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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! (Web Novel)





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He—an enigmatic and cold-blooded soldier with a mysterious background.
She—a ruthless and bloodthirsty spy.

After she transmigrated out of the blue, she held a knife to his neck on their first meeting— marking the beginning of their twisted fate.

One day, she pinned him to a wall.
“I’ve been teasing you for so long but you aren’t reacting at all, you’re forcing me to…”

Before she could finish, he smiled wickedly and counterattacked.
“Good girl, this is what you call sending a lamb to a tiger’s mouth.”
Then, he sealed her lips with a kiss…

1084 • 2020-11-21 22:50:51


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 520: The Affinity Between Father and Son2020-11-24
Chapter 519: Change Our Relationship Again2020-11-24
Chapter 518: Because I Still Have You!2020-11-23
Chapter 517: The End of the Talk Is Tang Jinyu!2020-11-23
Chapter 516: Girl, You’re Really a Bandit!2020-11-22
Chapter 515: Baby Tang Needs Care!2020-11-22
Chapter 514: If I Don’t Defeat You, I’m Not Your Father!2020-11-22
Chapter 513: You Must Protect Instructor Tang, Understand?2020-11-22
Chapter 512: Who Is Stronger Between Tang Jinyu and Tang Xiao?2020-11-22
Chapter 511: Big Sister Qi, This Is What Society Is2020-11-22
Chapter 510: Is This General Going to Beat Her Up?2020-11-22
Chapter 509: Big Sister Qi’s Hobbies Are Getting More and More Special2020-11-22
Chapter 508: It’s Indeed a Little Fox!2020-11-22
Chapter 507: Jian Qi, Can I Believe You?2020-11-22
Chapter 506: Are You Going to Fall Out?2020-11-22
Chapter 505: Instructor Tang, You’re So Handsome That You Don’t Have Friends!2020-11-22
Chapter 504: Jian Qi, Steady!2020-11-22
Chapter 503: You Need to Cover My Pink Lips2020-11-22
Chapter 502: He Might Have Targeted You!2020-11-22
Chapter 501: Little Fool…2020-11-22
Chapter 500: I’ll Save You!2020-11-22
Chapter 499: I Really Have Feelings About Her2020-11-22
Chapter 498: Don’t Touch My Person2020-11-22
Chapter 497: You Can’t Take Advantage of Me, Painful…2020-11-22
Chapter 496: Jian Qi, Come Here2020-11-22
Chapter 495: Sister-In-Law, Throw My Brother Down!2020-11-22
Chapter 494: This Is the Power of Love2020-11-22
Chapter 493: Jian Qi, I’ve Investigated You2020-11-22
Chapter 492: Tang Jinyu Panics2020-11-22
Chapter 491: You Can Leave Now, She Will Stay!2020-11-22
Chapter 490: Don’t Block My and Little Tang Tang’s Wedding Photos2020-11-22
Chapter 489: Your Boss Is the Best!2020-11-22
Chapter 488: He’s Still in My Heart Even If He Isn’t With me2020-11-22
Chapter 487: I’m Pretentious2020-11-22
Chapter 486: Are You Jealous?2020-11-22
Chapter 485: The Photo of You Kissing Boss Forcefully2020-11-22
Chapter 484: He Was the One Who Took the Photo2020-11-22
Chapter 483: Don’t You Think I’m Beautiful?2020-11-22
Chapter 482: My Instructor Tang Is Injured2020-11-22
Chapter 481: Even If I Die, I’ll Never Tell on You2020-11-22
Chapter 480: If She Was Not Her, Who Was She?2020-11-22
Chapter 479: I Really Prepared Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift for You2020-11-22
Chapter 478: I’ll Be in Charge of Earning Money, You’ll Be in Charge of Being Pretty!2020-11-22
