead, she lifted both arms higher and with a thump, she knelt down on the ground.

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