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Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus (Web Novel) - Chapter 5: The first group work.

Chapter 5: The first group work.

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Translator(s): D0dz Editor(s): Nixie Nyx Proofreader(s): Nixie Nyx

Of course, it sounds weird, doesn’t it? It is absolutely necessary to confirm the effect of 『Reconstruction ability』.

Whether I could tamper with Cecyl’s skills as her master.

And then, the group work of two peopleー it still sounds like an eroー in other words, I mix the magical powers of two people together by using 『Reconstruction ability』, is there any effect on it?

This 『Reconstruction ability』is my only skill, so to speak it is similar to a lifeline.

In order to achieve my final goal to create 『 Living without having to work skill』, it is necessary to fully understand the systems and its effects.

「………Yes. Nagi-sama, by all means.」(Cecyl)

After thinking for 5 seconds, Cecyl said it. Anxiously, she sits beside me on the bed. Certainly, the master can see his slave’s parameter freely.

In this case, just skill ー

「Display the skills in the name of 『Contract』」(Nagi)

A window appears across Cecyl and a list of skills is displayed.

Special skill 「Magic Aptitude LV 3」

Common skill 「Quick chant LV 1」「Magic Resistance LV 1」「Magic Detection LV 1」 「Appraisal LV 2」「Animal Empathy LV 3」

Acquisition of magic 「Fire Magic LV 1」

「…Aren’t you disappointed, Nagi-sama?」(Cecyl)


「I, compared to you, I’m no good.」(Cecyl)

「Just able to use magic is a very big deal, you know. Since I almost have no combat skills, I think I’ll have to rely on Cecyl when it comes to fighting the demons.」(Nagi)

「B-but, being able to use magic is natural for a demon race. Something like that I……Both of my parents didn’t teach me about the introduction of the magic……to be proud for something like that……」(Cecyl)

Ah, she is depressing.

This is serious, Cecyl. I don’t mind about it though……but,

「Then, Cecyl. If you want to be worthy of me then have some self-confidence.」(Nagi)


「I’m going to tamper with Cecyl’s skills using『Reconstruction ability』right now. If the 『reconstruction』turns out to be good, I might have strengthened the magic skills. It’s up to Cecyl to believe me or not.」(Nagi)


While grasping her small fist tightly, Cecyl said it.

「With Nagi-sama’s hand, please change me into a new person.」(Cecyl)

「Well said. That’s my slave.」(Nagi)


The method that Ashtarte taught me earlier. I hope there is nothing will happen to Cecyl……anyway, let’s try it first.

「Invokeー『Reconstruction ability・Skill structure』.」(Nagi)

A window appears between Cecyl and me.

The skills that I can reconstruct is 「Fencing LV 2」, 「Analysis LV 1」and 「Foreign World Language LV 5」

『Foreign World Language』is absolutely necessary to keep on living in this world.

I think it’s better if I keep 『Fencing』too since I want to become an adventurer.

I set 『Analysis LV 1』to the window.

「Analysis LV 1」

(1)『Analyse』the『Surrounding situation』in 『Details』skill.

The concept of the skill is displayed.


Just as I expected. I don’t know if it is compatible with 『Quick Chant LV 1』skill. I think I will just leave 『Magic Detection』and 『Magic Resistance』as they are. They are important for protection.

「……Alright, Cecyl.」(Nagi)

「Yes……please. Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)

Cecyl nods. I put my hands on Cecyl’s chest. Soft, I can feel it. Differing from its appearance. It was a girlish, soft chest. I heard from Ashtarte that this technique is required in order to mix the magical power of two people. butーI’m really worried about it.

My breath is not getting rough……I’m not trembling, right.

I do it slowly so that Cecyl will not get hurt.

Also, let’s not make Cecyl feel uneasyーalright, here I come.

*su* I inhale deeply.

I imagine putting 『myself』 into Cecyl and take out something valuable.


「Are you alright?」(Nagi)

「I-I alright……*kuh*」(Cecyl)

Cecyl exhales and moans awkwardly.

「Wh……what……w-what is this……this……no.」(Cecyl)

Through my hand, I can feel something hot is coming out from Cecyl’s body. It is a unique effect of 『Reconstruction ability』that interferes with the master-servant contract skill.

The magic power is trying to combine with the skill while entangling Cecyl’s body with something like tentacles.

「W-wait a minute……please……no……n……ahh.」(Cecyl)

Got it.

On the 『Reconstruction ability』‘s window, 『Quick Chant LV 1』is displayed.

『Quick Chant LV 1』

(2) 『Chanting』『Magic spell』『Quickly』skill


「Are you really alright, Cecyl?」(Nagi)

「I’m al-alright.」(Cecyl)

Cecyl is drenched in sweat. She smiles while looking at me although her breathing is rough while holding her chest.

