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Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1491: Unfortunate House Pi Brothers

Chapter 1491: Unfortunate House Pi Brothers

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Chapter 1490 – Unfortunate House Pi Brothers

Time flew by, and it was now the hidden House Pi’s Pi Zhishan and Pi Zhihai’s turn. Pi Zhishan went up and registered, extending his hand for the inn owner to inspect him. He was the first physical practitioner- he wondered if the inn owner could tell.

“Mystic late phase peak,” The inn owner was still able to tell what his strength was- in fact, it also didn’t take any longer, “Go pay the fee!”

“Yes…” Zhishan handed his card to Elder Qing, but all the while, locking his eyes on Pi Zhihai, telling him to leave! Zhihai was an Earth class early phase, after all, and wouldn’t pass the inspection!

Zhihai didn’t stand up earlier because it was possible that this inn owner couldn’t inspect the strength of a physical practitioner- and so they thought they would test it out first with Zhishan before letting Zhihai come up as well. If it failed, Zhihai had to leave immediately.

Receiving the signal, he stood up to leave, but the inn owner caught him, “Where are you going?”

“I… I’m giving up the test…” Zhihai jumped.

“Giving up? Why?” The inn owner said coldly.

“I… I don’t feel too good…” Zhihai’s heart started thumping intensely- he was from the hidden House Pi, and that was something that common houses looked up to. In the world of ancient sects, he wasn’t able to do anything!

“Not comfortable? Come here!” The inn owner bellowed, “Did I tell you to leave?”

“I…” Zhihai didn’t dare defy the orders- he knew he wouldn’t be able to run away in the first place, this was an Earth class late phase peak! He was nothing in front of him! Plus, even if he could get away, they could trace him back to his family, and it wouldn’t take much until they got to House Pi.

With hesitation, he turned back and walked toward the inn owner.

“Which house are you from?”

“Hidden house Pi…” Zhihai said honestly.

“Your hand!” The inn owner said.

“I… Yes…” Unwillingly but with no choice, Zhihai handed him his hand and the inn owner took it.

“Earth class early phase physical practitioner? Hmph. The hidden hosue Pi is disqualified from the test, and banned for ten years!” The inn owner said.

“Then… What about me?” Zhihai said, shocked.

“You’re not from the hidden House Pi?” The inn owner asked.

“…” Zhishan looked defeated- he should’ve just made Zhihai leave at the start then! He had been thinking that they would be able to keep hiding since they had managed to do so in the inn, and then they’d be able to win at the end easily- but this inspection was so thorough!

“Physical practitioners are weaker than Spiritual practitioners by one level in the first place, so he’s technically Mystic late phase peak, it should be fine right?” Zhishan made a last struggle.

“Are you deaf?” The inn owner scoffed, “Did I say Physical practitioners of Earth class could enter? Leave and stop causing your hidden house Pi trouble!”

“I… I understand…” There was nothing Zhishan could do- he sure was unlucky! It was not like he could defy someone from an ancient sect, “Then, the fee I paid…”

‘”The fees are not refundable,” Qing gave the card back to Pi Zhishan.

“Wha?!” Zhishan didn’t expect that he would even have to lose the hundred million along with getting banned and disqualified! But if the Ice Palace said they weren’t giving it back, there was nothing he could do but leave with Zhihai…

“Ha…” It was Lin Yi behind Zhihai, and he was the first person to see that Zhishan’s pained expression on his face. It was quite pleasing! After all, he knew exactly what the hidden House Pi was, and with a house as hostile as them, there was no reason Lin Yi wouldn’t delight in their suffering.

Zhishan heard the laughter, and his eyes tensed into hatred as he glared at him, “It’s you, the cripple? Good, Ling Yi, right? I’ll remember you from now on, we’ll meet again!”

Zhishan was fully pissed off, after all, and while he couldn’t do anything to the Ice Palace, this guy with no background was here for him to use as a punching bag. He’d give it to him later.

“Do what you want,” Lin Yi said faintly, “The next time we meet you can get a coffin ready.”

“Hmph!” Zhishan smiled coldly, “We’ll see!”

With people from the Ice Palace here, he naturally couldn’t do anything to Lin Yi- so after that cold smile, he left with Zhihai, engraving Lin Yi’s face into his mind.

The rage between him and House Pi couldn’t be mediated in the first place- his follower Er Goudan had killed quite a number of them, and even without what happened today, the fight with House Pi would continue. There was no reason for any restraint.

“Enough! Come register!” The inn owner said as he looked at Lin Yi, his eyes solemn. He saw personally how Lin Yi got crippled, but the fact that Lin Yi hadn’t left and still joined meant that he was the one that the inn owner felt breaking through upstairs earlier. It was this kid!

“Yes!” Lin Yi registered his strength, labelling himself as freelancer with the name Ling Yi. For his strength, he registered himself as Mystic late phase.

Seeing the information, the inn owner confirmed that this was the guy after all, and felt troubled and intrigued at the same time. How the hell did this kid do that? Naturally, this was a personal secret, and as strong as the Ice Palace was, they didn’t have the right to be force out practitioner secrets of other people. It didn’t fit with the rules.

“Your hand!” The inn owner was still looking forward to testing Lin Yi’s strength.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wanted to use this chance to test the owner’s strength as well- he had the ability to hide his strength, after all, and since the energy within him was an almighty strength, it would stop converting into qi as long as Lin Yi stopped the conversion. So he wondered if this man would still be able to tell even if he didn’t activate his arts.

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