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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 899: Who’s right, Who’s wrong

Chapter 899: Who’s right, Who’s wrong

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Then… Yaoyao sis, you better decide,” Chen Yushu couldn’t make up her mind. She didn’t want Tang Yun to come, but Chu Mengyao was right when she said that Tang Yun will find out eventually!

“Shu, I don’t think Tang Yun is a bad person. When we were in danger, Tang Yun encouraged Lin Yi to come help us. Now that Lin Yi is in trouble, how could we remain silent?” Chu Mengyao said it out loud for Chen Yushu to hear, but it was also a confirmation for herself. “Lin Yi is hired by my dad as my shield, not a bodyguard. For thirty thousand yuan, why would he risk his life?”

“Yeah you’re right…” Chen Yushu nodded.”Could it be that Shield Bro likes you?”

“Eh?” Chu Mengyao was surprised by the followup; she blushed with embarrassment. “How could that be? Even if he did like me, why did he start a relationship with Tang Yun?”

“That is because Tang Yun is more courageous than you!” Chen Yushu speculated. “If Yao Yao sis had confessed earlier, Shield bro would’ve been your boyfriend!”

“…” Chu Mengyao pondered, was it really that simple? “Let’s not talk about this for now, let’s call Tang Yun,”

Meanwhile at school, Tang Yun was restless the whole morning. After she had split with Lin Yi, she had been worried sick. She didn’t want to call him as it would be a distraction. So whatever lesson she had listened in class, went in one ear and out the other. She was only thinking about Lin Yi.

She barely made it to the afternoon session, without any news of Lin Yi, she couldn’t resist not knowing. Then, as she called the dial tone rang, a sudden thought, that the worst case scenario, appeared in her head!

Lin Yi, why is your phone turned off? First it was Chu Mengyao’s and Chen Yushu’s phones were off, now it was Lin Yi’s phone. Could something bad had happened?

Thinking more about this, Tang Yun tried to call Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu at their phone numbers. It as the same situation. Tang Yun felt the pressure! She wanted to know the current update on Lin Yi’s situation, but she had no idea who to ask. She didn’t even know where to start looking. Because of her emotional turmoil, she didn’t eat anything for lunch. She just at her desk dumbfoundedly.

A little while after, Tang Yun’s phone rang loudly. It shocked her out of her lifeless-state and she picked up the phone. She didn’t recognize the caller’s number, but still answered with “hello?”

“Tang Yun? It’s Chu Mengyao,” Chu Mengyao had to call from her house phone since her cell phone was lost. Chu Mengyao had remembered Tang Yun’s cell phone number so that was how she as able to contact Tang Yun.

“Oh? Chu Mengyao? You are okay now?” Tang Yun sighed a breath of relief. If she was okay, then Lin Yi should be fine too. But, how come Lin Yi didn’t call back to confirm his safety? Why was it Chu Mengyao calling instead? It didn’t make sense to Tang Yun, so she asked to clarify “where’s Lin Yi? Is he with you?”

“Lin Yi…” Chu Mengyao decided that she was going to tell Tang Yun the truth, but it was harder to do so than she had originally thought. She hesitated, unable to face Tang Yun if they met face to face.

“What about Lin Yi?” Tang Yun continued. She knew that it was a bad sign that something had happened “how is he?”

“He… he got hurt…” Chu Mengyao clenched his teeth as she apologized “sorry…”

“Is the injury severe?” Tang Yun quickly asked.

“He’s unconscious, but it shouldn’t be too severe. He has recovered like this several times before…” Chu Mengyao carefully choose her words. Most of the time, Chu Mengyao spoke with pride, but this was one is the few situations where she can’t be proud that Lin Yi got injured because of her.

“Shouldn’t be?” Tang Yun was slightly aggravated. What does it even mean ‘shouldn’t be’! What kind of faulty thinking is this? So Tang Yun quickly asked “what did the doctor say? Where are you right now? I will come over to you!”

“We didn’t go to the hospital. We are at my villa…” Chu Mengyao whispered.

“What! What do you mean you didn’t go to the hospital? You people… really!” Tang Yun was angry. “He is injured, why didn’t you send him to the hospital? Are you trying to get him killed?”

“Tang Yun, please listen to me first!” Chu Mengyao could relate to Tang Yun’s feelings. “Lin Yi is injured, but every time this happens to him, he would come home to recover himself. He told me to bring him to a quiet place to recover, that is why I didn’t take him to the hospital…”

“Oh…” Tang Yun suddenly remembered that the last time Lin YI got hurt, he also didn’t go to the hospital to recover. He went to Fatty Lai’s house to heal! Even without the aid of any doctors, Lin Yi was able to recover! Thinking up to this point, Tang Yun felt that she had jumped to the conclusion, so she apologized “I am sorry for blurting out without thinking. I will come to you right away.”

With Tang Yun’s apology, Chu Mengyao felt uncomfortable. In the end, she felt guilty that Lin Yi had got injured because of her. Chu Mengyao added “you don’t need to apologize to me, you are worried about Lin Yi and that is understandable. Lin Yi got injured on my behalf, so I should be the one apologizing to you!”

“Okay, who’s right or who’s wrong, that doesn’t matter now. Let’s not talk about that, I am getting ready to come over!” Tang Yun didn’t want to dwell on the topic. She was more worried about Lin Yi than arguing with Chu Mengyao about this!

Even though Tang Yun feels uncomfortable that Lin Yi got injured for other women, it was something that Lin Yi had chosen to do himself. Lin Yi wanted to save them so as his girlfriend, she will unconditionally support him. So she won’t go putting blame on Chu Meng Yu and Chen Yushu.

“Come to my house, villa district A, house number 0033” Chu Mengyao spoke. “I will let the security guards know…”

“Okay…” Tang Yun wrote down Chu Mengyao’s house number and hung up. She ran out of the classroom, and nearly collided with someone in the hallway. Due to Tang Yun’s agile nature, she was able to stop herself.

“Dean Wang…” Tang Yun was surprised. She didn’t think it was the Wang Zhifeng.

“Tang Yun?” Wang Zhifeng was about to scold the student, but he saw that it was Tang Yun. He remembered that she was Lin Yi’s girlfriend so it was someone he couldn’t get on the bad side of! Instead, he smiled “When you are in the hallway, remember to be careful of where you run into!”

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