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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 898: The Difficult Journey

Chapter 898: The Difficult Journey

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“How are you going Yaoyao?” asked Chen Yushu worriedly, after seeing her fall. Although Chen Yushu mucked around with Chu Mengyao, she really cared about her from the inside.

“Ow…” Chu Mengyao was in so much pain, she almost started crying. She had never suffered these sort of injuries before. Now that the weather was getting warmer, she had been wearing less clothing. So just directly kneeling on the hard stone path immediately made her knees turn bluish-purple. But how could she care about that at the moment? She gritted her teeth and stood up slowly with her hands still steadily holding onto Lin Yi’s legs, afraid to drop him. After she stood up, Chu Mengyao then shook her head tearfully, “I’m fine, lets go.”

“Oh…” nodded Chen Yushu. She knew Yaoyao must have been in great pain, but she was holding it in. However, at this time, she didn’t know what to say either. She couldn’t possibly tell Yaoyao to place Lin Yi down and take a rest. That wasn’t possible.

The two girls stumbled their way down the mountain. Chu Mengyao didn’t know how many times she had knelt down while Chen Yushu lost count of how many times she had fell on her bottom. She felt as if her bottom had split open into quarters… the girls’ hands were covered in scratches from branches and rocks, but almost like zombies, they finally made their way to the bottom of the mountain. Only then did they breathe a sigh of relief and smiled to each other as if they had completed a huge mission.

They were both worried about the same man, but never felt jealousy towards each other. It was as if their hearts had become even closer…

Fortunately, Lin Yi didn’t pull out his car key before climbing up the mountain. He had intended to leave a backup plan for himself, to make his escape easier. It wasn’t like anyone was going to steal his car at the foot of this mountain.

Now it was convenient for Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, otherwise if Lin Yi had carried the key on him, it would’ve been blown to bits.

The girls carefully placed Lin Yi on the back seats of the Beetle and quickly drove in the direction of home.

They didn’t go to the hospital, but went straight home. They knew Lin Yi never went to the hospital for his injuries, but always healed them himself. This time, Lin Yi didn’t ask them to send him to the hospital before passing out either.

Chu Pengzhan at this time, was anxiously pacing around the mansion. He called Lin Yi only to hear that his phone had been switched off, and he called his daughter and Xiao Shu to hear the same thing. On the other hand, he couldn’t reach the kidnappers either so he didn’t know what was going on with Lin Yi, his daughter or Xiao Shu.

Had Lin Yi reached his daughter and Xiao Shu yet? Did the kidnappers keep their promise and let them all go? Why was Lin Yi’s phone switched off as well?

Fubo was injured so there was no one for Chu Pengzhan to discuss with. He couldn’t contact the police either so he could remain in the mansion, anxiously waiting for Lin Yi to return.

“Beep beep…”

Suddenly, the sound of a car came from outside the mansion. Chu Pengzhan jumped up and quickly ran out of the mansion, only to see Chen Yushu’s yellow Beetle car come back.

“Xiao Yi!” Chu Pengzhan called out subconsciously, but after that, he realised that the driver wasn’t Lin Yi but his daughter Chu Mengyao.

“Daddy…” Chu Mengyao had gritted her teeth the whole way. Her knees were so sore she could barely step down on the accelerator, however, she forced herself to keep going. Lin Yi had fallen, and she needed to take on the responsibility as an older sister.

On the other hand, Xiao Shu was in a worse state than her. Chu Mengyao fell on her knees, but Chen Yushu had fallen on her bottom. She couldn’t even sit properly on the seat but leaned uncomfortably on her side for the whole way.

However, now that she had seen Chu Pengzhan, Chu Mengyao could no longer hold it in anymore. Rolling down her cheeks were tears filled with grief, pain, but mostly in concern for Lin Yi. Fortunately, they arrived home safely, and Lin Yi hadn’t died either.

Chu Mengyao got off the car and could barely stand. She didn’t even know how she persisted the whole way and didn’t get into any accidents. She threw herself into Chu Pengzhan’s arms, “Daddy… I’m so scared…”

“There there, it’s good that you’re back now,” Chu Pengzhan was also very relieved to see his daughter, but he couldn’t see Lin Yi and found it quite weird, “Yaoyao, where’s Xiao Yi?”

“He’s in the back of the car. He’s injured. Because of Xiao Shu and I. He’s injured!” Chu Mengyao cried mournfully, “Daddy, Lin Yi almost died earlier, did you know? He almost died to save us…”

Chu Pengzhan was shocked, “Then why did you girls come home? Hurry up and take him to the hospital!”

“Everytime Mr Shield got injured he always healed himself, he didn’t tell us to take him to the hospital…” explained Chen Yushu as she climbed off the car while covering her bottom.

“Oh…” Chu Pengzhan thought about how Fubo had injured himself before, the doctors [super doctors recommend reading a book] couldn’t do anything either. It looked like Lin Yi had his own method so Chu Pengzhan didn’t say anything else. Instead, he opened the car door and carried Lin Yi into the mansion himself.

Lin Yi was placed on the bed in his own room. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu in the meantime changed into their pajamas and came down. Of the two girls, one had their bottom bruised and one had their knees bruised, one dared not to stand while the other didn’t dare to sit. Yet both girls simultaneously placed themselves in front of Lin Yi’s bed…

Chu Pengzhan sighed at the two children. They had never really experienced any hardships while growing up, but now they only rubbed some safflower oil on their wounds, refused to rest and gritted their teeth while accompanying Lin Yi!

This made Chu Pengzhan feel very relieved as they were finally, without him even realizing, growing up. They were no longer the carefree little girls he knew anymore.

“Are you sure we don’t need to take Xiao Yi to the hospital?” asked Chu Peng Zhan worriedly, even though he could already see the color of Lin Yo’s face improving.

“No… his injuries, even the hospital could not do anything about it…” Chu Mengyao shook her head. She was confident that Lin Yi had a method to cure himself, even though he looked like he was just asleep.

Chu Pengzhan nodded, “I’m going to go to the police station to deal with the situation. You girls stay at home with Lin Yi, don’t leave the house randomly.”

The mansion was under constant surveillance so the kidnappers couldn’t attack them openly. Moreover, they didn’t know the condition of Lin Yi’s injuries and they could barely protect themselves, so there was no need to worry about the safety of Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu.

As for Fubo’s injuries, at the moment he could only wait for Lin Yi to wake up before saving Fubo. Otherwise, there wasn’t anything he could do.

It wasn’t until after Chu Pengzhan left that Chu Mengyao hesitated before asking Chen Yushu, “Xiao Shu, shouldn’t we tell Tang Yun about Lin Yi’s injuries?”

“Why should we tell her? So she can come and make an even bigger mess? If she knew that Mr Shield got injured because of us, she would definitely blow up!” said Chen Yushu shaking her head.

“But wouldn’t it be bad if we don’t tell her? She’s Lin Yi’s girlfriend, she should have the right to know about this,” Chu Mengyao was somewhat hesitant.

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