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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 901: Jinxing It

Chapter 901: Jinxing It

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Yun didn’t believe Chu Mengyao’s words. She only stared at her with a lonely expression.

“What? Yaoyao sis, what are you talking about? What nonsense is this about Men and Women should be respectful to each other? You and Shield bro, are closer than she is!” Chen Yushu expressed her dissatisfaction.

“Shu, stop messing around!” Chu Mengyao glared at Chen Yushu.

Except, Chen Yushu insisted on continuing, “I’ll just state the facts. When Shield bro was treating Yaoyao sis, he saw every bit of her and he touched her too. So he is more intimate with her than you are with Lin Yi!”

Tang Yun’s facial expression looked drained. She had no idea if Chen Yushu was lying, but her words couldn’t be completely devoid of the truth. “Hmph, at least some of the words that come out of your mouth are lies.”

“Well, it is up to you if you don’t want to believe it. You say that it is a lie?” Chen Yushu quickly countered. “Yaoyao sis was poisoned last time, she had to take off all her clothes to undergo acupuncture treatment. Yaoyao sis had to show herself to Shield bro already. She even squirted Shield bro with piss!”

“Eh?” Tang Yun and Chu Mengyao both shouted.

Chu Mengyao went into full alert mode when she heard Chen Yushu speak those words. She ignored the pain in her leg and jumped up as she said: “Shu, watch me pull your lips off if you continue!”

“Whaa… Don’t! I’m just speaking the truth. Spare those who speak the truth…” Chen Yushu shouted.

Tang Yun was like watching two big babies fight each other, she didn’t know how to chime in. Lin Yi had to treat Chu Mengyao so he had a formal reason to touch her body. That aside, Lin Yi had the identity of a Doctor, and didn’t believe in barriers when treating either gender!

Even if Tang Yun can accept that Lin Yi and Chu Mengyao had no relationship, she felt sickened. If Lin Yi saw another female patient nude, while he was treating her, then Tang Yun wouldn’t feel so mad. Chu Mengyao is different from those females.

What was that last part that Chen Yushu had said about pissing all over Lin Yi? Wasn’t that a little too naughty? Lin Yi was treating her, how could she do that to him?

“Tang Yun, don’t listen to Shu, just think of everything she had said was true, but it is between Lin Yi and me, like a doctor-patient identity…”

This time Lin Yi’s injuries have caused Chu Mengyao to have a personality change. She didn’t want to argue with Tang Yun over something trivial. She had Lin Yi suffer injuries on her behalf, what more does she have to argue about?

“Oh…” Tang Yun nodded; she doesn’t want to argue with Chu Mengyao either, but she was so upset. She looked down at Lin Yi and asked: “How did he get the injures?”

“He… got injured by risking his life to save me and Shu…” Chu Mengyao didn’t bother to hide the truth. She told Tang Yun everything from the beginning.

“So it was like that…” Tang Yun felt sad. Lin Yi risked his life to save Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu. How could he take a risk like that? If Lin Yi had died, what would happen to her? Didn’t he think about the result? Why does he treat Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu that much better?

Tang Yun couldn’t help but feel jealous about it. During that time, if Lin Yi didn’t save Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, then both of them would be in serious danger. But, that doesn’t mean Lin Yi should put their lives above his!

“Now, the risk is already over. No need to be so sad, Shield bro’s complexion looks better now. There shouldn’t be any problem!” Chen Yushu spoke up after noticing both of them were so upset. “Remember last time, Shield bro got injured because of you. This time, it was because of Yaoyao sis. So it is a draw, no need to argue between the both of you! I wonder if Shield bro will get injured because of me next time?”

“Shu, don’t jinx it. Are you crazy?” Chu Mengyao was heated over Chen Yushu’s words. “He got injured on your behalf this time, do you still want Lin Yi to get injured again?”

Tang Yun wanted to scold Chen Yushu, but Chu Mengyao had beat her to the chase. Tang Yun didn’t have anything to add to the scolding.

Lin Yi might be physically unconscious, but he was meditating inside the dimension of his jade pendant. He had heard everything that was happening around him, but his body was too weak for him to wake up.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were both struggling to carry Lin Yi off the mountain. For that, Lin Yi was very grateful he didn’t have to painfully crawl his way down. His efforts to defend the two ladies weren’t in vain.

His Miss definitely had an outwardly cold, but internally caring personality. This was one of the rare moments when she reveals her genuine nature!

After Tang Yun had arrived, Lin Yi knew about the conversation between the three ladies. The content of the conversation made Lin Yi sweat a little…

Lin Yi wanted to wake himself up so he could tell the ladies to stop worrying about him, but his injuries were far too severe. He could only try his hardest to absorb the energy within the pendant dimension. The meager amount of energy that seeped into his body, that is used to recover from his injuries.

As time flew by, seconds turn into minutes which turned into an hour, it didn’t take long for the whole afternoon to pass by into the evening. Lin Yi still didn’t wake up, nor did he show signs of waking up soon.

Tang Yun felt the urgency, Chu Mengyao, and Chen Yushu also grew impatient at the uncertainty. They each had their differences, but they all wanted Lin Yi to wake up.

“How come Lin Yi still isn’t awake yet?” Tang Yun suddenly broke the silence. Time always feel slower to those who are waiting with a single objective in mind.

“I don’t know… Last time this happened, he woke up after a night of sleep?” Chu Mengyao guessed.”We should wait in the living room. It feels like we are disturbing him if we stay here,”

“Well…” Tang Yun nodded, she remembered that the last time Lin Yi needed treatment, he requested that no one entered the room.

The three of them quietly left Lin Yi’s room and closed the door, as they waited in the living room.

“What do you want to drink?” Chu Mengyao asked. She was the host, and she acted befittingly of her role. Her rivalry with Tang Yun doesn’t stop her from remembering her manners.

“Oh, anything works…” Tang Yun wasn’t in the mood to choose drinks.

Chu Mengyao went into the kitchen to take out several bottles of drinks, she placed it on the dining room table. She uncapped one bottle to drink and she finished it. From the morning until now, this was her only source of water. She even cried several times before, so by now she was dehydrated.

Chen Yushu was in the same boat. They hadn’t eaten or drank anything. Chen Yushu chose a vitamin-enhanced bottle of water to quench her thirst.

“You haven’t eaten yet right? You should drink something. If Lin Yi wakes up and sees your condition, he will feel heartbroken.” Chu Mengyao handed a vitamin water to Tang Yun. Tang Yun had rushed over during lunch session, and she didn’t eat anything for the whole day either.

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