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Behemoth’s Pet (Web Novel)


The elf girl, Aria is an adventurer. Her enchanting, lovely features attracts everyone. Her twin peaks are ripened to the point of exploding. Then, being embraced in between those twin peaks was a little animal… his name is Tama.

He looks like to be a cat at first glance, but Aria and her surrounding companions failed to take notice of single detail. Tama, he’s a human who’d reincarnated, given a second chance at life. His true form, it’s not that of an ordinary cat. Instead, he’s a monster of the strongest class, an extremely young behemoth.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 65 : Extremely Curious Fairies2019-11-13
Chapter 64 : Fairy of The Forest.2019-11-07
Chapter 63 : The Sign of Growth2019-10-24
Chapter 62 : Toward The New Labyrinth2019-10-16
Chapter 61 : The Abnormal Situation of The Highway2019-10-09
Chapter 60 : The Dragon Girl Recovered On Her Own2019-09-25
Chapter 59 : The Merchant2019-09-19
Chapter 58 : Nominate Commission2019-09-12
Chapter 57 : Double Sandwiched Cat2019-09-04
Chapter 56.2 : The Dragon Girl’s Rampage2019-08-29
Chapter 56.1 : The Dragon Girl’s Rampage2019-08-21
Chapter 55 : The Dragon Girl Awakened to United Front2019-08-14
Chapter 54 : Tears of Dragon Girl2019-08-07
Chapter 53 : Slaughter Impulse2019-07-24
Chapter 52 : Equipment Choice of The Dragon Girl2019-07-17
Chapter 51 : The Compromise of The Cat2019-07-10
Chapter 49 : Storm of Jealousy and Melon Sandwich2019-06-28
Chapter 48 : A Pervert Envy2019-06-28
Chapter 47.1 : Frightened Pervert2019-06-28
Chapter 46.2 : The Pervert Strike Back!!!2019-05-23
Chapter 46.1 - The Pervert Strike Back!!!2019-05-22
Chapter 45.2 : Restart And New Equipment2019-05-16
Chapter 45.1 : Restart And New Equipment2019-05-15
Chapter 44.2 : IT’S A PERVEEEEEEERT! !2019-05-08
Chapter 44.1 : IT’S A PERVEEEEEEERT! !2019-05-02
Chapter 43.2 : The Picnic of The Elf And A Cat2019-05-02
Chapter 43.1 : The Picnic of The Elf And A Cat2019-05-02
Chapter 42.3 : The Last Moment of Powerful One2019-05-02
Chapter 42.2 : The Last Moment of Powerful One2019-05-02
Chapter 42.1 : The Last Moment of Powerful One2019-05-02
Chapter 41 : From Now On, As A Cat2019-05-02
Chapter 40 : Behemoth Awakening2019-05-02
Chapter 39 : Ex Strongest2019-05-02
Chapter 38 : Revenge2019-05-02
Chapter 37: The Debut Of The New Skills2019-05-02
Chapter 36 : The Power of Bikini Armors2019-05-02
Chapter 35: Reason Becoming A Knight2019-05-02
Chapter 34: The Ability of Vice Commander2019-05-02
Chapter 33: 1st Troops2019-05-02
Chapter 32: Knight Commander2019-05-02
Chapter 31: The Noble Hearted Girl2019-05-02
Chapter 30: Ecology of Behemoths2019-05-02
Chapter 29: A Toast2019-05-02
Chapter 28: Quest Achievement2019-05-02
Chapter 27: The Evolution of Aria2019-05-02
Chapter 26: Aria’s Weakness2019-05-02
Chapter 25 : The Power of Tiger-Eared Girl2019-05-02
Chapter 24: Party Formation2019-05-02
Chapter 23: Conclusion2019-05-02
Chapter 22: Duel2019-05-02
Chapter 21: Tears of a Beloved Girl2019-05-02
Chapter 20: Imminent Crisis2019-05-02
Chapter 19: Elves Gone Wild2019-05-02
Chapter 18: Vulcan’s Armor Shop2019-05-02
Chapter 17: Bonds2019-05-02
Chapter 16 – A Modest Party2019-05-02
Chapter 15 – Fluffy & Squishy2019-05-02
Chapter 14 – I’ll Be Back2019-05-02
Chapter 13 – Puzzled2019-05-02
Chapter 12 – Exposed Already?2019-05-02
Chapter 11 – Aria2019-05-02
Chapter 10 – Knight’s Vow2019-05-02
Chapter 9 – The Angelic Elf with Bountiful Melons2019-05-02
Chapter 8: An Absolutely Powerful One2019-05-02
Chapter 7: Giant Steel Soldier2019-05-02
Chapter 6: Demon Cow2019-05-02
Chapter 5 – Each Special Trait2019-05-02
Chapter 4 – Excited Body and Spirit2019-05-02
Chapter 3 – The Meat Becomes Delicious2019-05-02
Chapter 2 – Instinct and Remnants of Skill2019-05-02
Chapter 1 – New Skills and Possibilities2019-05-02
Prologue – I Am a Cat (Behemoth), As Yet I Have No Name2019-05-02