「……Somehow, I feel happy …… Nagi-sama……a……」(Cecyl)

Cecyl and I become one through the 『Reconstruction ability』skill. Before I knew it, my breath also becomes fast and it synchronized with Cecyl’s breath. At the same time, my heartbeat *dokun* thumps.

「Then, I’ll continue.」(Nagi)

Cecyl nods to my question,*kokun* This is a serious responsibility. I cannot afford to waste Cecyl’s skills. I have to create a skill that is compatible with the quick chant.

Like this………

I slowly take out 『Quick Chant LV 1』‘s characters from Cecyl. There is a bit resistance but I manage to move it. Every time I put a little bit strength into it, I can hear Cecyl’s 「……Nnh!」

I move it carefully……alright, it works.

I put in the『Analysis LV 1』skill.

「Ha……a…a, Nn. Ah………」(Cecyl)

(1) 『Analyse』『Surrounding situation』『Faster』skill.

The characters have changed.


This time I took out the characters from『Analysis LV 1』 and I thrust it into Cecyl.


I take my time. In order not to hurt Cecyl.

(2) 『Chanting』the『Spells』『Accurately』skill.

「Ya! Ah………ah………n……ah……ah!」(Cecyl)

Whenever I tamper with the characters, Cecyl will leak out seductive moans. Each time the characters *katsun* collide with each other, Cecyl’s back *bikun* trembles. The magical powers connect both of us but, somehow I feel like I’m fondling Cecyl’s body personally……the mood suddenly becomes weird. Cecyl’s body sprang up the moment I finished switching the characters.

Her white cloth becomes distorted and the area until just below her collarbone is exposed. The smell of her sweat. My head becomes dizzy because of the long sigh tickles my ear.

Cecyl leans against me like before and it seems that she has broken. She seems to have reached her strength limit.

Let’s finish this quickly.

I 『Execute』the 『Reconstruction ability』.

「『Reconstruction ability』ーcomplete!」(Nagi)


I think Cecyl has already reached her own limits as she screamed with all her might. While holding her chest *bikun* and once again her small body springs up. For sure, this time she really has run out of her stamina and collapses on the bed. The tears overflow in her bright red eyes.

「……Are you alright?」(Nagi)

Everything should be fine by now, but maybe something had failed………?

「S-sorry! I never thought that there was an after effect.」(Nagi)


The skills have changed.

This time, 『Reconstruction skill』created 2 skills.

『Quick Analysis LV 1』: Quick analysis on the surrounding.

As the speed increased, the range effect will be reduced.

This is my skill.

『Ancient Language Chanting LV 1』: Able to chant ancient magic spells (ancient language)

Chanting speed is slower than usual but the power will increase significantly.

This new skill is Cecyl’s skill.

「Ancient Chant……?」(Nagi)

「It was a magic language that we the demon race were using……now there is no one using it anymore.」(Cecyl)

While grasping my hand with her sweaty hand, Cecyl said it.

「At the present time, when using magic spells, it is vital to increase one’s chant to gain an advantage as there is syntax simplification. Now, I can use my ancestor’s magic……」(Cecyl)

It seems that it has turned out to such thing.

『Chanting』the『Spells』『Accurately(restores grammar that is omitted with ancient language)』

This is the high-grade skill that was born by mixing my magical power with Cecyl’s magical power. I think it is easy to understand that if I rebuild the skill alone, it will become a rare skill but if I do it together with Cecyl, it will become an ultra-rare skill.

Perhaps I should say that this 『Reconstruction ability』skill is surprisingly handy.

「Thank you……Nagi-sama.」(Cecyl)

「……Are you crying……?」(Nagi)

「I’m happy. Because I thought that I was the last survivor of the demon race and there was nothing I could inherit from my parents. To bring out something really amazing from me…」(Cecyl)

*gyuu* Cecyl hugs my body with both arms

「As expected of Nagi-sama, my master.」(Cecyl)

Half of them were my experiments though. Well, if Cecyl is happy then it is good.

「……I……I will do my best…really……together…」(Cecyl)


Cecyl falls asleep in my arms like that. Well, I’m sleepy too. Come to think of it, today was my first day in another world. Yet I am overworked. I lie down beside Cecyl who is sleeping on the straw bed.

……This is my first time sleeping beside a young girl.

She is a little girl with dark brown skin and only wearing a piece of cloth.

Because her collar is exposed grandly, I could see various things that shouldn’t be seen………but, I don’t feel anything right now.

When you are too tired, you wouldn’t feel any basic desire.

………When tomorrow comes, 「Everything was just a dream」I say. I probably will cry But, I’m sleepy today……my limit……


Good night, another world.

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