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Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 740 – Pale Xue Haoling

Chapter 740 – Pale Xue Haoling

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It did not take long before Cui Haoyan had successfully branded the inscription onto his weapon, and he could not help but gaze at Xue Haoling, his eyes lit up in triumph.

“Xue Haoling, let me try and test this to see whether or not it is the same as your inscription!”

Next Cui Haoyan’s inner energy surged directly into the weapon, the temperature rose and the inscription on his weapon shone with a red light.

Cui Haoyan slashed out with the sword and saw how the fiery red sword cut out, a long gash of burnt ground was left in its wake.

Seeing this scene, everyone erupted in surprise. This was almost exactly the same as Xue Haoling’s inscription!

“Wow! The power of this inscription is so strong, it has such a strong flaming effect!”

“So with this inscription you don’t have to worry about your opponent.”

“If you are around the same strength, an inscription like this one can easily determine the victory!”

Everyone’s faces was filled with shock, this inscription was truly magnificent!

If they could get one themselves, their combat ability would also improve.

For some time, all of them envied the teammates of Baili Hongzhuang. It was awesome to be friends with a local tyrant like her.

Why didn’t they know someone like Baili Hongzhuang, so that good stuff like inscriptions landed on their heads.

The students of Lingyin College had been disdainful towards Baili Hongzhuang, but at this moment the eyes that looked at her changed. She was the kind of person anyone wanted to befriend.

There was no one who managed to stay calm, even Nangong Xiujie and the others were shocked. After seeing the attack of Cui Haoyan, their eyes also turned shocked.

This inscription was truly magnificent, it could increase their combat ability by so much!

However, no matter how amazing the inscription was, it was a fact that their relationship with Bali Hongzhuang was like fire and water, even if she had so many inscriptions, they could not buy any of them.

Nangong Yue’er’s face was filled with displeasure. “What’s so great about them? It is just a few inscriptions, the inscriptions from Wubao Pavilion are also very good.”

Her inscription came from Wubao Pavilion, but it had taken her a lot of effort to get the inscription.

The inscription masters were noble existences, and they did not care about anyone’s face at all.

Also, the inscription masters of Wubao Pavilion would much rather study inscriptions, they had no actual interest in selling them. They would just occasionally place inscriptions at the Wubao PAvilion for the sake of selling them.

She was a princess and naturally wanted the inscription masters to draw one that suited her the most.

It was all because her father helped her prepare a lot of materials for inscriptions that she managed to convince an inscription master to create an inscription for her.

So far she had spent a lot of time showing off this inscription.

Because of this she did not care about the inscriptions of Baili Hongzhuang. She just felt that Baili Hongzhuang was using it to stand out from the crowd.

Nangong Xiujie and Nangong Yujin looked at one another. Nangong Yue’er had always been favoured by their father. Only because of this favoritism was she able to get an inscription designed for her.

The two of them had not been treated so well. Originally they had planned on asking an inscription master to draw an inscription for them these few days. Unfortunately the situation with Baili Hongzhuang had caused their father to become furious and he naturally did not help them any longer.

As for when they would have another chance, no one knew.

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