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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 902: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (10)

Chapter 902: Applying Ointment on the Shameful Area (10)

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“Yeah. He’s just too busy… That must be why…”

She muttered quietly. The scarlet in her eyes then slowly dissipated and she looked placated.

Holding the cell phone for a while, she made a call to another number.

This time, the call was quickly answered.

“Hello.” It was a voice that sounded as pleasant as violin.

Upon hearing his voice, Su Lin immediately grumbled, “Shengyang, why haven’t you come to see me lately? Is it because you don’t like me anymore after chasing Mu Xiaoxiao?”

“No…” Feng Shengyang replied unhurriedly, “Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m injured so I can’t go and see you. Stop imagining things, alright?” How can I possibly not like you?”

Su Lin became worried. “Are you hurt? Is it very serious? I’ll go visit you!”

“It’s not very serious. It’s only some concussions and a bit of injuries on my arm and leg, and I have to be hospitalized for a few days.” He deliberately played down his injuries as if they were really not serious.

“How is a concussion not serious? How did you get concussed?”

“It’s only a car accident.” He was not even taking it seriously when he said it, as if it wasn’t a fall.

Su Lin was shocked upon hearing of a car accident. “Car accident? That’s serious! How can you still say it’s not? You must be very hurt, right? Otherwise, you would have come to see me.”

At that moment, Feng Shengyang said gently, “Linlin, I miss you.”

Just when Su Lin was still worried about his injury, her heart was jolted upon hearing that.

She was able to resist his flirtation in the past, but now, she seemed to have fallen for it.

“I… I miss you too. Where are you? I’ll go and visit you.” Su Lin unconsciously became gentler in her tone.

“It’s not convenient for you to. Don’t come, alright? I’ll go visit you when I get better.”

“No, I want to see you now,” Su Lin said coyly.

Feng Shengyang seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying, “Alright then.”

Su Lin chuckled. She knew that he would give in to her. “Tell me which hospital you are staying at and I’ll go find you.”

Before she could finish talking he hung up.

Su Lin was startled.

However, in the next second, the cell phone rang again. This time, it was a video call.

Su Lin was surprised, and she quickly answered the call.

Feng Shengyang’s uninhibited and elegant figure was seen on the screen, and he waved to her and said, “See? I didn’t lie to you, right?”

He raised his hand to let her see the bandage on it.

In the background were the hospital’s white bedsheets and the white walls, and it was just like how it looked like on her side.

Su Lin felt sorry as she looked at him. “How did you get into a car accident? Are you feeling better now?”

“I’m much better now. It’s an accident. It couldn’t be avoided. As long as we’re still fine, it’s all good. I may not be able to visit you for some time. Promise me that you’ll take good care of yourself, okay?” Feng Shengyang said very affectionately.

Su Lin’s heart instantly melted, “Okay…”

After exchanging a few more words, Feng Shengyang said that he had to go for an examination and he hung up.

Su Lin stared at the phone for a long time.

The video seemed to have stopped.

When she recovered her senses, she suddenly made a call to Yin Shaojie again. But the call still wasn’t picked up.

Su Lin’s eyes reddened, and she threw the cell phone.

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