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Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 734 – Has the Ability to Bring it Out

Chapter 734 – Has the Ability to Bring it Out

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However the words of Xue Haoling had successfully provoked the anger of the Canglan Cultivators.

“What did you say? I think Beihai City is the place where birds don’t want to be!” Cui Haoyan said coldly, this Xue Haoling was truly the best case of ‘ivory was incapable of coming out of a dog’s mouth’*

Xue Haoling said ironically, “Is that so? If the city is a place where birds do not even want to be, then how could I buy inscriptions there?”

Xu Haoling was getting better and better at lying. “I told you my inscription was bought in Beihai City, your jealousy is useless!”

Hearing this Cui Haoyan looked at Xue Haoling coldly. In fact he knew that Canglang did not sell inscriptions.

Even so the city is still very prosperous but Xue Haoling said that it was a place that not even birds wanted to visit!

“Beihai City has wastes like yourself, there is no way we would be jealous” Xia Zhiqing said.

Xue Haoling looked at Xia Zhiqing with disgust. “You might be good at talking, but you want to sneak into Beihai College to buy an inscription!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips suddenly evoked a smile, “Such an ordinary inscription, why would we spend our money to buy it?”

Her voice just fell when Xue Haoling sneered, “Baili Hongzhuang, don’t say the grapes are sour, just because you can’t eat them. Is it not obvious? Since you say it is an ordinary inscription then let’s see you come up with one like it! I saw that in your team, apart from Gong Shaoqing no one has an inscription!”

Xue Haoling was feeling upset, the effect of this inscription has been personally tested, and the fire attribute attack was very good.

The attack was very explosive and it was lethal. It was suitable for attacking.

The crowd also felt that Baili Hongzhuang was bragging. Even the most common inscription was not accessible to ordinary cultivators.

Even some of them have never even seen an inscription.

If you say this, is it not the same as digging a pit for yourself?

The eyes of Cang Hongxi was also falling onto Baili Hongzhuang.

“There might be some strength to this Baili Hongzhuang, but it is ridiculous to behave like this!”

Huan Chuyou’s eyes landed on Baili Hongzhuang. He could not understand what her purpose was, was it to intentionally anger Xue Haoling?

However, his understanding of Baili Hongzhuang was that she would never do such an immature thing.

On Baili Hongzhuang’s lips was a ridiculing smile.

Originally she did not understand the full effect of the inscription and thus wanted to take it out for auction. She did not want to take it out when she knew so little about it.

Since then she had focused on drawing inscriptions and not using them.

Today Xue Haoling had helped her understand the strength of her inscription, so she no longer needed to worry about it.

“If I take it out, what will you do?”

Baili Hongzhuang asked, Xue Haoling had never expected that she would be so serious about the matter, but he could not help but sigh, “If you can take it up, then I will destroy my sword!”

*A bad person can’t speak well

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