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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 904: He Stood Her Up (2)

Chapter 904: He Stood Her Up (2)

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“When she went to school, she seemed alright. But when she got home, she would become very moody. Sometimes she would smash things at home. Later… we felt something was odd with her, so we took her to see the doctor. The doctor said that her condition was quite serious, and he suggested that we send her to America for treatment. On that night, Linlin almost mutilated herself. We were all shocked, so we quickly sent her to America.”

“Self-harm…” Yin Shaojie sighed.

Papa Su’s eyes were watery, and there was whimpering in his voice. “It was a really difficult time back in the States. We thought that it was a hopeless situation. But Linlin slowly got better. It’s just that sometimes, she would still say some strange things and give a scary smile. But we held onto our hope that she would recover.”

Seeing his smile, Yin Shaojie couldn’t help but feel sad.

It wasn’t easy being a parent.

Recalling his investigations, if Su Lin was the one responsible for all those previous incidents, then it would coincide with her time when she was mentally unstable in America.

He looked to Papa Su and asked, “After she started to improve, did the doctor say that she could return to China?”

Papa Su nodded. “Yeah. We were very happy at that time, thinking that she was getting better, although the doctor had also said that her illness could return and that it is difficult to completely recover from mental illnesses. The doctor didn’t approve of bringing her back to China, but Linlin kept pleading with us, so her mother and I became softhearted. We agreed to bring her back for a while, but we didn’t expect…”

Yin Shaojie’s eyes were deeply contemplative.

He thought that Su Lin’s condition didn’t actually get better. But it was just that she became smarter and learned to hide her illness. As long as she didn’t go crazy, her family would believe that she was getting better and go along with her every request. .

Then, Su Lin planned to return to China.

Whether she had come back for him or for Xiaoxiao was a question that only Su Lin could answer.

Yin Shaojie felt that Su Lin wasn’t actually so fond of him, but she was just overly obsessed with getting what she could not have.

A large part of how Su Lin had developed this kind of personality was because of her family environment. Her parents spoiled her too much, giving her whatever she wanted. Gradually, Su Lin started to think that she could get whatever she wanted.

So she was even willing to use underhanded means to get what she wanted.

After talking for so long, Papa Su finally got to the main point.

“Shaojie… I know this is a huge favor Uncle is asking of you. But we really have no choice. So I hope you will agree to help us, okay?” Papa Su stared at him with anticipation.

Yin Shaojie didn’t have to ask as he could probably guess what he was going to say.

As if he didn’t want Yin Shaojie to refuse him, Papa Su quickly said, “We’re not asking you to really be together with Linlin. We just… want you to act the part, okay? Just like what you did the last time, accompany her and make her happy. We want to send her back to America to continue her treatment, so you just need to coax her into going back to America.”

Yin Shaojie was silent. He didn’t agree or refuse.

Papa Su’s eyes were red as he said, “Although we can’t blame you for her getting raped… shouldn’t you be taking some responsibility for this too?”

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