Chapter 477: Buy a Flower and Give a Handsome Kiss2020-11-22
Chapter 476: An Unexpected Kiss2020-11-22
Chapter 475: Big Sister Qi, Take Out the Diamond Ring!2020-11-22
Chapter 474: Take Off Your Clothes2020-11-22
Chapter 473: Surprise? Shock?2020-11-22
Chapter 472: She Didn’t Say Goodbye to That Person!2020-11-22
Chapter 471: A Mini Bug in the Necklace2020-11-22
Chapter 470: Where Were You When Number Seven Was Killed?2020-11-22
Chapter 469: It Was Like This Girl Was a Devil From Hell!2020-11-22
Chapter 468: It Looks Like You Remember Her2020-11-22
Chapter 467: Big Sister Qi, Take Care!2020-11-22
Chapter 466: This Girl Is in His Heart2020-11-22
Chapter 465: She’s Gone2020-11-22
Chapter 464: He’s Fine… How Great2020-11-22
Chapter 463: Who Is the Owner of the Phone Number?2020-11-22
Chapter 462: Girl, Are You a Bandit?2020-11-22
Chapter 461: Crocodile Is Going Down the Path of Death2020-11-22
Chapter 460: You Didn’t Hear Wrongly, She Really Appeared!2020-11-22
Chapter 459: How Are You Going to Propose to Instructor Tang?2020-11-22
Chapter 458: You’re So Nice, Can I Not Take It?2020-11-22
Chapter 457: Little Tang Tang, Your Halo Is Especially Bright Today!2020-11-22
Chapter 456: How Could I Like Someone Else?2020-11-22
Chapter 455: Teamwork2020-11-22
Chapter 4542020-11-22
Chapter 453: Instructor Tang, Is Your Little Fairy Beautiful?2020-11-22
Chapter 452: His Yiyi Has a Good Eye!2020-11-22
Chapter 451: Everyone, Move!2020-11-22
Chapter 450: What About You? Did You Have Someone to Remember?2020-11-22
Chapter 449: Sooner or Later, I Will Take Over This Antiquest!2020-11-22
Chapter 448: I Want to Meet Your Boss!2020-11-22
Chapter 447: Even If You’re Jealous of Me, You Can’t Fight Against an Injured Person2020-11-22
Chapter 446: Boss, You’re Exposed!2020-11-22
Chapter 445: Kissing Her Forehead2020-11-22
Chapter 444: I Will Protect You Even If I’m Blind!2020-11-22
Chapter 443: Little Tang Tang, Are You Worried About Me?2020-11-22
Chapter 442: Dear, Are You Going to Tire Me Out?2020-11-22
Chapter 441: Trust Him!2020-11-22
Chapter 440: Kiss Me Deeply2020-11-22
Chapter 439: How Did You Know You Would Not Be Single?2020-11-22
Chapter 438: What Would the Real Jian Qi Look Like?2020-11-22
Chapter 437: Time to Meet That Red-Haired Girl2020-11-22
Chapter 436: She Wants Him to Be Fine!2020-11-22
Chapter 435: Jian Qi, You Can’t Get a Divorce!2020-11-22
Chapter 434: Jian Qi, What’s Your Relationship With the Anti-Terrorists?2020-11-22
Chapter 433: Other Than Luck, I Also Have Instructor Tang2020-11-22
Chapter 432: Deep Doubt2020-11-22
Chapter 431: Want to Engage the Tang Family2020-11-22
Chapter 430: Big Sister Qi, You’re Crazy!2020-11-22
Chapter 429: Your Mission Is to Protect Me!2020-11-22
Chapter 428: Worried That She Would Disappear2020-11-22
Chapter 427: Did Tang Jinyu Like Her?2020-11-22
Chapter 426: Do You Think Boss Is Only Friendly With You?2020-11-22
Chapter 425: Little Tang Tang, Are You Jealous?2020-11-22
Chapter 424: Silent Threat, King’s Eyes!2020-11-22
Chapter 423: Whenever It’s Late Into the Night, I’ll Wash My Face With Tears2020-11-22
Chapter 422: Are We Going to Meet Again Soon?2020-11-22
Chapter 421: Are You Murdering Your Husband?2020-11-22
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