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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 901: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (9)

Chapter 901: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (9)

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At City A’s hospital.

Because Su Lin was not in a healthy mental state recently, Mama Su suspected that her illness had relapsed, so she gave her some medicine to calm her down.

However, Su Lin wouldn’t take the medicine.

“I’m not sick. Why are you giving me medicine? I don’t want to take medicine! Take it away!”

With that said, she pushed Mama Su’s hand away and angrily threw the cup in her hand onto the ground.

It made a loud noise as the cup smashed into pieces.

Mama Su was scared pale. Seeing her daughter’s mental state becoming worse, it was as if they were back in America for her treatment.

Mama Su was worried that if this were to keep up, her daughter’s condition would reach a dire stage.

“Linlin, don’t be angry, okay? If you don’t want to take the medicine, then don’t take it. Actually, this is only some vitamins. It’s not medicine. Since you’ve been staying in the hospital recently, Mama is worried that you might not be properly nourished, so I asked the nurse lady to give you some vitamins.”

Mama Su pacified her, but as soon as she went closer to the bed, Su Lin reacted dramatically.

“Go away! Didn’t I tell you to pretend that you are not in China? What if Shaojie were to suddenly come visit? Ma, why can’t you listen? I don’t want to see you. Go away!” Su Lin pulled a long face as she drove her mother away and she even looked like she was going to throw some things.

Mama Su dared not approach her anymore. She nodded and said, “Okay okay okay, I’m going home. Calm down. Don’t be angry, baby. Mama will go home now.”

“Get going! Shaojie will be coming to see me soon.”

Mama Su looked worried, but she had no choice but to leave the ward first.

Sure enough, when she left the ward, it became quiet in the room.

She waited for a while, and when the nurse came out, she quickly grabbed the nurse and asked, “Has my daughter’s condition stabilized?”

The nurse lady was feeling quite frightened after seeing what happened. She forced a smile and said, “Miss Su is much better now. After Madam came out, she stopped being noisy and was even willing to take the medicine.”

“That’s good.” Mama Su felt a little relief. At least the medicine would be able to help calm her illness.

But she was still very worried. She was considering sending Su Lin to America.

However, judging by Su Lin’s current situation, she was afraid that she wouldn’t go with them to America.

After some thought, Mama Su gave a call to her husband to ask him about how his talk with Yin Shaojie went.

“You must definitely convince Shaojie. If he is to accompany Linlin, Linlin will definitely go to America with him. Otherwise, Linlin won’t be able to get treated and her condition would only get worse.”

“I know, I know. I have already made an appointment with Shaojie, and I’m rushing over now. We’ll talk again later.”

“I don’t care how you do it. Even if you have to beg him, you must get Shaojie to agree to help us, do you hear me!”

“Alright. I’m hanging up.”

Mama Su looked at the cell phone and sighed helplessly.

In the ward.

After telling the nurse to go out, Su Lin grabbed her cell phone from the bedside table. She first made a call to Yin Shaojie, however, there was only a short ring before the call disconnected.

Su Lin froze for a moment. Her eyes immediately turned red as though blood had rushed to her eyes and her expression exuded malevolence.

She glared at the cell phone, as if she was going to eat it up. The look on her was terrifying.

“Maybe he’s busy… I shouldn’t bother him. I shouldn’t bother him…”

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