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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 900: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (8)

Chapter 900: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (8)

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Ye Sijue added, “Didn’t you say that you were hungry? If we keep dawdling, breakfast will get cold. It won’t taste good when it’s cold.”

Now that the weather was getting colder, it wouldn’t feel good eating cold food.

Upon hearing of food, Mo Xiaomeng’s stomach grumbled.

Mo Xiaomeng squirmed and she finally raised her head reluctantly.

Seeing her bright red cheeks, Ye Sijue couldn’t help but squeeze her chin and lean down to kiss her.

Mo Xiaomeng was stunned. Why was he still…

Ye Sijue’s tongue went one round in her little mouth before slipping out.

“Oh, I forgot to praise you just now.”

Praise her?

Puzzled, Mo Xiaomeng batted her eyes.

Ye Sijue gave a devilish smirk, and he whispered, “Your butt’s pretty bouncy.”

“Hey!” Mo Xiaomeng was peeved as she clenched her little fist and hit him.

Ye Sijue didn’t stop her since her little strength was nothing to him.

Perhaps the muscles on his chest and shoulders were too solid or maybe she was too weak. Mo Xiaomeng’s hand was aching instead.

“I’m gonna ignore you!” Mo Xiaomeng snorted at him, came down from the sofa, and hurried out of the room.

Ye Sijue smiled as he followed behind her.

In the living room.

Mo Xiaomeng followed the smell to the sofa and saw that the table was a complete mess.

Much of the breakfast had already been eaten, with only a little food left on the two plates.

Yang Zixuan snorted at her. She held the two plates and said to Ye Sijue, “Brother Sijue, these are for you.”

Ye Sijue looked at the mess on the table and he wrinkled his brows.

The food had been enough for the three of them. But Yang Zixuan was wasteful. She took only a bite of some of the food before throwing it away.

She didn’t want to leave anything for Mo Xiaomeng.

Mo Xiaomeng’s stomach grumbled again as she stared at the two plates of food.

Yang Zixuan said delightedly with her chin up, “This is what I left for Brother Sijue. There’s none for you! If you want to eat, go make a call and order it yourself.”

Mo Xiaomeng’s eyes met with hers as she said angrily, “Even if you give me your leftovers, I’m wouldn’t eat them!”

She had a temper too!

Mo Xiaomeng was panting angrily. After shooting a glare at Ye Sijue, she went back to the room, picked up her cell phone and her bag, and walked toward the door.

Yang Zixuan wrinkled her nose at her. “All the better!”

She wanted to make Mo Xiaomeng angry and hopefully drive her away so she wouldn’t hang around her Brother Sijue any longer.

“Xiaomeng!” Ye Sijue wanted to chase after her, but he looked to Yang Zixuan.

“You are coming out too!” he shouted at her.

Yang Zixuan said unhappily, “If she wants to leave, let her. I’m not leaving. Why are you driving me away? She was the one throwing a tantrum, not me.”

Ye Sijue went to get his cell phone and jacket and he said to her coldly, “Are you coming out or not?”

Yang Zixuan was very scared of the look he gave her, so she had no choice but to follow him out.

Ye Sijue didn’t want to dawdle, fearing that Mo Xiaomeng would run off. When he came out of the room and locked the door, he didn’t care about Yang Zixuan as he chased after Mo Xiaomeng in a hurry.

“Brother Sijue! Where are you going? Wait for me!”

Yang Zixuan continued to follow him like a haunting spirit.

However, seeing Mo Xiaomeng quarrel with Ye Sijue made she smile delightedly.

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