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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 899: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (7)

Chapter 899: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (7)

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“What’s there to be scared of? It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” Ye Sijue said, his eyes looking amused as he was suddenly reminded of the time when they first met where he had almost seen her entire body

Mo Xiaomeng stuttered, “W-when did you see it… I just don’t want to!”

Even if he had seen it, that only happened when she was intoxicated.

Now that she was sober how could she let him rub the ointment on her butt…

Mo Xiaomeng extended her soft, little hand to him. “Give me the ointment. I will rub it myself.”

“You really don’t want me to help?” asked Ye Sijue.


“You can do it yourself?”

“Of course I can!”

Just then, Yang Zixuan, who was outside, shouted, “Brother Sijue! Are you coming out soon? The breakfast is getting cold!”

Then Mo Xiaomeng said, “You should go and have breakfast! It’s getting cold already. I’ll apply it myself and go out to eat once I’m done.”

“You definitely can’t apply it yourself. You wouldn’t dare to use force when applying the ointment.” Ye Sijue seemed to have seen through her. If she were to apply it on the surface and not allow the ointment to be applied warmly, it wouldn’t be very effective.

He said bossily, “Lie down, and I’ll apply it for you quickly!”

“What? Didn’t I say I’m going to do it myself? How can you just decide to do it without my permission!”

Mo Xiaomeng’s protest was in vain as he pressed her down onto his sofa with his big hand and pulled down her skirt.

“Ah——!” Mo Xiaomeng struggled and screamed in horror.

No! No!

How could he do this!

Mo Xiaomeng’s face was so red it looked as though blood was going to drip from her face. Her ears and neck were red as well.

“Don’t move!” Ye Sijue spanked her butt to discipline her.

Feeling the pain, Mo Xiaomeng dared not wriggle anymore.

Hearing the scream from outside, Yang Zixuan asked, “Brother Sijue, what happened?”

“Nothing!” Ye Sijue replied, he lowered his head and whispered to Mo Xiaomeng, “Do you want her to see you like this?”

Embarrassed, Mo Xiaomeng kept still and stopped moving.

Seeing that she was being obedient, Ye Sijue smirked. He slowly squeezed the ointment into his hand, rubbed it in his palms to warm it up, and then he laid his hands on her buttocks that were half exposed.

It was truly a sight for sore eyes.

Ye Sijue felt that she was particularly lovely at this moment. If he wasn’t afraid that she might get angry, he would have thought of doing some naughty things.

“Is it painful here?” He rubbed at the top of her butt.

“Yeah…” Mo Xiaomeng answered with a whimper.

“How about a little lower?”


“A little lower?”

“Don’t go any lower!” Mo Xiaomeng stopped him bashfully.

“So it’s only until this spot?”

“Yeah… Hurry it up!” Mo Xiaomeng gritted her teeth as she rushed him. Her face was all red as she closed her eyes in embarrassment.

Ye Sijue was finally done with the application of the ointment and he pulled up her skirt.

Mo Xiaomeng had been tensed up the whole time, holding her breath. Finally, she relaxed.

But she didn’t look up. She buried her face in the sofa as if she were an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

Seeing her ear fully reddened, he lowered his elegant face down. With warm breaths brushing past her ear, he asked gently. “Does it feel better?”

Mo Xiaomeng was speechless.

However, her butt was indeed feeling a cool sensation and it didn’t seem to ache that much now.

It seemed that this ointment was working well.

But she didn’t want to answer him as though she was still angry with him.

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