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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 900: Miss is Taking Advantage?

Chapter 900: Miss is Taking Advantage?

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“I know, Dean Wang…” Tang Yun couldn’t find the effort to put up a front… The only thing in her mind was Lin Yi’s safety. Tang Yun left with a forced smile and quick footsteps.

Wang Zhifeng shook his head. He was thinking to himself why would Tang Yun act so cold towards him? Could it be that Lin Yi said something to her, so she knew the truth about his secret? Thinking up to this point, Wang Zhifeng was slightly worried…

According to Tang Yun’s mindset, even if her living conditions have improved, she wouldn’t lavishly spend money on something like taxis, but she was going to the villa districts so she had to call for one.

It was magnificent! That was the sensation Tang Yun felt when she arrived to the villas for her very first time! Every building was spacious and beautiful. It was even better than Fatty Lai’s villa! Tang Yun thought that her new apartment was beautiful, but now that she was here, she learned the true meaning of luxury!

It seemed that Chu Mengyao was more wealthy than Tang Yun had thought! Tang Yun’s heart tightened. If Miss wanted to compete against her, how could she compete?

This thought didn’t linger too long in her head, Tang Yun was very focused on Lin Yi’s wellbeing. She paid for her trip as she got off in front of the villa labeled A0033. She rang the doorbell.

“Yaoyao sis, someone is ringing the doorbell,” said Chen Yushu.

“Okay…” Chu Mengyao mindlessly replied as she stared at Lin Yi. She heard Chen Yushu speak, but she subconsciously replied anyway.

“Yaoyao sis?” Chen Yushu tried again.

“Okay…” Chu Mengyao gave the same reply, but didn’t give any reaction.

Chen Yushu gave up as she ran to open the door.

“Lin Yi…” Chu Mengyao couldn’t comprehend the sound that Chen Yushu was making. She was reminiscing about the time when she first met Lin Yi. He came in rags that gave off the feeling that he was a country bumpkin. The original Chu Mengyao wasn’t so friendly. She wanted to remove the dirty hobo from her house!

That thought didn’t stay long after Lin Yi had showered and changed his clothes. Chu Mengyao couldn’t deny that Lin Yi had a handsome look and a charming appeal. To top it off, he was very lucky with females. But, Chu Mengyao didn’t take the bait. He was a stranger walking in and out of her house, how could she adjust to that?

Then there was that memory when she had argued with her dad, Chu Mengyao had to accept Lin Yi’s existence. But, she couldn’t get rid of the uneasy feeling that she had for strangers.

With Lin Yi joining in her daily life, there were a lot of unforeseen inconveniences like how Chu Mengyao had drank from the same cup as Lin Yi. That made Chu Mengyao agitated for awhile! It was an indirect kiss. She nearly kicked Lin Yi out of the villa for that reason alone!

However right now? She felt pain from being heartbroken. She wept on his behalf. She would throw away her pride and shyness. When did she change to become like this? Was it from the time when he had first saved her? Or was it from them interacting daily?

Chu Mengyao didn’t know the answers to the questions in her heart. She just knew that she didn’t mind him as much and relied on him. She had accepted him as a member of her house. With his presence, it set her mind at ease…

Because of her fear of losing Lin Yi, Chu Mengyao got jealous of another girl. She had even blurted out embarrassing words!

That moment when Lin Yi said to her that she needs to learn to take care of herself, Chu Mengyao felt as if her heart was torn into pieces. It was the same feeling as if she had lost someone close and dear to her. It was similar to the time when she had to watch General Weiwu getting beaten up by Yukun…

Chu Mengyao didn’t know her true feelings either. Where did she place Lin Yi in her heart? Who does she regard Lin Yi as? A family member? A relative? A friend? Or could it be a follower? Or… she doesn’t even know herself?

Chu Mengyao definitely doesn’t know, she only knew that if she lost Lin Yi, she would be heartbroken…

“Sorry… I always bring you trouble…” the Miss touched Lin Yi’s face as she mumbled it close to his ear.

Chen Yushu ran to the door, she saw that it was Tang Yun through the peephole, so she opened up to let her in. She didn’t know what to say to Tang Yun.

“Lin Yi, how is he?” Tang Yun asked first.

“He’s still the same…” Chen Yushu allowed Tang Yun inside and said “You can take a look for yourself. I think Shield bro will be fine, he is amazing!”

Tang Yun frowned and thought to herself. What use is it for your speculation about it? You aren’t a seer.

“This way is Shield Bro’s room,” Chen Yushu pointed to Lin Y i’s room.

Tang Yun looked around the first floor of the villa, then she casually asked “You live here?”

“Upstairs…” Chen Yushu subconsciously said.

“Ah, haha,” Tang Yun was able to ease up.

“Ah, my mistake. Downstairs is guest room, Shield bro lives upstairs with Yaoyao sis,” Chen Yushu realized she had slipped up.

“Oh, that’s good,” Tang Yun nodded.

“That’s good?” Chen Yushu was surprised. That was when she realized that Tang Yun didn’t take her words seriously.

Chen Yushu shrugged, she always answered without thinking about it. It took her awhile to trick Tang Yun. She had lied to her by saying that Yaoyao sis and Shield bro were showering together, but now her slip up revealed the truth.

Tang Yun entered into Lin Yi’s room on the first floor. Tang Yun frowned when she noticed that Chu Mengyao was sitting right by the bed with her hand on Lin Yi’s face. While, Chu Mengyao didn’t notice anyone entering the room. Tang Yun was very uncomfortable with Chu Mengyao’s actions!

Tang Yun didn’t come here for a fight, she entered the house with peaceful intentions. She just wanted to check up on Lin Yi. Who would’ve thought that Chu Mengyao can be so shameless! Lin Yi was unconscious, how could she take advantage of him?

“Achem!” Tang Yun coughed twice. “Please mind yourself, there should be some respect between ladies and gentleman…”

Chu Mengyao jumped up when she heard an unfamiliar voice pierced through the silence. She blushed as she removed her hands from Lin Yi’s face. It was as if she was caught cheating with someone’s husband. “I… I was just checking to see if Lin Yi’s face had dirt on it so I can clean it… Please don’t misunderstand…”

The Miss sounded delusional.

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